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It was great to have you join my session at Social Media Marketing World. 

I hope you got some great takeaways from my session and you are ready for amazing visual storytelling with your team! I also hope that you're ready to help your audience share visual content that tells your brand story too!

Keep me posted re how you go with it.  I've got my eye on you!  Donna-Moritz-with-Vintage-Camera

The following is a summary of all the tools, tips, and businesses that I mentioned during my #SMMW19 session. If I forgot to add anything here, let me know!

External Tools

1  Headliner

Headliner is a tool that lets you convert MP3 or audio files to video. It's great for those people who do not want to learn how to do video editing or do face-to-camera.  You can convert MP3 into short Audiograms, or even convert longer YouTube footage into a longer Autdiograms. It's super easy to use and you can get started for free and create up to 10 videos per month without a watermark.

2  Easil

Easil is a DIY Design tool that has thousands of pro-quality templates, including Instagram Stories and multi-page templates. This tool lets you create visuals in layers, use cool text effects, create GIFs and more!  You can see more of Easil's awesome Instagram Story templates here.  They have a huge slection of other templates including social media and infographics.

New!  Easil has just released Brand Kit and Brand Locking for Teams. You can add your logos, color palettes, images and fonts to your Brand Kit then use them to create awesome designs. Then lock in the elements of the design to essentially control what your team members can and can't edit.

Get a free trial of Easil here.

3  Giphy

Giphy is a great tool for searching on popular GIFs to share as well as creating your own GIFs.  It's especially worth exploring now that GIF stickers are available.  You can check out some of my GIFs here on my branded Giphy channel.

Find out more about Giphy and how to apply for a Brand Channel here.

Find out more about how to create GIFs in this article on my blog, here!

4  Wave.Video

I love for how easy it is to use. It's very drag-and-drop in nature and it's super easy to create a video with transitions, titles, music and more.

But when it comes to Instagram Stories, I love how easy it is to change your video size to Instagram Story size in just one click.  You can also easily create square video too (in one click).  It's an affordable, easy-to-use video option, and they have a huge library of video stock footage that you can access as well!

5  Clipomatic


Is a handly little mobile app for adding captions to video, especially on Instagram Stories. Simply record your video into the app, then check the resulting captions for any errors (it's easy to edit) and voila.. you have a captioned video! Available on iOS.

6  Quicc

Quicc is a brand new web-app that I am excited about. It lets you also record captions using some AI secret sauce. You record your video, submit it to Quicc and the captioned video returns to you in a couple of minutes. It's great for everything from YouTube to Facebook Videos and Instagram Stories. And the app works well on a mobile to be able to record videos, submit them to Quicc for captions and then upload the resulting video into your Instagram Stories.

7  Over

Over is one of the best dedicated mobile “visual design” apps around. They are all about mobile so the app itself is designed for design ON mobile. They have a huge number of designers working with them so the free plan is great to use and you get access to a lot of templates but if you LOVE creating visuals on mobile… upgrade to the paid plan. It's similar pricing to Canva, so it's not cheap but also if you love creating on mobile, I think it's worth it.

8  Slider

Slider (iOS only)
If you have been a fan of WordSwag over the years, then definitely check out Slider. It's like WordSwag but for animations – so you can enter your text, choose a style and create a quick animated image in seconds. Availabe on iOS only.

9  Life Lapse

Life Lapse – is a VERY cool tool that's all about creating stop motion animation. I've used a lot of stop motion tools over the years but this one is super easy to use, even for beginners. What's even better is that their founder and CEO, Sarah, went to film school so is always adding cool tutorials and tips to the app and to their Instagram account. It's available on iOS and Android.

Tools “in” Instagram

As I mentioned in my session toay there are loads of tools in Instagram that you can leverage in your storytelling.  Here are some of them:

  • Hyperlapse App – Hyperlapse is an Instagram app that you can put on your phone. It allows you to speed up any video content that you have taken, giving the “fast forward” effect. Great for showing behind the scenes footage or taking us on a quick tour, or just speeding up for visual effect.  This app is not found within instagram stories but you can apply it to any video footage using the external app then upload the video.
  • Boomerang (in-app or you can add the app separately to your phone here on iTunes or here on Android.
  • Rewind (in the Instagram Story dashboard… choose rewind to record your video in reverse)
  • Superzoom – a fun in-app effect for creating dramatic effect.
  • Time Lapse – an in-app effect for capturing content in time-lapse effect.
  • Polls – create a poll within your Instagram Stories dashboard. This is a creative way to get your audience to engage, as it's a no brainer to click one of two options in reply.
  • Get creative with the tools on your Instagram Stories dashboard including the type tools, pen tools, GIF Stickers and emojis!
  • Here are some more ideas for Instagram Stories in this post.
  • Location Stories – find out more about Location stories and why they are so important here.
  • Hashtag Stories

…or you can create an Instagram Slideshow. Find out more about that here, and also Agorapulse's research into engagement on sldeshow/carousel posts here

Case Studies, Profiles and Websites mentioned in the presentation

Have fun with visual storytelling!

Thanks again –  I hope you are inspired by the potential of visual storytelling for your business and ready to try some new tools and ideas on Instagram!

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