• Ashley Faulkes

    Great post Donna, and a reminder of all the things I read in Jab Jab, but seem to have somehow forgotten! Appreciate the reminder. And maybe see you at SMMW

    • Thanks Ashley! I love JJJRH – and always worth reminding I think! I will definitely be at SMMW – I am speaking again this year, so come and say hi, for sure!

  • Love this, Donna! You make some really important points and I’m not sure many marketers really take the time to think about.

    • Thanks Cindy – I think I wrote it as much to remind myself as anyone else ;o)

  • Valerie Mercurio

    Donna, I love your posts. You are so SPOT on with this one. Kudos”¦.

  • Terese

    Great points Donna. I was trying to articulate this to a client the other day and you have summed it up beautifully. Will be sending her a copy. Thanks .

  • Ashley Maydak

    Great tips Donna! I found the section on facebook especially useful.

    • Thanks Ashley! Glad you found it helpful – I reckon nostalgia images seem to get the best results – we must all be yearing for days gone by haha.

  • Thank you for a very informative post. I love how you not only told what we should do, but you also showed us. Loved it.

    • Thanks Lissa – I appreciate the specific feedback – it’s nice to know all those flippin’ image uploads are worth it haha – have a great weekend!

  • Guest

    It’s a big shift to go from marketer to fan. But that’s why it’s a very useful bit of advice.

    I think you can make big leaps in your progress in any field when you have a pithy aphorism like this to guide you. One insight that I have found to be extremely useful is the idea that social media marketing is more about people than it is about technology.

    Unfortunately many people — even some who use social networks often — still think it is the other way round.

    • Hey Matt – yes it is a bit of a mindset shift, and I TOTALLY agree with you about social being about people. I am a huge believer in the same things that I believed in before we had social – relationships, word of mouth and customer service. Nothing has changed (we just have more tools) but people over complicate it and forget how to be human. All of these businesses are either very human and relatable or they are making the inhuman human (like Intel and GE). Interesting!

  • BroVic

    Nothing on almighty Twitter?

    • Good point. I LOVE Twitter – it is my favourite platform, but I am due to do a post or two on Twitter soon so was mixing it up. But… I might come back and add it in! Good spotting!

  • Thank you for a very valuable content rich post. Now I just have to pick myself up, and brush myself off…and return to the drawing board. Wish I’d found you years ago!

    • Thanks so much Jan – glad you found it useful – hopefully it’s not so much of a “back to the drawing board” as a slight adjustment to how you post on these sites. It’s always a case of testing and working out what works with your own audience too. Good luck with it!

  • A very very great resource here. that was a big realization Donna. To stop being a marketer and giving user they wanted to see, instead. People want more of the internet and their want (our want) shift in a very short period with great momentum. The thing is: we need to be active in spotting this up…then you gave the tips. Thanks for this.

    another thing: people crave for informative, entertaining posts more than the usual.

    • Thanks – you are right – people are often just looking to be entertained, not to buy!

  • Mariana

    Thank you Donna for this comprehensive post on the different social media platforms, what to do, and what not too. So valuable! It’s already changed my thinking about inspiring and entertaining fans, rather than marketing to them directly.

    • Thanks so much Mariana – glad you found it useful! I think it comes back to what has always worked hey… give a great service or lots of value (even if it is in entertaining them the way they like to be entertained on social media), and people will tell their friends! Have fun with it!

  • Krithika Rangarajan

    BRILLIANT – I am so glad to have subscribed to your site! I am a Facebook fanatic, but I enjoy social media as a whole – (barring LinkedIn – man, that site is like an intimidating father-in-law. I am too hesitant to tame it 😉 )

    By the way, thank you for linking us to Gary’s article – loved it!

    Your style – both visual and written – is charming! #HUGS

    Thanks Donna

  • Your post is awesome Donna. It’s hard for marketers to stop being marketers long enough to be able to create something native that is going to get shared. Best post I have read all week!

    • Thanks Matt – yes it is a hard shift to make but once you make it, it makes choosing content super easy! Thanks for the awesome feedback – have a great weekend!

  • Susan Muegge

    Second the thanks! You’ve done a great job here of helping those of us in the trenches rise above and take another look at the big picture. Looking forward to engaging a bit differently this morning with social media now.

  • Janet Kafadar

    Great post thanks so much for sharing Donna – I appreciate it. I’ve just started posting on Facebook consistently once a day lots of different type of content and hands down images/memes and videos get the highest amount of reach and engagement – which totally proves your point.

    • Hey Janet – I am so sorry I seem to have missed your comment which is unusual as I try to respond to all my blog comments – anyway I am glad you found it useful!

  • Donna ,
    This is a great article and it really speaks to me about how my social shares have to be relevant to the fan base I have. It’s in the way we share our media that impacts the outcome of the way our blog does well.

    Thank You,
    Lori English.

    • Thanks Lori and you are totally right – glad it helped!

      • I really appreciate your articles and your teachings. They are so powerful.

        • Thanks so much Lori – that’s made my day!

          • Hi Donna,
            I defiantly am loving your new article and of course shared it. It has some very specific ways to help ” Entrepreneurs” with our development with sharing the correct media for the different platforms. Most of all I liked your learning how to make graphics. I am not the best graphic designer Ha.
            Lori English (:

          • I am glad Thank You Donna Moritz thanks for your great work