5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories

Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories are a fun way for brands to engage with their audience in creative and engaging ways. In this post, we break down what they are, how Quiz Stickers work, and show you some fun ways brands are starting to use them to engage with their audience!

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Stickers, Stickers, Stickers. We all love Instagram Stickers. From GIF Stickers to Question Stickers to Poll Stickers and more… Instagram Stickers have become part of the fun and attraction of Instagram Stories.

So it was inevitable that Instagram would release a Quiz Sticker to add to the fun. Let's take a look at what all the fun is about!

What are Quiz Stickers on Instagram?

Quiz Stickers are an interactive way to connect with your audience on Instagram Stories. Think of it like the Trivia Night of Instagram Stories. It's all based on Trivia-style questions in a multiple-choice format.

As soon as somebody “votes” on your Quiz using Quiz Stickers they get instant feedback about their response:

Social Bakers Quiz Sticker - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
Social Bakers ask us to guess the Stickers they love!

If it's correct they'll get an immediate green response on their answer and a fun ticker-tape animation to celebrate. If it's incorrect, they will see their response marked in red and the correct answer highlighted. I like that it's all pretty immediate!

Note that when someone takes your Quiz they will see the choice that is leading for all responses at the top. This is updated if they happen to re-watch the Story while it's still live.

As the owner of the account, you'll see how many votes have been received on your Quiz, and how each person voted. That's handy intel when it comes to getting to know your followers!

So with this in mind, let's take a look at how to set up Instagram Story Quiz Stickers as well as how some savvy brands are using them creatively to engage with their audiences.

Let's jump in:

Getting Started with Quiz Stickers

To create a Quiz Sticker, all you need to do is:

Open up Instagram Stories, choose your photo or video as a background, then tap the Quiz Sticker button.

Searching for Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
Choose the ‘Quiz Sticker' to get started on your Quiz.

Name your Quiz – make it creative! Then write your Quiz question and add your custom “choices” for the viewers to choose from. You can add up to 4 possible responses. The minimum is 2 and the maximum is 4! Make sure you select the correct answer.

Add your choices to your Quiz Sticker - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
Add up to 4 different responses + select the answer

HOT TIP: You can customize the color for your Quiz! Tap the color wheel at the top of the screen to choose a different color that matches your background or your brand.

5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
Add your multiple-choice responses (between 2-4)

In the example above, I've set the correct answer. Yes, I can play the drums. I can actually juggle too, but I can drum better than I can juggle.

Now that you're finished, simply share your story as you normally would. Sit back and see how your followers answer your Quiz! Their correct answer will be highlighted in GREEN and incorrect in RED – with the correct answer being revealed to them.

To see your Quiz Sticker stats, simply swipe up and you'll see a list of viewers. You'll also see how each person responded to your Quiz which is cool! It's a great way to get to know your audience.

Now that you can see how to create a Quiz, let's take a look at how smart brands are using Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories.

5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories

Just like any of Instagram's Story Stickers, it's likely that Instagram's Quiz Sticker will remain popular with individuals, brands and businesses alike. There are so many ways to use it! Here are just a few:

1. Tourism Ireland – Test us!

Tourism Ireland held a Quiz about Irish Music and it was hard not to participate in this one! I became obsessed with Irish music – traditional and modern – while living there in the 90s!

The Quiz starts with a simple question to challenge us:

Tourism Ireland Quiz on Instagram Stories - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories

Next comes the Quiz Sticker Questions to test my knowledge.

Tourism Ireland Quiz Sticker on Instagram Stories
Oops, I got my Pogues and Dubliners mixed up!

This was followed up with 5 more questions. It's pretty hard not to continue once you start engaging! It's a good thing my knowledge of modern Irish music is a little better than my trad music knowledge…

Responses to Tourism Ireland's Quiz Sticker

And 2nd time lucky I got my Pogues and Dubliners the right way around!

Music Quiz on Instagram Stories - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
Nailed it!

And to finish off all the fun, Tourism Ireland added a call to action after the quiz. To share any Instagram Story, you simply click the aeroplane symbol and choose the person you want to share it with (from your contacts).

Call to Action for Quiz Sticker by Tourism Ireland
Add a call to action to share your Quiz!

2. General Electric – Educate us!

If you've been a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I LOVE General Electric (GE) and their savvy marketing.

Whenever I want to see if a social tool or strategy is worth checking out, I often visit the GE social social platforms to see what they're doing. Especially Instagram. They experiment often and try new things. So it was no surprise to see that GE is using Instagram Story Quiz Stickers.

Here's an example, where they ask us to guess what we're seeing in a picture. I considered Waffle Maker, but went with the supersonic gyroscope as it sounds more science-y:

GE Quiz Sticker on Instagram stories - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
General Electric ask us to guess what we're looking at!

I was wrong but at least I learned something – which is the whole point! GE are using Quiz Stickers to not only engage but to educate their audience, in fun ways:

5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
It's a heat exchanger, but wait, there's more…

After the reveal, GE goes on to share more about the Heat Exchanger:

General Electric Quiz Sticker
It's pretty, isn't it?

And they follow it up with a fun fact:

GE Quiz Stickers
Engage then educate with fun facts!

