3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation

If you are looking to stand out on social media then check out these short video tools for animating text and images.

In this post I share 5 short video tools that help you to quickly (and easily) create animations for social media.

3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation
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Image by Shutterstock

I'm sure you've heard it from many sources – create video for social media.

You can do it in many forms – the whole she-bang on YouTube, Facebook Live or short video on Instagram or Facebook.

For many small business owners, highly edited, long-form video is just too hard.  Short video, on the other hand, is much easier (if you have the right tools).

In this post I share 3 tools help you to create short videos via animation – they help yoiu to take text and images and then easily create an animated video.

It's so easy with the right tools, so let's jump in and take a look at 3 of the short video tools you can use to do this:


3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation

#1  Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark has become one of the go-to short video tools for many small business owners to create visuals via desktop or mobile.

You can create gorgeous web pages, amazing animated videos and stunning visuals for social media

But there's a cool function on Adobe Spark Post (on mobile) you might not be aware of:  it can animate your images on mobile.

Once you have created your image, simply click on “ANIMATION”.

Adobe Spark Post - Adding Animation to your design
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Then choose a template/style.  You can choose from a number of styles including:

  • Blur (your image will transition from blurred focus to crisp and focused)
  • Slide (your text slides in to the image)
  • Fade (the text increases from fade quality to full quality)
  • Grow (the text appears gradually increases from smaller to bigger as it appears on the page)

Choose your animation style with Adobe Spark Post.
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You can scroll through the options to choose the one you like – then save your changes and publish your image as a:

  • still image
  • animated video
  • live photo (available on selected phones)

These animations are great for posting to Facebook (which loves video over all other post types) and Instagram!  Herre is how this one turned out on my personal profile:


Here are some more examples of Adobe Spark's animation feature in action:


It's #seaotterawarenessweek, tag someone you #lovelikenootter ?

A video posted by Adobe Spark Post (@adobespark) on

and another one ….

It's #Friday and day 5 of the @NicteCreativeDesign #Instagramtakeover with @AdobeSpark. Let's talk about “competition”. . Brands and business owners can learn a lot from competition. You can see what they are doing right, and finding ways that YOUR brand can be unique from the market. Remember how on day 2 I talked about building brands on visual trends? Well, this applies to your competition too! . If all of your competitors are doing something but their brand life is short, why match what they are doing? You don't want to burn your brand early. Focus on being authentic to your brand values and mission. Just because everyone is showing up as something in the market doesn't mean that you should too. . This also applies to how you show up on social media. Having thousands of followers doesn't mean much if they aren't converting or remain engaged. So don't let that stop you from showing up with your brand. Always give value first and sell less. This shows you have the best interest for your audience. With time, you build powerful connections and an engaged community. . Be proud of your brand! Don't hide behind the masses. Find ways where you offer something unique and true. And execute it in a way that aligns both your visual and verbal communication. #AdobeSpark #NicteCreativeDesign

A video posted by Adobe Spark Post (@adobespark) on

Adobe Spark Post is currently available on iOS only but Android users can access Spark Post on Desktop here.  


#2  Ripl App

Ripl makes it SUPER easy to create animated social media posts. It's one of the hottest short video tools right now.

The best part is that Ripl allows you to add up to eight images at once.  Each image can have it's own text overlay depending on the style you choose. This allows you to create a mini-slideshow.

Ripl is a great option for a tutorial or to showcase an event, location, or product… and it's perfect for real estate professionals or agencies to show their latest home for sale.

Check out this example of a tour of a home for sale:


Unlock your potential ? Use today's free design of the day to make an impact on your social media!

A video posted by Ripl (@riplapp) on

The free version of Ripl gives you a pretty good choice of styles, fonts, colors and even music.

Or you can go Pro for $9.99/month, and get unlimited access to premium designs. There are more than 75 designs and they add new ones every week.

With Pro you can also add your own music, add a custom logo and choose from the full Ripl library of designs.

You can also store more designs and download them to your camera roll for sharing later .

Here is how I created a simple slideshow in Ripl:

I tapped on add photos to upload a series of pictures to Ripl. Then for each pic, I added my primary and secondary text.

How to add text to your post in Ripl
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Then I choose my animation style. Each layout has different options such as font, background, image, animation type, and the colour of the animations. Some themes allow you to switch text on and off:

Easily change animation styles in Ripl
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When you are finished, simply add your caption text and share to Instagram or Facebook (or to your camera roll to share later).

Here's one I created in slideshow format:


If you want to teach something, show a tutorial, take us on a tour or showcase a product or servce – Ripl will help you do it!

PS Word on the street is that Ripl will be adding text over video soon … which means it's definitely one of the short video tools you want to have in your toolbox!

Ripl is currently only available on iOS but they are building an Android version.  


#3 Legend

Legend is one of the short video tools that has been around for a bit longer than tools like Ripl … but it still has some cool functions and designs.

You can also add video to Legend animations which makes it worthwhile including in your visual content creation toolkit!

Here's an example:


If you want to add text over video, Legend is a great app for creating something quickly.

