WordSwag shifts visual content creation up a gear with 2.0 release

If you have followed my blog for the past year or so you will know that I am a big fan of WordSwag.  It's my go-to-tool for creating images on the go.  Now my favourite “graphic designer in your pocket” has been cranked up a gear.  In this post I share the new features of WordSwag 2.0!
WordSwag shifts visual content creation up a gear with 2.0 release
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Visual Content Creation in your Pocket

WordSwag Developer Ben Wong shared the features of the new 2.0 with me and I have been fortunate to play with it in Beta before it was released this week. Check out the new features below and you can grab the app here:
  • Now optimized for iPad, iPhone 6, and 6 Plus (sorry Android users, no Android version yet)
  • Choose from 290,000 completely free images to use as backgrounds
  • Add your logo/brand/watermark to your image
  • Image filters, 3 new font styles, share to Pinterest, Tumblr + more

Here's the wrap on all the features on the update screen:

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Say Whaaaaat?

Yes, you did hear right.

290,000.  Free.  Images.

How did WordSwag pull this off in an app?   Pixabay, people. Pixabay.

The WordSwag team have teamed up with Pixabay so that all 290,000 images are free for personal or commercial use.

All you have to do is enter your search key word (one or two words is best) and search for the image you want:

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Very cool WordSwag. Very Cool.


Go Pro with Your Branding

WordSwag now allows you to add your logo to your images. It also has a cool transparent background that gives you the option of making any image transparent in PNG format to add to your images.


Just create the image as usual – in this case I chose a “tree roots” image from the image library, then added my text as usual using the typography generator:
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Then when the image is finished, WordSwag asks if you want to add a logo!


photo (6)
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Why, yes WordSwag! I don't mind if I do:
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…or if you want a little more subtlety… make it transparent with a simple slide tool:
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Go Portrait on Pinterest!

Now you may notice that so far I have not posted any “square images” which is what WordSwag has been known for before this update.

Yes, you still get all the great square Instagram images, but now you can create portrait sized for Pinterest, or landscape for Twitter and Facebook!  So many options!

BTW, Did you know that Portrait sized images (2:3 aspect ratio) perform best out of any image size on Pinterest? So we should all be smiling about the fact that WordSwag now does portrait size images as well as square. Woot!

After I created the image above, all I had to do was click share to Pinterest and boom… Pinterest image saved and shared.

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Now do you love the new WordSwag 2.0 even more?  Hugs all round.

Stand out on Twitter

Another really cool feature of this update is guide-marks for creating horizontal images for Twitter. Here's a quick quote that I made up for tweeting.

As you can see, there are guide marks to help me ensure that the most important content is in the preview window, so it is visible by default on Twitter.  This is a great feature!

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See the new filter option above?  WordSwag now allows you to add a range of fun filters to your images.

Now, I could rant on for days about this app, but how about we all shut down our laptops, grab our phones and go play?  If you create something cool with WordSwag, remember to post it to Instagram and

and I will share some of your designs on my new featured Instagram account, @visualawesome.

Over to YOU!

Do you love WordSwag even more now? Or have you just discovered it?  Tell me what you think in the comments below and be sure to add a link to one of your Pinterest or Instagram creations!  

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