Social Media Marketing World 2013 – Top Tweets Day 1 #smmw13

Social Media Marketing World (Social Media Examiner‘s inaugural event) launched in style on Day 1, as 24 Awesome sessions showcased some of the world's best social media thought leaders and a passionate group of 1100 attendees.  

With any great conference comes a great Twitter Feed.  This post highlights some of the best tweets of Day 1 of the conference from a range of the sessions attended.  From Michael Stelzner's opening keynote about the state of Social Media Marketing in 2013 to the insprational closing keynote about how to “Fascinate” from Sally Hogshead, it was a day jam-packed full of takeways, great networking and fabulous content.

As Day 1 of Social Media Marketing World took off, so did the Twitter Feed.  The tweets being posted were stellar. The content was King, and its Queen was the tear-injucing belly laughs that came from speakers like Marcus Sheridan, Brian Carter and Sally Hogshead….as we sometimes tweeted through watery eyes and uncontrollable giggles.  Fast paced, the Twitter Feed was a 140-character-esque summary of the best bytes of the day. Unlike my usual posts, I am going to let the Tweets do the talking today. Enjoy!

Top Tweets from #SMMW13 – Day 1

Hats Off to Michael Stelzner for pulling off an amazing seminar. His Keynote had every one of the 1100 attendees excited about the future of Social Media with the mindblowing statistics he presented about the lead up to here, where we are at, and what marketers will be focusing their social media efforts on in 2013.


And Larry Benet wowed us with his tips for becoming master connectors”¦

Mari Smith presented to a packed room on 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Reach ”¦.and the Tweetables filled the Twitter Feed.




Mari even prescheduled her own tweet that had me highly impressed and retweeting! ”¦Where Twitter Meets Content Meets Experiential Marketing!


Jay Baer was brilliant – as expected – his engaging presentation on how to Create Customers for Life had us reaching for our iphones to share the nuggets of wisdom!





Mr Duct Tape Marketing himself, John Jantsch gave a compelling case for building your online presence the right way and lots of how-to's that again, filled the Twitter feed”¦

Mitch Joel had brands thinking about how they can keep up with fundamental shifts in business with questions like this:


Guy Kawasaki filled his Google+ Session with Marketing Brilliance:



Joe Pulizzi had everyone going back to the basics and why we need to think about content first before everything else – and some great tips for developing your content strategy:



Jason Miller had this to say while having everyone think about whether their social channels are lead generating:



Video Marketing Expert, James Wedmore filled the Twitter Feed with brilliant YouTube advice:



”¦and LaSandre Brill (Cisco) and Brian Ellefritz (SAP) had some great advice for B2B Businesses on Social Strategy:


Funny Man and Author of “The Like Economy”, Brian Carter had some brilliant insights into using social advertising for leads and sales.


Ric Dragon set off the Twitter Feed with some Tweetables about Community Building in the Digital Age”¦.




while Kyle Lacy had everyone thinking seriously about Mobile”¦and other emerging Social and Digital Trends that we simply can not ignore!


Derek Halpern did exactly what we expected him to do – mess with our heads! With his brilliant combination of sales, marketing and conversion psychology and yes”¦..academic research people”¦.(how does he manage to make that topic engaging”¦seriously”¦how does he pull it off)”¦.anyone that ignores Derek is not interested in getting leads and sales!



Douglas Karr, Justin Levy (Citrix) and Waynette Tubbs (SAS) had plenty for the Twitterfeed with their session on how Brands can use Blogs to Grow their Business:


Mr Rich Brooks not only showed everyone how to turn Fans into Customers, but he did it with the perspective of someone who is not only a Social Media Expert”¦but someone who walks the talk and gets results in his own business for clients.




Karaoke Queen and Inbound Marketing Expert Rebecca Corliss (from HubSpot) talked about how to Generate Leads with Social Media – and if the Twitterfeed was anything to go by, her session was full of Tweetables”¦.




With so many great sessions on, I missed the brilliant Steve Spangler, but I have it on good authority that his session was explosively engaging – a mix of science and marketing insights from the man who became a YouTube Sensation with his Science Experiment Videos:


”¦while Nichole Kelly had some great wisdom about delivering measurable results with Social Media:


There is no doubting that the Sales Lion is one of the best Dang Speakers there is”¦. and one of the funniest. Every sentence out of this man's mouth was either a brilliant piece of advice about how to Build a Business Blog that generates leads and sales”¦.or to Laugh-Out-Loud. Belly-Laugh Funny and crammed full of takeaways:




Carrie Kerpen (with Amy Myers and Amanda Sheldon) talked about creative ways to benefit from Facebook. And there were plenty of tweets to tell us all about it!




while resident songwriter and LinkedIn Expert, Stephanie Sammons shared her powerful tips for smart marketing on LinkedIn:

And what a way to finish. With the sassy, smart, engaging, funny (yes very funny) and insightful Sally Hogshead. We were all in for a treat as we learned about what it is that makes us unique and fascinating – and how to be remembered for your message and unique style!






And to finish it all off”¦..Brian Carter had the Tweet of the Day:

And a bonus! Jason Keath from Social Fresh kindly shared the real Top Tweets of the day with us – not surprising Mari Smith was the winner!

Were you at Social Media Marketing World? What did you think? Be sure to click on the links on the Tweets above to follow the wonderful Peeps that took the time to share their takeaways. What was your favourite session, tweet, quote, takeaway? Leave it for us to share in the comments below!

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