• Great article! I enjoyed the visual journey while reading it. I am full of ideas on how to be more image driven for B2C. This is great help!

    • Great Hitesh – yes definitely these guys all have some great tips for B2C!

  • Enjoyed every bit of your article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

    • Awesome Lily! Stay tuned, there is a slideshare of this post coming too!

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    I love articles where different people share their ideas. Looks like social media is becoming more visual, lot’s of platforms and ideas to choose from… so some guidance from the top guys is always appreciated 🙂

    • Thanks Alex – I knew these guys would pull out their magic tricks and they over-delivered for sure. Glad you found it useful… their tips can be applied to any business now matter how big!

  • Really comprehensive article and the explanation is so great!

    • Thanks Renzo – yes they definitely gave some great tips!

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    Wowza – that is one amazing post Donna! The amount of information shared here is invaluable. I follow all of these people across social and can attest to how “magical” they make every post, tweet and image — and that goes double for you!

    • Thank YOU for contributing and spilling your secrets. I am so glad you follow Tourism Queensland too – they are awesome and it is my current home state. You will have to visit one day!

  • Ravi Shukle

    Great article Donna, some great tips here from the Pros. I would also add ” think outside the box”. It may sound obvious but if you were sharing a post about “tools” is doesn’t mean you only have to include pics of tools. Thinking outside the box to grab users attention can also be a great way to attract those all important clicks to your content and have some fun with the visuals at the same time.

    • Thanks Ravi! These guys are all pretty awesome and they gave their best tricks away. Funny you should say think outside the box, I had that as a slide in my webinar last week, though I did encourage them to smash it and throw it away too haha. So yes, I definitely agree with that one!

  • Completely wowed by this post! Pure value right there!
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    • You are very welcome Anna – my 8 guests did all the work – and they gave me their secrets! And they are all so good at what they do. Glad you enjoyed it!

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        • Hi – I think that one is Fancier Author Box (you can find it in WordPress Plugin search) ;o)

  • Great article Donna. Now that Google+ has announced that images and pics will become separate asset on the social platform, how we handle and use images will become more important that ever. Great timing on your part!

    • Thanks – I am not sure I am sold on them separating it out yet… seems that it’s another “place” to visit, just as I was loving Google+ and how visual it was… I guess we will just all gravitate to the pictures thread.

      PS what’s with the image?

  • Excellent post, Donna! Kristin, I loved your tips, especially “don’t be boring”!

    • Thanks so much Kimberly – glad you liked it! Yes, “don’t be boring” – I love it too – there are so many B2B companies out there doing boring content in a non boring way that we have no excuses now!

  • Nicole Desourdis

    I really enjoyed reading all of the tips and tricks! In a nutshell, it’s just like you said, “Don’t be boring”, and my motto is to try to be humorous, in a tasteful way, of course, because everyone loves a good laugh. The meme of the camel is exactly on target with what I’m talking about. Good quality images goes hand in hand with that. Even on my facebook page, my posts where I’ve written something funny doesn’t compare in number of “likes” to when I’ve used a photo and captioned it. Great article!

    • Thanks Nicole – glad you liked it…yes memes done well can be awesome!

    • thanks nicole…

  • Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

  • Wowza – that is one amazing post Donna! The amount of information shared here is invaluable.

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    Donna, it’s an excellent article All points of visual content and social media strategy customized well here. Very helpful and interesting topic.

    • Cheers! Glad you found it useful! I have to ask… is that your name, as it contains two places that are on my bucket list for travel and I am just wondering if it is a business name for Broome and the Kimberley region in Western Australia. I’m dying to get to both haha.

  • Donna, this is a great article, all the points of visual content and social media strategy have been adapted here. Very useful and interesting topics