• Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

    Great article Donna. It’s given me some insight on how to approach Pinterest during the holidays and how to spread content and it makes so much sense. Thanks for the fresh perspective Donna.

    • Thanks so much Vincent – that means a lot coming from you. I think there is definitely a place for branding but some images, as long as they are not super costly and something you “should” protect the IP and copyright on, can do really well without it and for the most part people do the right thing and share “in platform” so that the link stays… however I have seen a few culprits uploading images as their own on Facebook etc which is not cool. Adding a “found at xyz” takes away the engagement juice for the owner of the image and that frustrates me! I need to write a post on that lol…

  • Wow Donna. Once again you make a great point. I’ve always been a strong believer in branding imagery, but now see a good case for not branding on ‘special’ occasions. BTW love the Facebook circa 3000 BC image. Hope you don’t mind, but would love to use this in my next blog on Snackable Content – got the idea on the blog topic from your presentation at the Social Media Tourism Symposium so it is only fitting that I use your image (with full credit of course!)

  • Good point Donna! I will surely give this a try :). Enjoyed reading your post.