10 Hottest Pinterest Travel Trends You Need to Know for Marketing

If your business is related to tourism or travel then you need to know these Pinterest Travel Trends to boost your marketing!  After all, who knows the travel trends we are talking about, searching for and taking action on… better than Pinterest?

This post breaks down the Pinterest Travel Trends for 2018 including Pinterest's infographic – with tips for how you can leverage these trends in your marketing! 

10 Hottest Pinterest Travel Trends You Need to Know for Marketing
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There's no denying that travel is booming and people who love to travel are often active pinners on Pinterest.

This means that when Pinterest releases a Travel Trends Report and infographic, we should sit up and listen.

This post breaks down all the Pinterest travel trends for 2018 so you can get the inside knowledge on where people are deciding to travel next!

As Pinterest says:

Pinterest helps people decide on their next adventure.

So if you are a restaurant owner, tour company, travel company or even a travel or lifestyle blogger… you'll want to read this post and listen to Pinterest!

Why is Pinterest so important?

Pinterest is a search engine, first and foremost.  So people are using it to research and plan their trips.

If your business can benefit from these searches, then it's important that they can find you on Pinterest!

If you want to find out more about getting started on Pinterest, then check out this post. Or you can also read this overview of how Pinterest traffic works and why you need to consider it in your marketing kit-bag.

Now let's jump into the stats (and what you need to know for marketing around these Pinterest travel trends!).

A few Stats about Travel and Pinterest

Here are a few key stats outlined on the infographic below from Pinterest.

  • 3 in 4 travel Pinners say that travel Pins from brands are useful – and nearly all of them will act on what they see, often booking an unplanned trip. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • 40+ million people in the US are on Pinterest every month looking for travel ideas.  That's a lot of people that can potentially find your content! 
  • 49% of US travellers who spend $1,000 or more on travel are on Pinterest.  Let alone the rest of the world too! 
  • Pinterest reaches almost 2x more online travelers than top online travel agency sites.

I think we can agree that if you are looking for customers who travel, then you should be looking to use Pinterest in your marketing!

Here are the 10 Hottest Pinterest Travel Trends all wrapped up in an infographic from Pinterest. Make sure you keep scrolling as I will break them all down and add some tips for how you can use them in your marketing (in no particular order!)

Pinterest Travel Trends Infographic

Here's the full infographic (you can read the original article here). Warning:  This will bring out some major wanderlust vibes.

10 Hottest Pinterest Travel Trends You Need to Know for Marketing - Have you Tried these Pinterest Marketing Tips for Tourism?
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Image from Pinterest – Read the full article here


10 Hottest Pinterest Travel Trends

Some of these Pinterest travel trends are definitely bringing back major memories for me, and reminding me of a few bucket list items still to come!

Pinterest has split the travel trends up into 3 categories:

Where to Go?

Solo Adventures

As a former backpacker who spent a couple of years travelling the world and occasionally (mainly because I kept meeting people to travel with) traveling solo, I can say that this puts a smile on my face.

As Pinterest points out in the infographic below, Solo Adventures have had a 593% increase – as travelers are hitting the road without family, friends or significant others.  And the benefit is that you meet a lot of friends on the way!  

Filming Locations

Locations for popular movies and television shows like Game of Thrones are making cameos on traveler's itineraries according to Pinterest.

There's been a 194% surge in popularity in locations that have a movie or TV show attached to them.

Train Travel

Train travel is up 167% and trending as a way to cover more ground between stops. And it often provides a glimpse into rural life. Winning!

Sightseeing Stopovers

As Pinterest points out, sightseeing stopovers are a popular way to get more mileage out of a work or family trip – so travellers are building these into their itineraries so they can explore cities while there on business.

Sightseeing Stopovers are up 90%…  I wrote about the benefits of mixing work with family travel here

Apparently we are also into small towns (up 94%), secret spots (up 83%) and going off the beaten track to find local culture… Oh and we like eco-hotels too (up 125%).

How to get there?

River Cruises

River cruises promise stops in multiple ancient towns with minimal packing and unpacking according to Pinterest. Great point!  And they've increased by 346% in popularity!

Bike Tours

With an increase in 142%, Bike Tours combine high endurance fitness with the opportunity to see new terrain.

Train Travel

Up again for this transport category, train travel is definitely trending as a way to get out of the city and explore the countryside, according to Pinterest. And it's up 136% because of it.


What to do?

Surf Classes

At a 260% increase, we want to learn to surf! “Pinners can refine their hang ten and get schooled by locals on hidden gems to explore” according to Pinterest. Surf's up by 260%…!!!

Restaurant Guides

Up 207%, Restaurant guides give foodie Pinners all the right spots to plot out their travel itineraries. Here's an example Pin.  Yep. We plan our holidays around our food.  

Cooking Classes

Guess what?  Cooking Classes are STILL hot but what is REALLY hot is Food Photography Workshops (at an increase of 207%).  This provides culinary-obsessed travelers with a chance to develop skills beyond the skillet.

As Pinterest says:

“Pinners want your travel ideas. Be there when people are deciding where to go next” – Pinterest.


Travel Trends Tips for Marketers

If you want to be found by traveler's then try some of these tips. More tips can be found in Pinterest's Possibilities Planner which is packed with useful information for businesses in tourism.

  1. Think well ahead when planning marketing activities for travelers that might be looking for your destination.  Pinterest state that people start looking on Pinterest well before they do on other platforms – in fact twice as early according to Pinterest!  Be there to be found!
  2. Offer special deals for solo travellers on meals or tours.  Hold meet ups for solo travellers in your restaurant, cafe or club!
  3. Have tall, attractive images on your site, that are highly shareable.
  4. Don't forget to pin regularly and consistently from your own site.  Pinterest says that the most important content is the fresh, new content that is pinned from the owner's website.
  5. Plan ahead for events. For example Pinners will start showing interest in 4th July as early as March and Easter as early as January.  Use this handy Planner from Pinterest to plan ahead.
  6. Team up with other suppliers and businesses to give travellers a great experience (and more chance of them finding you).  A tour could hook up with a cooking school… reach out to other businesses in your local area that you can partner with. Have an online tourism business? Think the same way – there will be other companies in your space that cater to the same target market. Team up to provide irresistible packages .. and promote them on Pinterest!
  7. Add clear, catchy titles as text overlays to your images – so that when Pinners spot your image on Pinterest, they get some immediate context and are intrigued enough to click on your image and check out the pin.
  8. Focus on beautiful, engaging images that will catch attention on Pinterest.  Try some of these tips.
  9. Use hashtags and keyword-rich, detailed descriptions as outlined in this post.  Remember Pinterest is more a search engine than a social media platform. Leverage the tools that help Pinners to find you!

Over to You

Excited about these Hot Pinterest Travel Trends?  Any that you are seeing/not seeing/will be taking advantage of? 

10 Hottest Pinterest Travel Trends You Need to Know for Marketing - Read about the hottest travel trends on Pinterest with a handy Infographic from Pinterest (includes links to Pinterest's full travel trends report for 2018)
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Aerial Sea Landscape by Shutterstock
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