Legend is available on iOS and Android.  


Hot Tip

Most of these short video tools make simple 3 second videos. If you want to make a longer video, use a tool like Screenflow or iMovie or any video editing tool to edit and connect two of these shorter videos together.

Of course Ripl allows you to create longer videos with their slideshow feature but if it's a shorter video, you have this option!


Over to you

What short video tools do you like for creating quick short video content or animations? Which of these will you be trying? 

Leave a comment below!  

3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation
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Image by Shutterstock

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation

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  1. Laura Christianson

    I was pumped when I saw that you can animate images using Adobe Spark Post. I searched all over my account and couldn’t find the animation feature. Then I re-read your tutorial and saw that it’s only for the mobile version… and only for iPhones, apparently. I’m one of the majority of the population who uses an Android phone and prefers to use Adobe Spark Post on my desktop computer. We always seem to get the short end of the stick. Adobe has some catching up to do here, in my opinion. I’ll celebrate when they release this feature for desktop and Android. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    • Donna Moritz

      Hi Laura – yes I am constantly saying “sorry Android users” on my blog and in presentations and this is a conversation I have many many times over… I know it’s unfortunate but I do my best to always try and explain what is Android and what is iOS and to include at least one tool that is on both in every post. So here’s the thing… There are dozens of devices on Android yes, and only about (I think) 9 or 12 on iOS. For most companies without finite resources, it’s just not feasible to create on Android first as they can create, test and get things working much more easily on iOS. Then they move on to Android as there are so many subtle differences between each device on Android it’s not as easy to build so many of them cut their teeth on iOS first… and the cost is quite prohibitive to many of them too. However I agree, Adobe should have the funds to get this on Android too, so I hope it’s not far off.

      But unfortunately the iOS before Android for some of these apps is probably not going away, which is why I stick to iOS mobile as most of the visual content tools come out on iOS first. Saying that, I often recommend that people who really want these apps early should get an old iPOD or a second hand iPhone and use that on WiFi to batch create images or video (at least it helps you get productive). It’s one option many of my readers use with success. Hope that helps.

      • Laura Christianson

        Thanks for your explanation, Donna. Someone in my family works at Apple as an iPhone developer. Maybe I can snatch up one of his cast-off old phones! (And by “old,” I mean more than 2 months old.)

        I appreciate you sharing a variety of tools. I think you introduced me to RelayThat… they contacted me yesterday and asked me to beta test their upcoming release.

        • Donna Moritz

          Well .. BINGO – definitely take advantage of that connection! haha.

  2. Jennifer Gale

    I really love Biteable so easy with some good standard inclusions and very cheap. The only thing I don’t love about it is the way it doesn’t really work on Instagram. Otherwise it is my go to video maker.

    • Donna Moritz

      ooh thanks Jennifer – I haven’t tried that one yet but someone had mentioned it and you’ve reminded me I need to check it out. Bummer it doesn’t work on Instagram – can you save your video to camera roll with it – that usually allows you to upload to Instagram. I’ll check it out.

      • Jennifer Gale

        Thanks hadn’t thought of that I’ll give it a try. the animations are cute you’ll love them.

        • Jennifer Gale

          I forgot to say it uploads to Instagram but because of the size it doesn’t display properly. I wish Instagram would allow a sideways view I’m not sure why they do that… Must have a reason.

          • Donna Moritz

            ah ok, I was going to say that’s strange as they do different sizes but that’s images not video I guess. Definitely send them a request to do different sized videos – sometimes apps can add that in!

  3. Susan Schleef

    I have enjoyed using Legend – ever since I learned about it in your class more than a year ago. But I always just put my quotes on top of plain colored background. I always thought an image or video behind it would be too hard to read. But now I see with a well chosen video background, it could be quite effective. Can’t wait to try Legend in a new way!

    • Donna Moritz

      Yes Susan, I think you definitely have to pick the right background – some videos do look too busy but others can look great! I haven’t seen a lot of updates from Legend lately so I hope they are still going strong but the app still works fine. And hopefully Ripl or Adobe will add video backgrounds too!

  4. Lydia Brown

    Donna love your list thank you. My husband has an Android and he gets so annoyed because I get to use so many apps on my Iphone but he loves his phone. I just started using Ripl and really like so plan to upgrade. Going to test some that you have listed here first. Thanks again.

    • Donna Moritz

      No worries – Ripl is worth the upgrade I think – I don’t usually recommend to upgrade many apps but if you do regular short videos it’s a good one. I explained why the app developers usually go with iPhone first (lucky for us) below. It makes sense when you think about it but I get why Android users get frustrated so I always try to give at least one option for them.

  5. BriDecerio

    I’m an aspiring social media marketer and I found this blog for an assignment in one of my classes. I love your content and will definitely visit often in my career!!

    • Donna Moritz

      Awesome Bri – glad to hear it is helping. Swing by anytime and good luck with your studies!

  6. Marina Barayeva

    Thank you for the post, Donna. Love your video examples!

    • Donna Moritz

      You’re welcome – glad you liked it!


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