• Great tips! I for one need to focus more on strategies like this and really optimizing my images for different channels instead of sticking up one basic one. Great way to get more views and engagement.

    • Thanks Ben – yes I think it is a quick way to liven up a post and grab attention – and it’s fun, like a sneak preview. Have fun with it!

  • Thanks Donna. Great article and brilliant examples. Got me thinking……

    • Awesome – that’s the idea – have fun with it!

  • Thanks, Donna! Just found your article at Inbound and upvoted it!

    I didn’t know about this multi-image feature and I clearly see how useful it is based on the examples that you have outlined here! 🙂

    • Awesome Tim – glad you liked it – and I checked out Inbound and it looks great. Good community?

  • Thanks! Going to see what kind of Facebook engagement I get with multi-image posts!

    • Cool – will be interesting to hear how you go!

  • Great first run! I did an exercise collage at a playground that engaged more than usual, and subsequently reached 226 people instead of my average photo post of about 20. Not bad!!

  • I really like #1.. it’s a good idea and I believe it’s very effective. If all are great pictures, there’ll be a sea of clicks and traffic. On our scheduled post later this month, we’ll start using that style. 🙂

  • Steve Bright

    I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this question, but can someone tell me how to create a multiple image post that’s formatted like the Social Media Examiner in this post (where the main image appears across the top and 3 thumbnail images appear across the bottom)? When I tried to experiment with this, it gave me four images of the same size, just like the GE & Sparkling Fruit Juice examples. Does FB arrange the images according to the size of the images that are uploaded?

  • As always, a fabulous post that’s useful, interesting and inspiring 🙂 I’m behind as usual, but my 2 cents on this subject (posting for sharing) is to just keep it simple. Create something that you’d love to share if it was shown to you. Of course, not everything has to be shared, but its pretty awesome when they do! I’m always grateful for any little interaction from my fans and customers – its always such a groovy feeling to make them smile!