• Another incredibly thorough and helpful post Donna – thank you. You’ve inspired me (yet again following an awesome two weeks with you on your #visualchallenge). I’ve only just started interviewing great guests on my Women In Leadership podcast and am creating graphics for the show notes. So, once I have a collection of interviews under the belt (so-to-speak), I’ll compile quotes from my guests – on certain topics – such as building confidence, winning negotiations, overcoming conflict, etc – and create a slide-deck for each theme/topic, along with who said it. I think that would work well. Anyway, I’m bookmarking this post and will let all of your suggestions continue to percolate. Thanks again, Donna!

    • Hey Annemarie – that’s a great idea. I think the best-of quotes under different categories is perfectly suited for SlideShare! And once you do one of them the others will get easier. Remember too, other than creating your own you can also use a designer but be smart about it – ie get them to design a template that can be modified for the titles, header and body slides – so that way you can still create a lot of the content but you have a good base on which to work. So you have a lot of options right dow to creating the slides yourself with Canva or Haiku Deck etc. Good luck with it!

  • Miranda Ivey

    Love this post Donna! I hadn’t thought of using Canva for presentations but seeing as we’re presenting a webinar this week I am going to check it out. I think we’ll definitely be using Slideshare for our Facebook Ads opt-in as well. Thank you!

    • Thanks Miranda – that sounds like an excellent plan! Good luck with your webinar!

  • Great post Donna. I uploaded 1 presso a few years ago but haven’t shared anything since then! You’ve inspired me to get involved again! (and @miranda_ivey:disqus is super-keen to get involved now too!)

    • Enjoy! It takes a bit more effort but well worth it for key pieces of content!

  • deborahhartserafini

    This is perfect timing for me! I’m going to make one on visual content for online sellers! Plus I used Wisestamp right away! Love it!

    • Awesome – glad you are jumping in to SlideShare! …. and Wisestamp rocks (I presume you got that tip from my newsletter – I love sharing my favourite finds!).

  • Amanda Nel

    I must confess, I have only today learned of you through a post round up by Pauline Cabrera of Twelveskip! I just have this ‘thing’ not to do a visual with me in it and this is what I envisioned doing – now I know how! SlideShare should pay you because you have sold this to me!

    • ha ha thanks Amanda – Pauline is great. SlideShare has a great team and it’s a fun platform. Enjoy playing with it!

  • Carl Ramallo

    Hi There Donna,

    I really enjoyed the info here on SlideShare- awesome tips. Many Thanks for the share.

  • Anastasiia Gubarenko

    Much appreciated, dear Donna!

    I’ve discovered the SlideShare afresh thanks to your article! ~ Much inspiration to you!

  • I uploaded a pdf to slideshare, and the text appeared backwards and also back to front…has anyone else experienced this?

    • Hi Nick – I haven’t had a glitch for ages but usually if that happens there is a glitch. I would re-upload the file and see if that works. If not then go and re-save your pdf in case it is at the pdf level, then re-upload again. Hope that works. It happens rarely but it can happen and usually it will fix with a re-save or re-upload or both.