Top 10 Socially Sorted Posts You May Have Missed in 2014

check it out hereThe Socially Sorted blog continued to bring you insightful and thought provoking posts about visual social media and content strategy in 2014.  

Here are my Top 10 most popular Socially Sorted Posts that you may have missed.

Top 10 Socially Sorted Posts You May Have Missed 2014
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In 2014 our posts continued to be focused around visual social media and content strategy.  And judging by the results of our Top 10 Socially Sorted Posts – they are the posts that resonated with you, that you shared and commented on the most. Here are the Top 10 (and just quietly, they are 10 of my favourites too!).

1  19 Visual Social Media Secrets from the Pros

I'm not surprised this was my most popular post of the year.  Jam-packed full of tips from pros like Melanie Perkins (Canva), Ben Wong (WordSwag), Tourism Australia, Lauren Bath (Instagrammer), Kim Garst (Boom Social Media), Jessica Gioglio (Author, the Power of Visual Storytelling), Ian Cleary (Razor Social), Peg Fitzpatrick, Rebekah Radice and more.

Each Pro gave their top tip for using visual content in your business.

And there's a handy little SlideShare summary of all the quotes so you can refer to them all wrapped up in a snuggly visual bundle (and featured as SlideShare of the day – thanks a bunch SlideShare!)

2  Stop Posting like a Marketer – Give Your Fans the Visual Content they Crave

In this post I challenged my readers to think about posting differently on their social platforms.

I challenged them to take a step back, take a look at what fans are posting on those platforms and to start posting like a fan, not a marketer.

Here is why.

  1. Content that is “native” to the platform catches the attention of fans in the right way – it entices them to check it out, take action and ultimately it build relationships with fans or users.
  2. Fans like to hang out where they like to hang out.  Those places, where they spend their time are the places where you build trust.  And as much as I am an advocate for housing your most important content on your blog or website, part of content marketing also involves sharing that content (or other content) out to social networks.
  3. Fans don't like to be “marketed” to.  But they like to be entertained, helped and inspired.  And if you think about it, this is the type of content they are usually posting themselves on most platforms – whether it is Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Google Plus.

In the post I cover some examples of how to “Post like a fan” including how to play their game by;

  • considering the turf you are playing on (the social platform)
  • considering the game the players are playing on that platform (is it Australian Rules or Grid Iron) and
  • considering the rules (what are the written or unwritten “rules” for users – what's considered cool and not cool on that platform).

As I say in the post, if you turn up for the wrong football game in the wrong gear on the wrong pitch or field playing a totally different game… it's a recipe for disaster!

Check out the post for examples from brands doing it well and how you can start posting natively on each platform…posting like a fan!

3  Stop Killing Us With Boring Infographics – Do This Instead 

I'm glad I wrote this post. It had to be said. I LOVE infographics.

Most of you know that.

But if you know my story, you also know that I have never been one to create “data heavy” or “let's-make-this-data-look-pretty-with-this-city-scape-or-mountain-range-or-world-map-or-star-wars-theme” approach.  Sure, I include some stats, sure I include some information but my information has to be helpful or we don't create the infographic in the first place.

This post discusses how to make infographics super helpful with some great examples. It was a popular post but maybe that's just because other people are sick of data too.

Or maybe it was because all the readers were inspired to plan a holiday to Hawaii and stay at the Outrigger just like me.  If you don't know what I am talking about then perhaps you missed this one, and I think you will find it interesting – take a look here.

4  5 Blogging Tips from the Pros to help your Blog Take Off

I have been fortunate to have some ah-MAY-zing mentors for my blog over the years. They always gave me the right advice at the right time.

If you are a blogger or aspiring blogger, then I hope you will get something from these tips. Seriously my blog wouldn't be what it is today.

These bloggers rock.  Their blogs rock and they are 5 of the most generous giving people I know and I am grateful to call them friends and mentors.

pssst:  if you don't have much time at least read the visual quotes on this post and pin them for later.  They are all set up nicely for you to share to Pinterest, so go for it!  

