At Socially Sorted, Donna and her team specialise in helping bloggers, businesses and brands use visual social media and content strategy to get better reach, referrals and results for their business.

As much as I LOVE 1:1 training, we have recently had to reduce time available for consultations. This is due to increased demand for my services (both speaking and consulting in Australia and overseas), as well as the services of our creative team for infographics, and mentoring for our online members of Create Traffic Driving Images.

Please refer to the range of levels at which you can access my services below.  They are listed (roughly) in order of cost and how “advanced” we get with strategy, so that you can better decide if our services are for you.

You can find out more about Donna here.  If you would like to book Donna for a consultation with one of the following services, then please contact us.  All sessions must be paid for prior to the commencement of the training.  

Our Services include:


VIRTUAL COFFEE Training Session (or Pick Donna’s Brain)

  • $147 USD for 45 minutes
    • This is the most basic 1:1 access to training with Donna and is restricted to just a few sessions per week. These sessions book up quickly – so be sure to get in early to avoid disappointment.  
    • Each session involves a short pre-session questionnaire so that Donna can get a clear idea of your needs ready for the session, and so that she can check your website/blog and social media channels.  
    • The session will be held on Skype or Go To Meeting and if possible will be recorded but given that there is always the possibility of tech glitches, you should take your own notes
    • All sessions run for 45 minutes.
    • Action Steps will be discussed for you to follow through with.
    • These are essentially Q&A Sessions.  They are not advanced training but can cover whatever area of need you have – a brief discussion will occur before confirmation and payment to ensure that Donna is able to help you or if we need to refer you on to one of our partners for specific training.
    • Please note:  we may (if you are at beginner stages) refer you to one of our recommended programs in conjunction with your session, which may involve an affiliate commission.  Please note that we only recommend programs that we personally use or recommend at Socially Sorted.  
Think Tank
Our Think Tanks are full of Creative Awesomeness..designed to create buzz and kick goals!

THINK TANK with Donna 

  • $497 USD for 2 hours of Creative Think Tank time with Donna – LIMITED TIME ONLY at this price  
    • includes an exclusive 2 hour Idea Session with our Founder, Donna Moritz
    • held by Skype or Go To Meeting and Recorded (please take your own notes too as recordings are never guaranteed but we 100% do our best to get one to you). 
    • Suited for larger companies or small businesses that want to get serious about Visual Social Media and Content Marketing – you can have a small team of people on the call – this is a collaborative experience!
    • Idea for companies wanting to look at advanced visual social media strategies, and strategies for launches or promotion
    • We brainstorm promotions, campaigns and ideas that you can implement to create massive brand awareness.  We also begin to map out how you can go about implementing them.
    • Experiential marketing, events, launches and promotions? We love to help you get NOTICED and one of these sessions is ideal for getting started.  We cover everything from experiential marketing to ways to promote your new podcast.  And they are often ideas not being used by your competitors.
    • Warning:  these sessions are brimming with creativity.  They will have you excited about the potential for marketing your business or company.  And you may find yourself doing something a little out of the box!  Note:  These sessions require an established social media profile as we will be talking about advance strategies.  Listen to what our clients have had to say about our Think Tanks:  

Testimonial from Kylie Patchett about Donna Moritz

Testimonial from Casey Lightbody

ONLINE TRAINING (VISUAL SOCIAL MEDIA) with Create Traffic Driving Images – our Signature Online Program Create Traffic Driving Images

  • $297 USD for lifetime access to our step-by-step digital program for creating images that get shared and drive traffic 

CONTENT STRATEGY Planning Session 

  • $997 USD for 3 hours of training, plus:  
    • initial marketing and social media questionnaire so we can help you to identify your needs
    • 3 hours of training via Skype or Go To Meeting either in a 3 hour block or 2 + 1 hours (to allow you to implement and then follow up).
    • Focuses on your “home base” or website/blog/podcast/webshow and 1-2 other key social platforms.
    • includes a detailed Content Strategy Guide (we complete this as we do your training) – this is on a clickable PDF guide, which you can later update and edit as required.  It includes areas to plan your key content areas, blog, social media content (including visual social media strategy).
    • Highly recommended for companies or teams working with us together on social media strategy

Socially Sorted Business or Group Training

Socially Sorted Training
Our Training is strategic, tailored, engaging and designed for RESULTS!
  • Fees range from $1997 AUD for 1/2 day to $2997 AUD for a full day depending on number of participants (within Australia only – please contact Donna for quotes for overseas training).
    • 1/2 day or Full Day Training available (prices are based on average)
    • Can be used for small or large group training
    • Can be delivered via Skype or Go To Meeting/Webinar or in-house.
    • All fees are an estimate only – a detailed quote will be provided based on participants, location, travel and accommodation.
    • Please contact our team for more information on fees for training internationally.