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Welcome to Socially Sorted!

It was great to have you join my session for SDTA – It was an honor to speak with you all! 

Here is the resource page –  the links, tools, pages and resources I mentioned in my session.

I hope you got some great takeaways from other businesses and destinations who are creating (and curating) amazing visual content  + you are inspired to get creative with visual storytelling at your destination!

Keep me posted re how you go with it.  I’ve got my eye on you!  Donna-Moritz-with-Vintage-Camera

The following is a summary of all the tools, tips, and peeps that I mentioned during the session. (PS If I forgot to add anything here, let me know…this is a dynamic page and will stay up for your reference) Enjoy!

Destinations and Operators using Visual Content (mentioned in the presentation)

Follow these pages mentioned in my session for great examples of visual social media and image strategy:

and find out about the loved-up kangaroos in this article about Sean from Margaret River Discovery Company! (and you’ll see the 3rd photo…watch the video!).

Visual Content Creation Tools

1  Canva and Canva for Work

You can sign up to use Canva here. It’s free and you can access a lot of the templates and the awesome stock photo library (all free or $1 per photo).

Or if you want to shake things up a bit, check out Canva for Work here, where you can get a free trial for 1 month.  Canva for work will give you access to extra features like folders for your designs, the ability to share designs within a team (including editing), folders for your assets like logos and images, and the ability to instantly resize images (ie take a square instagram image and resize it to portrait or landscape size).


And don’t forget to try the tutorials here at Canva Design School (they are on the same website as Canva’s blog).

2  Easil

Easil is a great tool for creating visuals. They have awesome fonts and templates and a huge library of designs suited to hospitality. It’s free to trial or you can get a Pro account with additional features for $9 per month.

If you are in hospitality I recommend you consider trialling their hospitality level of membership – you can take advantage of hundreds of designs suited for food, beverage, tours, functions and events.  You can also print your designs with on demand printing through their network.  Check it out.

3  Animoto

Animoto is an amazing video creation tool. Their marketing video builder is perfect for tourism and you can make professional looking videos no matter how big your team is!  Try animoto here.

4  Tack

I highly recommend you check out Tack for curating and getting permission to use visual content for your destination or business.

You can find out more about Tack here.

You can also check out their free Instagram Location Tool to get your free Report here.


Other Tools I recommend for creating Visual Content

I didn’t get to mention these tools in the presentation but they are all great for creating visuals!

1  Adobe Spark Post

A great tool for creating shareable graphics from a range of templates and also animated images too.  You can create on desktop or mobile and they have a great video creation tool as well, called Adobe Spark Video.

Find out more about Adobe Spark Post here.

2  Facebook Slideshow Tool

This is right on your newsfeed on your Facebook Page – check this tool out in this article that I wrote on my blog. It’s super easy to use and you can create a video in minutes using existing images. And of course, Facebook loves content created and posted on Facebook so you will get good reach too!

Facebook Slideshow – Create Quick Videos from Images
Image by Shutterstock

3  Ripl App

Ripl is a great tool for creating animated visuals – perfect for Facebook and Instagram.  You can add text to an image and animate it, or create an entire slideshow where you are adding text to each image (up to 8 images). Check it out here.  It’s on both Android and iPhone and is a mobile app.

4  Time Lapse Video – Hyperlapse by Instagram

Speeding up your video can be a cool effect and will get noticed.  Hyperlapse by Instagram is a great tool and some smart phones allow you to use this speed effect straight from your camera with video.

Time lapse can be used to speed up any footage – think of how you can use it to show an unboxing of a product, or a tour or showing behind the scenes. Get creative!  Here’s an article I wrote about Hyperlapse.

5  Flipagram

This is a great tool for creating simple video and image montages that you can upload to Facebook or Instagram. Check out this video from Cliniton at Ngurrangga Tours. He uses Flipagram well!


6  Pic Play Post

This is a great little app for mixing video with images in the one visual. You can do some really creative things with it – maybe a video of you talking in one box with images in the other – there are so many options. Check out some examples of how Pic Play Post works on their Instagram page here and check out their website here.


7  Relay

If you haven’t yet discovered Relay, it’s a great tool for automatically creating a whole series of images with minimal design skills required.  You can take it for a test run here with a free trial.
And you can find out more about Relay on the website here.



8 Live Streaming Tools

Take your pick – be it Periscope or Facebook’s new Live Video, Instagram live or Snapchat, live streaming tools are a great way to generate a lot of quality content – upload your content to YouTube, create native Facebook videos and help people to discover your business or your destination “virtually” before they actually come here (and after they have been to revisit!).

Find out more about Live video here.


And remember, that live streaming is not as scary as it sounds once you rip off the bandaid. If you want more information on Periscope (these tips are relevant to Facebook live too), check this out.

Other Sources of Inspiration

Instagram Inspiration

Remember that to see great examples of visual content, seek out the Instagram acounts for the design tools – namely Canva, Adobe Spark Post, Easil.

Canva Design School

This is Canva’s amazing tutorials – Just 5 minutes a day doing a tutorial or two will help you become savvy with designing visual content. Check out the tutorials here.

Have fun with visual storytelling!

Thanks again and have fun getting with visual content…and driving more traffic with great visuals. I hope you are inspired by the potential to create some deadly visuals in your business and for your region.

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That’s a wrap!  I hope to catch up with you again soon and I will look forward to seeing more of your visual storytelling, taking San Diego to the world and bringing as many of them back here as possible to experience this wonderful slice of heaven!

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