5  26 Productivity and Social Media Marketing Tools to Spice Up Your Business

This post started out as a “little” list when doing my goal setting for 2015. I started to write down the tools, strategies, people, blogs, podcasts, websites, books that helped me in 2014.  Then it became a blog post, then it became a “big” list.

Make no mistake. I had to love every item on this list to BITS in order to add it.

And by adding it, it is my personal guarantee to you that it/they/he/she is worth checking out.  They are the tools, systems, tips, strategies, people and products that influenced my business greatly in 2014.. and I will continue to use them in 2015.

I hope you do too.

6  11 Awesome Blogging Mantras You Should Tattoo on Your Blog 

This was hands down one of my favourite posts to write and I am proud that it was one of your favourites too.

Why? Because I wrote it after I was awarded the Best Business Blog in Australia by the Australian Writer's Centre. It's something I am very proud of and to give back I shared my 11 “Blogging Mantras” and the people that inspired them.

This is my “little black book” of all the best blogging tips I know for aspiring bloggers who want to take their blog to the next level. I would never hide those tips away in some sort of program or service, as they were gifted to me, so I am gifting them to you.

Enjoy. If you blog, you need to read these 11 awesome mantric tips.

7  7 Things You Should Know from Social Media Marketing World #SMMW14

This post was a no-brainer to write.  I have long enjoyed writing “summary” posts from the events I go to – whether speaking or attending to soak up the discoveries I make when at the event live.  And the fact that it ranks highly on Google Page 1 makes me happy because I want people to find out about this conference and come to it!

But this event is special. I have been both years in 2013 and 2014 and I was completely honoured to speak at Social Media Marketing World 2014 and chuffed to be asked back to speak again in 2015.

I managed to go to many sessions and I had so many discoveries from the speakers – but these were my Top 7. Enjoy!

And I have to say:  Not only is this the biggest social media conference in the world, but it is the best. It is jam-packed full of over 100 sessions from top marketers and brands and there is awesome opportunity to network.

PS if you want to find out more about the latest Social Media Marketing World event, check it out here.

8. How to Use Snackable Visual Content on Your Blog

If you think Visual Content has to be hard and full of massive infographics, complicated slideshares and time-consuming design, then check this out. There are some tips for creating snackable visual content on your blog that might inspire you to get cracking and give it a shot.

I include tips from the Buffer Blog, Canva, and my own blog – all designed to help you create snackable content (easy digested .. I mean processed by your readers, hence making it easier for them to take action on your content).

Now I'm hungry!

9  Got Boring Business Content? Bring Sexy Content Back! 

Got a Boring Business? Bring Sexy Content Back
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Summer Fun by Shutterstock

I love seeing businesses rock it on social with content when their “core” business is actually quite boring.

I don't mean that in a bad way – no disrespect to them – but it's not that easy to make lawyers or insurance or customer service or computer hardware sound interesting.

These businesses do it well and they are so good at doing it that even the “interesting” businesses should follow them for tips. If you can make the boring sexy, then there's no excuse for the rest of it.

Go on… go get sexy with your content!

10.  3 Mobile Apps that Put Visual Content Creation in Your Pocket 

I love apps. I love visual content. I love saving time.

Put them all together and what do you get? Visual Content creating apps.

I have hundreds of apps that I love but there are just 3 of the apps that I use routinely – stay tuned for more posts about awesome tools in 2015. You guys love these tools so I will be sharing more with you, that's for sure!

Top 10 Socially Sorted Posts You May have Missed in 2014
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Ain't got time now? Pin it for later!  Coffee by Shutterstock

It's a Wrap!

It's been a blast sharing great tips, strategies and content with you in 2014 about visual social media and content strategy.

I'm back in 2015 and you should expect more blog posts, more insights and a few surprises. I am exicted about the content coming your way!

Over to you!  What do you want to see more of on this blog in 2015? What topics and posts do you enjoy the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  You know I like to chat!  

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