Our Infographics get Shared and Drive Traffic.

Thousands of times.  On major blogs around the world.

They get pinned. Liked. Talked about.  Our infographics have been featured at Amy,, Forbes, Young Entrepreneur, Hubspot, AllTwitter, Media Bistro and Michael Hyatt – and many more top social media and business sites, including the home page of SlideShare.

Here are a few examples:

A collage of Infographics by Socially Sorted

If you want to showcase your story, or launch your product or book, or establish yourself as an expert authority in your industry, then talk to our team.  We work with you to storyboard and design an infographic that:

  • showcases your brand/blog/business message and story in an exciting way
  • gets shared thousands of times across multiple social media platforms
  • is shared on other blogs by peers in your industry
  • drives qualified traffic back to your website/blog/podcast/website
  • establishes you as an expert authority in your niche….then talk to Donna and her team today!

Testimonial by Mauro D'Andrea for Donna MoritzOver 1500 shares all over the web (and counting), and dozens of backlinks, including ones from authority sites.

“Finding someone who could make a great infographic without asking an absurd price was very hard – luckily I found Donna's website Socially Sorted.  Donna has been a very approachable person, and I totally loved working with her. She listened to all my requests and gave me a lot of helpful feedback. The finished infographic was amazing, the design was just perfect. Donna offered her help for sharing the infographic and it was great.  The infographic results? Over 1500 shares all over the web (and counting), and dozens of backlinks, including ones from authority sites.  I think she offers the best infographic service that I ever seen, and for sure when I want another phenomenal infographic I have no doubt that I'll call her”

– Mauro D'Andrea  – Founder and Blogger at Blog Growth & leading SlideShare Expert

Our Designs:

The Shift to Visual Social Media [Infographic] was originally posted here and was featured as a guest post on where Donna is a contributing author. This is an example of a more traditional style infographic, which includes references and statistics as well as information in a visual format.


Photograph Amy Porterfield

Infographics get shared by Top Bloggers.  

“Donna! You are the Ultimate Visual Marketer”.

– Amy Porterfield, Co-Author Facebook  Marketing All-in One for Dummies 

The 10 Commandments of Pinterest for Business [Infographic] caused quite a stir – not just because it was an eye-catching and useful graphic – but because it was one of the first “infographic” style images to be part of a larger mini-training blog post.It has since become one of the most popular posts on Amy Porterfield's site – almost 5,000 shares on Pinterest alone directly from the article and thousands more from re-pins.

Shared tens of thousands of times across Twitter, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn and Facebook, it is the perfect example of how a blog post that features an infographic drives traffic to your website.  Re-blogged on, HubSpot, Jeff Bullas and many other major sites, this infographic was where it all started for our team at Socially Sorted (and it will always be our favourite!).

The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business by
The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business – (as featured on

We worked with Melonie Dodaro from Top Dog Social Media to produce two infographics that were featured as part of blog posts.  Shared thousands of times, these infographics have been an integral part of Melonie's branding strategy and have helped consolidate her reputation as an expert authority on LinkedIn.

Photograph of Melonie Dodaro (testimonial for Donna Moritz)

They continue to drive “a significant amount of ongoing traffic”

Earlier this year we decided to implement more visual marketing for our company and I turned to Donna from Social Sorted to help with this. Donna's team were amazing to work with, very creative and they helped us to create our first two infographics. Both were a huge success getting thousands of shares in their first week. In fact they continue many months later to be responsible for a very significant amount of ongoing traffic to our website. 

Donna walked me through the process from initial thought right to completion including help with promoting them. She was absolutely wonderful to work with and her creative team did a fabulous job! I would not hesitate to recommend her for anyone wanting to add a visual component to your marketing.

– Melonie Dodaro “Canada's No 1 LinkedIn Expert” and founder of Top Dog Social Media.

Hot to Create a Kick Ass LinkedIn Profile - Socially Sorted
Click on the image to view full-size infographic

The above infographic was followed up with a second infographic focusing on engagement on LinkedIn:

Click on the image to view full-size infographic.

The following infographic, The Science of Pricing – was re-blogged on some top blogs, including (South Africa) and Kissmetrics.  It has also been shared thousands of times across LinkedIn and Pinterest:

The Science of Pricing [Infographic of the Week]
Click on the image to view full-size infographic

Working with our team to create an infographic is more than just designing a pretty picture. We create all genres of infographics including:

        • traditional (including statistics and references
        • blog-graphicss (tell a story)
        • instruct-o-graphics (“how-to” images).

Our infographics are designed by a team committed to telling a story in pictures (and words).  It is not just about the images. It is about the story, the inspiration it brings, the information it shares and the problems it solves.  It is about how that story is shared with the people that need to see it.  There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a well executed infographic in order for it to be seen worldwide.  Our results speak for themselves, with our infographics driving thousands of shares and dedicated traffic back to the websites of our clients.

Our packages include copywriting, styling and storyboarding advice as well as the design work from our uber-talented designers (with a choice of styles). The bonus? We also work with you to help syndicate your finished product, providing tips, contacts and advice for getting your infographic seen, featured and shared!  

Talk to us today about getting more exposure, reach and results for your business, blog or product with an infographic created by the team at: 

Socially Sorted - Bird and PostIt Note - Logo You can contact Donna and her team by using the contact form here or emailing her:  donna at sociallysorted dot   We can't wait to hear from you!