Social Media Marketing World 2013 – Top Tweets Day 2 #smmw13

Day 2 of Social Media Marketing World and the Twitterfeed was yet again filled with tweetables from dozens of thought leaders in Social Media!

This Post (Part 2 – you can check out Part 1 here) features another 27 amazing sessions on topics ranging from everything from Podcasting to Pinterest and all the Content in between.

Day 2 of Social Media Marketing World and the Tweets get even harder to pick for featuring here!

I have to say at this point, it was a tough descision about which session to attend – they were all stellar! I am sure I felt my two legs battling for alternate directions at one stage, with my torso spinning in yet another. Thank goodness for the virtual pass or I would have been walking around in circles!

The Breakfast Keynote session saw 4 of the quickest minds in Social Media today shared the stage together to chew the proverbial keynote fat about whether we are getting Smarter or just Busier. Jay Baer, Mario Sundar, Chris Brogan and Mark Schaefer were less like a panel and more like a group of blokes having a conversation over drinks with the entire room:

















In a packed room, the ever-lovely Amy Porterfield did what she does best – give a session packed with takeaways. The Twitter feed reflected it. One attendee described her session as “Rapid Fire Full of Brilliance”. Yep.








Chris Brogan‘s highly anticipated session on “You Aren't Going to Like This: Social Media isn't the answer” delivered. Packed full of Brogan-esque quips, it was a packed session with people hanging off the walls and out the door”¦










”¦and the funniest tweet of the Chris Brogan session goes to Waynette Tubbs:


”¦and the brilliant Anne McColl gave us this creative visual summary of the Chris' session:

Srinivas Rao joined Marcus Sheridan, Michael Stelzner and Joe Pulizzi for “How to Build a Thriving Community with Blogs” – helping us tap into their experience – too many tweets to mention but here is a bunch of the good ones!












Cliff Ravenscraft may well have inspired a flurry of new podcasts from attendees – watch this space:





”¦and when Michael Bepko (Whole Foods), Liz Phillips (TaylorMade) and Shelly Lucas (Dun & Bradstreet) joined Neal Schaffer to talk about Twitter Marketing – it was not surprising that the Twitter Feed had plenty to say:






I loved it too Lindsey – very classy!









Beth Hayden held the first Pinterest session where she shared tips for getting an avalanche of targeted traffic to your website or blog. Very Pinteresting!








LinkedIn Expert Viveka von Rosen wowed us with her LinkedIn Savvy.



Michael Brito, author of “Smart Business, Social Business” shared his insights for turning your brand into the next media company. Twitter liked.





I (and many others) were happy to stand for Pat Flynn's session. The man deserved it. Stellar advice from the guy who has built a podcasting empire. Thanks Pat!






Susan Wassel (Sharpie), Ekaterina Walker (Intel) and Kat Smith (Petco) lead a powerhouse big brand discussion on community building. Here is some of what they had to say:







Lee Odden had plenty of takeaways from his presentation on blogs and attracting the right readers, engaging them and inspiring them to action:



And here's Lee's Awesome wrap up post! – a must read!


Eduardo Tobin shared the secrets that keep Diners Club International relevant in today's social media world:



Jesse Stay answered the question about whether we should be on Google Plus with a resounding ABSOLUTELY! ”¦and had us using Google Plus instead of Twitter to share our thoughts!



Paul Colligan lead a great Online Video Panel comprised of powerhouse content creators, Jim Louderback (Revision3), Julie Perry (Blast Media) and Yuri Baranovsky (Happy Little Guillotine Films)






Mark Schaefer returned to the platform again to lead a session with Susan Wassell (Sharpie), Brian Stakoe (Caterpillar) and Kerri Holden (Four seasons Hotels & Resorts) – How to Transform Organizational Culture with Social Media.





Andrea Vahl and Lori Wildrick (Petco) with Sarah Robinson rocked Communities (and how to build thriving ones with Facebook) in a packed room”¦.Kyle Lacy was left standing up the back:









Mark Schaefer's Twitter session went off and so did the Twitter Feed:







A much anticipated session was “Podcasting Tips from the Pros” – with Cliff Ravenscraft, Pat Flynn and Michael Stelzner:










Everyone wanted to know about what Sony and San Diego Zoo are leveraging Pinterest and Instagram

Callan Green (Sony) wowed us with a walk-through of what happens behind the scenes with Sony's Pinterest strategy:





Karen Worley finished off with her presentation on Instagram. As someone who loves visual marketing and who also just spent a day at the Zoo with my kids, I was very impressed by the Zoo's use of visual social media, particularly Instagram. The session from both ladies was excellent!







Continuing the Visual Marketing theme, Melanie Duncan presented on How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Content and Grow Your Audience:







Neal Schaffer gave us all things Social Media Strategy:




Douglas Karr discussed what to do when it ain't all rainbows and lollypops – and how to handle complaints, crises and trolls!





Some great insights from Vanessa Cho (Walmart) on Socializing Online for Increased Sales:






”¦and more brand brilliance from Pam Didner (Intel) and Rajiv Narang (Dell) on Harnessing the Power of Social Data to Grow Your Business:





And when we didn't want it all to end, we got to enjoy a fabulous keynote from Dave Kerpen, Mr Likeable himself. Whether it was the orange, his principles of a Likeable Business or just Dave's booming NY Presence on stage”¦.we were pumped”¦and grateful:




I could tell you how great Dave's session was, but let's do it with Tweets. Elizabeth Macken and Kim Garst have pretty much summed it up:



I have to say that I got lost finding tweets for this post – so many great 140 character summaries of the content that I literally feel like I was in some of the other sessions. It's a great mini-byte of the virtual pass to come so I can truly catch up on all the sessions I missed.

Scrolling through the tweets has certainly highlighted what a superbly diverse series of speakers we were lucky to experience at #smmw13. It is a testament to Mike Stelzner and his team when I say that any one of the panels, speakers, sessions could have held their own in the ballroom and – in a perfect world – we could have stayed all week and enjoyed every session.

Did you miss Day 1? Check out my Top Tweets from Day 1 here!

Your turn! Check out the tweets above and click through and follow some of the great panellists, speakers and twitter influencers at #smmw13. If you attended, what was your favourite session? Any great tweets that I missed?

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