I am sure you agree that this is a great way to expand on the results of a Quick Sticker on Instagram! Watch GE's account to see more examples.

3. Le Mas Candille – Share with us!

Le Mas Candille is a stunning 45-room, 5-star luxury boutique hotel in France, in the village of Mougins – between Cannes and Nice.

I haven't actually had the pleasure of staying there… yet. But it's on my bucket list. Don't you want to add it to your bucket list with a poolside view like this, set on 8 acres overlooking the village?

La Mas Candille Instagram Stories  - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
Hint: La Pergola is a poolside restaurant ;o)

I should mention that, aside from the poolside restaurant, there is another restaurant at the hotel. It's a multiple-Michelin-starred restaurant called Le Candille. So when I saw a Quiz pop up on the Le Mas Candille Instagram Account, it caught my attention.

Can you guess the owner's favourite dish at Le Mas Candille?

Le Mas Candille Quiz Sticker - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories

I went with the Macaron du jour … but the winner was Café gourmand. It's an espresso with a selection of tiny pastries and sweets. This espresso-loving, dessert-loving girl just advanced this hotel to a higher level on my bucket list!

Le Mas Candille Instagram Story Quiz Sticker - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories

Le Mas Candille is using the Quiz Sticker really well. While showcasing some of their exceptional dishes in this way, they are also connecting with their audience, by sharing something about their team. It's less about promotion and more about connection.

If you eat, stay or play at Le Candille after reading this, let me know so that I can be envious. And say hi to the Owner, Tina. She's a great lady.

4. Frank Body – Highlight Product Features

Frank Body is an Aussie company that sells organic body scrubs made from coffee grounds. They have a huge following on Instagram because the account is so engaging. They use a lot of User Generated Content as fans love to post images of themselves using and wearing the coffee scrub.

“Frank” is a persona – the ‘coffee scrub' IS Frank. So most of the time you are hearing from ‘Frank' himself on Instagram and Instagram Stories as the voice of Frank Body. Just like this:

Frank Body Scrub Instagram Story Quiz Sticker
Frank asks if we know what he's made of ;o)

Frank asks us if we know what he's made of! True fans and customers will know this answer.

Frank Body Quiz Sticker - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
It's a ticker-tape celebration.

It wasn't a difficult question if you know about Frank Body's scrubs. By talking about product features in this way, Frank Body can get their customers (or even potential customers) to talk to them.

And they take it a little further and have more fun with our product knowledge:

Frank Body Quiz Sticker - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories

Frank Body's team can easily take this a step further. They could look at the stats to find the people who voted and then DM them to engage or offer a product code. There's a lot of opportunity with Quiz Stickers!

I also spotted the Dry Bar doing a similar thing. They are using product feature quiz questions in their Instagram Story Quiz Stickers. Here's an example:

Dry Bar Product Quiz - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
How well do you know your Dry Bar products?

5. Visit San Diego – Add Quiz Stickers to UGC

Visit San Diego do a great job of sharing User Generated Content (UGC) on their Instagram feed and Instagram Stories.

Every Friday they share a series of Instagram Story posts that have been tagged or geo-tagged by fans. It's called Fan Foto Friday:

Fan Foto Friday at Visit San Diego - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
Visit San Diego has posted Fan Foto Friday for years…

And now they're incorporating Instagram Story Quiz Stickers into their Fan Foto Friday feature – like this example:

Visit San Diego Quiz Sticker with UGC - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
Extend your UGC with an Instagram Story Quiz Sticker!

It's San Diego Zoo by the way ;o)

Adding Quiz Stickers to UGC provides another level of connection and engagement with the audience. It can be used for educational purposes too!

Other Ways to Use Instagram's Quiz Stickers on Stories:

  • Find out how well your fans know you, your team or your brand by asking them questions that only a true fan will know!
  • Ask location-based questions for fans such as: What should we choose for the the featured dish of the week? What's our latest 2 for 1 offer? List alternatives on your quiz. You'll get to interact with your audience while sharing your latest promotion.
  • Make it interesting by offering a deal or coupon to those that answer correctly! Announce it as a mini-competition and say that you'll DM them the code if they guess correctly! Or just surprise them.
  • Use a quiz as a way of leading into a reveal or an image. After somebody participates in a quiz, show them the “thing” you were asking about. Show it with an image or video. The Quiz becomes a teaser while encouraging interaction.

And if you're stuck for ideas, Instagram also suggest some basic Quiz Sticker prompts for you.

Quiz Sticker Suggestions from Instagram Stories - 5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories

Tap the “dice” at the bottom of the sticker and you'll receive random prompt suggestions like these:

  • If I were a musician, I'd be…
  • What makes me happiest?
  • Guess my favourite ice-cream …
  • What's my biggest fear?
  • If I were a celebrity, I'd be…
  • Only one of these is true…

I'm sure you can come up with more creative ideas than these, but they are handy if you're stuck trying to think of a direction for your Quiz Sticker.

As you can see from the brand examples above, there's plenty of ways to go when it comes to GIF Stickers on Instagram Stories. You're only limited by your imagination.

Over to You

Have you tried Instagram Story Quiz Stickers? Let me know in the comments below.

5 Fun Ways to Use Quiz Stickers on Instagram Stories
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