Remarkable Marketing – Zarraffa's Coffee

This is the first of a series of blog posts highlighting exceptional marketing strategies.  It may be via social media, online marketing or good old bricks-and-mortar offline marketing by a business on the corner of the street.  Whatever makes me turn my head to look at examples of savvy marketing and good old customer service will get a plug.

Free Coffee Cards from Zarraffa's Coffee
Zarraffas. You had me at the aroma of your coffee. Everything else was a bonus.

Today we feature Zarraffa's, who twice have impressed me with their concern for my experience in their coffee franchise.  

At Socially Sorted we believe in the concept of Value Marketing – where there are 3 keys to successful marketing.

  1. Know your Values (why you do what you do)
  2. Know the Values of your Clients (what inspires them and what problems can you solve for them)
  3. Provide Exceptional Value (how can you add massive value and exceptional experiences to make them feel special?).

Today's example of Remarkable Marketing happened at a Drive-Thru Coffee Shop recently opened on the Sunshine Coast.  And it reminded me of a previous experience with the same company, Zarraffa's Coffee, where I was also highly impressed.  Strangely enough, I could talk about many marketing strategies that they use that work well to sell coffee, but the one I want to talk about is how they use problems or mishaps to really showcase their customer service.

The first incident occurred about a year ago when their lovely Barista accidentally spilled some froth at the coffee machine (I say “froth” because it was barely milk, and such a small amount that she spilled)… but she immediately apologised profusely and handed me a card for a free coffee.  Awesome!  I was super impressed.  I even found myself saying to her “It's fine, don't worry.  I really don't mind!”

The second incident happened last night when on my way back home for the evening and I grabbed a coffee for myself and my husband from the drive through.  I was happily waiting, not thinking anything of it when the lovely lad in the 3rd window came to me (mid way through making my coffee) and said “I am really sorry for the wait, please accept these free coffees on me for next time”.  Not one card was handed to me…..but two!  I told him I was just happy to have a drive thru Zarraffa's to take advantage of.  He smiled and said again ” I am so sorry, we are a bit short staffed tonight but thanks for your patience”. And he gave me a huge smile.

I don't care if it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the front desk in a shop or practice or the Lad in the 3rd window of a Drive Thru Coffee Shop.  Customer Service and providing an exceptional experience (even when something goes wrong) makes me want to come back, and to tell my friends….. and bring them with me.

Well done Zarraffa's Coffee. You have definitely exceeded my expectations. Anyone for coffee?  I have two free ones!

What about you? Can you tell me a great customer service story that you have experienced recently? One that uses one or all of the 3 elements of “Value” Marketing?  Let's Share!

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Donna Moritz

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