Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results – 3 Brands Getting it Right


Visual Content Works.  It is engaging.  It is shareable. It evokes emotion.  It is recognisable, memorable and promotes a brand better than any other type of content.  Here are some “Brands Doing It Right” when it comes to using Visual marketing (particularly images) on Social Media.  

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - 3 Brands Getting it Right (
When it comes to using Visual Marketing Strategies on Social Media – these 3 Brands are Worth Watching…

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#1  Volkswagen

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - 5 Brands Getting it Right
Volkswagen’s Facebook Page announces that “Everyone Has a Story” and on their Social Media Networks, they use Visual Marketing/Visual Content to convey that story – making it all about their customers and their cars.

Everyone loves Volkswagen – there is some sort of nostalgic feeling about the Beetle or V-Dub!  Volkswagen have made their Facebook and Pinterest Pages VERY visual.  They use images to tell a story and take you on a journey around the culture of Volkswagen (rather than making it all about their current model cars).  This post is all about images, so let’s take a visual look at what Volkswagen does well to engage their community, by telling the story with images:

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - 5 Brands Getting it Right
On Facebook, Volkswagen have highlighted every major milestone in their company history using images, beginning with the date they were founded….


Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - 5 Brands Getting it Right
…right up to the launch of the new Volkswagen Beetle and beyond!


Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - 5 Brands Getting it Right
On Pinterest, Volkswagen again “tell a story” about their cars, primarily the Beetle, their most iconic model. Their Pinterest Boards are fun, quirky and showcase the culture of Volkswagen, rather than just promoting new models.


Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results
Volkswagen change out their “Cover Image” to showcase different aspects of their company – be it their culture, their cars, or in this case, their fans, and thanking them for making it to 1 million fans on Facebook.


Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results
When it comes to engagement on their Facebook Page, Volkswagen use many photos and ask questions of their fans – encouraging interaction, likes, shares and comments. This simple question evoked quite a response…
Takeaway Tips from Volkswagen: 
  1. Use Milestone Images on your Facebook Timeline.  Add Photos to highlight important events in your business (or if you are a public figure or personality, add photos to highlight important events in your life).
  2. Use Images as much as possible when posting on Facebook – research has shown that your followers/fans are much more likely to engage with and share a visual image than plain text without any image or graphic.  Involve them by asking questions, encouraging them to participate or give an opinion – don’t just post a picture or image; add a question or comment to encourage them to join in!
  3. On Pinterest, don’t just make it about your products. Make it about why you do what you do, what your company culture is all about, and make it about fun!
  4. Make your Facebook Cover Image about your Fans and their “story” – don’t just post up photos of you and your brand and your products – if something happens that is “fan related” (like achieving a milestone of followers or celebrating your fans) then include it in your cover image.  Remember that when you post up the cover image, your fans see it highlighted in their feed as a larger photo (so they are more likely to see it).  The result?  It is a great way to draw attention back to your page.

#2  Kate Spade New York

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results -
Kate Spade New York is about fashion and colour. Period. When colour meets visual marketing and the use of images to showcase their brand – it’s perfect.

Kate Spade is known the world over for their bold and stylish designer clothing, designer shoes, and fashion accessories.  Their branding is all about the “colourful” world of Kate Spade, and they have showcased this brilliantly with their Facebook and Pinterest presence.  Kate Spade is one of the most followed companies on Pinterest and it is easy to see why.  As they state on their website:  crisp color, graphic prints and playful sophistication are all hallmarks of kate spade new york. It is a visual marketing playground for Kate Spade on Social Media!

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - (by
Kate Spade use visual images well – on Facebook they add a “read more on THE BLOG” graphic to colourful images showcasing their latest blog post..

In the example above, Kate Spade choose to post an image (rather than posting the blog link and letting it pull in an image from the blog feed).  Why?  Because by posting a photo and including the blog link separately in the description, they are not only able to create some intrigue, but the post is more likely to be seen – it has been shown that posts with both an image and a link tend to show up more readily in the newsfeed of fans.  It also creates some consistency on their page – if you see the “read more on the BLOG” graphic, it is familiar and consistent for readers and they can’t help but click!

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results -
Kate Spade does not have a lot of Pinterest Boards but they don’t need to because they are very clear about their branding. They have kept their profile simple, showcasing colour (color!). Note that they only have one board dedicated to their own fashion line (“dress colorfully”) – the rest are about life, their culture and living colourfully!
Takeaway Tips from Kate Spade:
  1. Showcase your brand’s culture, and what you believe in – include your products and services, but if your followers love what you are about, and believe in what you believe in, they will find your products and services and make the transition from fan to client without any need for a “hard sell” on social media.
  2. Include a photo AND a link in your Facebook Posts – by posting a photo and then listing the link separately, your posts are more likely to show up in the newsfeeds of your fans.  And it gives you a chance to get creative – if you have a blog, consider overlaying an image like in the example above – this will highlight your blog post and encourage people to visit your website.
  3. Use bright, colourful images – this makes your images “pop” and they are more likely to stand out on the Pinterest or Facebook Newsfeed.

