Fire up your social media content with visuals - take the #VisualChallenge

The Visual Content Challenge is a FREE Challenge across Facebook and Instagram, designed to help you create more original visuals for your social media strategy.

Since January 2015, small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs have been joining in, creating visuals, networking and growing their shares, and traffic... all while creating awesome content for their communities. 

You can join in as little or as much as you like.  It's FREE to join as we post Daily Prompts to inspire your visuals on Facebook and Instagram.... But if you sign up to our Visual Content Challenge emails, you get extra tips, tools and advice to help you create visuals at the start of the challenge month... including a handy Visual Planner PDF to get you started.  

Join me, Donna Moritz (Visual Content Strategist) as we create awesome visual content (images, photos, video, stories) for your social media profile on Instagram, Facebook (or both).

The idea of the challenge is to start using visual content more consistently in your marketing. Our daily prompts are carefully selected to give you inspiration for creating visuals.  

#VisualChallenge will held throughout August but if you sign up late then you will get the Daily Prompts (and tools, tips and strategies as a subscriber) for the next month's #VisualChallenge as soon as we release them.   

In the meantime, you can join our Visual Content Creators Facebook Group (or Instagram Account @VisualContentChallenge to see the Daily Prompts you have missed (we will send you the details when you sign up).  
Wouldn't it be nice...
to have a helping hand creating your visual content from one of the world's experts in visual social media and content strategy? 

If you want to have a visual strategy that gets results (and to start posting images and video consistently with ease) then hit the button below! 
It's NOT Just Facebook!

When you participate in the Visual Challenge you are not just restricted to Facebook when creating content. We encourage creations to be posted on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #VisualChallenge ....You can post on other platforms but FB and Instagram are where we focus the challenge. We have even listened to your feedback and also started a new Instagram account just for the Challenge.  We've got you covered! 

Everyone in the Visual Content Creators Group can follow along on Facebook, or you can check out the prompts on Instagram too,  but to truly get the most out of the challenge we encourage you to sign up for updates.  This way you get to participate, learn, try new tools and strategies AND get exclusive "extra" tips, inspiration and ideas for participating in the challenge (and a few surprises).  

The Visual Challenge Updates will be sent by email 1-2 times per month so you are prepared for the month ahead.  If you miss a month, you can still catch the prompts on FB or Instagram. 

You'll also get my regular weekly Insider Updates if you sign up for the challenge but of course you are free to unsubscribe at any time. I only want you to stay on my list if I give you value! 

Find out more below about how the #VisualChallenge works or jump in now to subscribe for updates:  
Part 1:  Review
You'll get a handy PDF planner to do a Visual Review of your content and the platforms you are on.  This will help you to decide where to focus your energy and time for creating visuals.  It will also help you to see places where you can do a "tidy up" of your visual content strategy.  

Start out by completing the PDF before you begin the challenge. If you have any questions - come into the Facebook Group and ask them!  

It's one thing to create a few images as part of a challenge. It's another going into it with a plan for how you will use those visuals in your marketing.This PDF will help you!  
Part 2:  Create
The #VisualChallenge has shifted to be a monthly "prompt" based challenge where you can post daily if you wish (or as often as you want). Once you have the prompts you can either create images daily, or (if you are a smart cookie) create them in batches and plan ahead for a week or month ahead.  

Daily Challenge Image Prompts will be posted in the Facebook Group on a weekly basis, but more detailed instructions, tips and advice will be sent straight to your inbox. 

Part 3:  Share 
The #VisualChallenge will give you ideas ands momentum that you can use to boost your visual content creation processes,  review your strategy, attract new followers, get more shares and engagement and expand your reach. 

Make this month the time you move from haphazard posting to creating and posting consistent original visual content!
Are you with me (smart phone at the ready?)

This is your chance to have someone work with you who not only writes about and speaks about visual content ... but uses it their own business to get results. 

My blog, Socially Sorted won Best Business Blog in Australia, was listed as a Top 10 Social Media Blog in 2015 and 2016 and I speak for Social Media Examiner as one of their experts in Visual Content and Visual Marketing.  

Yep. I actually "do" visual content. I have almost 600k views of my SlideShare presentations and our infographics have driven tens of thousands of shares, likes, tweets and pins (...and traffic and sales) for my own business and for clients.  I want you to benefit from integrating visuals into your business too.. and you will be surprised at how easy it can be.  

So let's do it!  Sign up and you will receive a welcome email then stay tuned for future emails coming out to help you with this month's challenge and any future challenges. Don't worry, we won't bombard you any more than we need to). 

Late Starter?  If you miss an email or two, we have you covered. You can still start to join in from our Facebook Group or Instagram Account and we will catch you on the next update. 

We had some fun in past challenges and many participants really cranked up their visual strategy - getting great results.  Will that be you this year?