#3 Lisa Curry

Using Visual Marketing Strategies for Social Media Results - Lisa Curry
Lisa Curry, Olympian Athlete, uses really simple but effective Timeline Cover Images to showcase her brand. Being in excellent shape at 50, this photo is sure to motivate her fans and clients!

Lisa Curry is one of the most well-loved and popular Australian Athletes.  Participating in 3 Olympic Games, 2 World Championships & 3 Commonwealth Games, Lisa’s swimming career spanned an awe-inspiring 23 years during which she collected 24 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 8 bronze medals at international competitions. A mother of 3, Lisa has been spokesperson for some of Australia’s most well-loved brands, and is one of the country’s most sought after speakers nationally, as well as being the first woman to chair the Australia Day Council from 2000 to 2008.  Best-selling author of 6 books (250,000 copies sold), Lisa has released her new Online Personal Training Program and has a grand vision to reverse the childhood and adult obesity levels in Australia, and the prevalence of heart disease….  And just quietly, she knows how to rock visual marketing on social media.  Let’s take a look at what she is doing well:

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - 5 Brands Doing It Right
Lisa Curry uses original quotes and showcases them with great images – perfect for her Pinterest Boards (as pictured) as well as being featured on Facebook and her website. Shareable, visual images not only showcase your brand, but encourage fans to share with their friends….giving you more traffic, exposure and results!


Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - 5 Brands Getting it Right
See the “Talking about this” figure above? 1,922! Lisa’s engagement % (ie the amount of likes, comments, shares from fans as a percentage of her total page likes) is exceedingly high.

Lisa’s enagement rate is consistently at 40-50% with it currently sitting at 69% during the Olympics. To put this in perspective, the average engagement rate for a Facebook Page is 2-5%.  Why is Lisa’s enagement rate so high? She is accessible to her fans, and she personally engages on her social media networks – she is well loved by Australians but it is her willingness to have a conversation with her fans that helps her to achieve such high engagement rates.  And she uses visual marketing well.  Her Facebook Page is full of photos and videos, and she is active on Pinterest and Instagram.

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results -
The Clever use of branding on Pinterest helps to spread Lisa’s message of health and wellness – “Kiss Your Old Self Goodbye”. Quotes are readily shared on social media, especially when they are inspirational – Lisa has combined great quotes/taglines with visual, shareable images.

Note in the following example (at the top) it says “Lisa Curry updated her cover photo”. On the newsfeed of her fans, this photo would then have been highlighted as a larger photo – Cover photos get more “real estate” on the Facebook Feed.  This is a great way to catch the attention of your followers.

Using Visual Marketing for Social Media Results - (by
Lisa posts up photos from her early career and invites fans into her life with photos many would not have seen before. And most importantly she responds to their comments!
Takeaway Tips from Lisa Curry:
  1. Change Out Your Cover Photo Regularly – Lisa changes her cover photo regularly.  When you post up a new timeline cover image, it is highlighted more than a regular photo on the newsfeed of your fans – they are more likely to see it.  And don’t forget:  when you post up a new cover image, add some information, a description or even better, a link to another website or page in the description of your cover image. If you have a call to action (ie signing up for your email updates) then place it in the cover image description.  This is a great opportunity to get out into the newsfeed of your fans, so you should add a link to your cover images!
  2. If you have taglines, showcase them – Lisa has a few taglines for her online coaching program and personal brand, including “Coach Curry”, her KISS Online Coaching Program (“Keep It Simple Sweetheart”, “Kiss Your Old Self Goodbye” and “One Life One Chance”.  She showcases these taglines and keeps her brand consistent by featuring these taglines in images on her Facebook Page, Instagram and Pinterest.  If you have a company or business tagline, showcase it in creative and inventive ways.
  3. Let Your Fans in – even if you are not a public figure like Lisa, you can share some of your day and your life with them (without giving away too much privacy).  Lisa will post up photos of the healthy food she is eating or images from her childhood/teens when she starting her swimming careeer – she will also ask her fans to post about themselves. The participants of her KISS Program (Keep It Simple Sweet 10 Week Healthy Eating and Training Program) also share photos and comment about their experiences as well – making for great exposure on Facebook.  Your followers want to be heard….so talk to them!
Your turn – are you using any of these visual marketing strategies in your business? Are there any strategies listed here that you can take away and start implementing?  

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