How to Use Facebook Location-Based Marketing [Offers]

Have you tried Facebook Offers Yet?  

Facebook Offers are a free way to receive discounts from businesses, brands and organisations.  For Local Businesses, this little Facebook Product is proving to be a winner, performing well against Ads and Promoted Posts.

Find out how your Business can use Offers to easily attract leads and drive conversions and sales in your business. This is Part 3 of our Facebook Location-Based Marketing Series.

Facebook Offers

This is the 3rd in our Facebook Location-Based Marketing Series. The 1st post about Facebook Check-Ins and 2nd post about Facebook Nearby might interest  you too!

Did you know that 42 Million users claimed Facebook Offers in the 4th Quarter of 2012 according to Facebook's Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg?

That's huge.

So What are Offers and How Do They Work? 

Let's hand it over to Joyce from Facebook to explain how Offers Work in this simple video. This is Joyce, over on the right, by the way.

Facebook Offers Video

As Joyce says:

  • When you like the pages of businesses you care about, you will see their updates, including their Offers in the newsfeed.
  • To redeem an offer, click “Get Offer” below the Offer's headline.

How to Use Facebook Location-Based Marketing [Nearby]

Tweet This:  #1 Reason to Love Facebook Offers?  They Show Up in the Newsfeed of Users.

  • Facebook will send an email to the main email address associated with your account (containing a link to the Offer). Or if you have multiple email addresses, the one that you choose when you claim the offer.
  • You can also redeem offers from your mobile phone. Make sure you open this email. It will include important details and will be the key to redeeming this offer.

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 4.27.30 PM

  • Bring the email to the business and show it to the staff to redeem it. You can do this by either pulling it up on your mobile device or printing it out.

Tweet This:  #2 Reason to Love Facebook Offers?  Users see them on a mobile phone.

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 4.27.46 PM

  • Remember that liking a business', organisation's or brand's page is the best way to see the offers that they are posting. So go on and connect with all those pages today to make sure you are in the loop!

Thanks Joyce!  For more information about how Offers works, visit this link.

Yeah, you might say, this is all lovely as a Facebook user, Donna.  But what does it mean for my Local Business?  

Let's take a look.

3 Reasons to Use Facebook Offers in Your Local Business:  
1.  Facebook Offers are Easy to Set Up

Unlike traditional ads, Facebook Offers are set up from right within your Newsfeed. Easy. No pesky Ad Dashboard to bother with. As long as you have an account set up with Facebook, you can create an offer.

  • Offers are capped-spend. This means you can set the amount you wish to spend over a set period of time. Easy.  An Offer Starts with a minimum spend of $5 or $10 per Offer, but you also have the option to promote the deal and reach a larger audience, drive interest and sales for your business.
  • Offers can be set up exactly how you want to set them up – you are in control of how long they run for, what the conditions are, how they are redeemed (in store, online or over the phone).
  • You can create the conditions and terms and you can control both the expiry date and the target audience.  Amy Porterfield said it right when she pointed out that Facebook Offers can be “hyper-targeted” to ensure that Facebook Users who have a genuine interest in your business will see them.

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How Do You Set Up Your Offer? 

It's pretty simple really. Here are some steps to get you started, but once you get going it is really a matter of following the prompts.  Start by going to your Status Update and clicking on Offer, Event+  as shown below…
Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 5.54.44 PM

Choose Offer.

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 5.54.55 PM

Choose your preference for redemption based on how potential clients will present the offer claim to your business:

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 5.55.02 PM

Enter your web link and/or redemption code:

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 5.56.25 PM

  • Enter an Image and Description (you have 90 characters to describe your offer).
  • Complete the Terms and Conditions – be specific and comply with any local competition/promotion/daily deal regulations.  Be clear about your Terms to avoid confusion later.
  • Enter the Expiry Date
  • Limit the number of claims (ie enter a numerical value)
  • Preview your Offer (an email containing the Offer Preview will be sent to your nominated email.

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 5.56.48 PM


Tweet This:  #4 Reason to Love Facebook Offers? Stores can now include a Barcode for Scanning!

From here you can set your budget, target your Offer to specific groups by gender, relationship, education, age, location, language etc.

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 11.24.38 PM

All that is left to do now is Share your Offer (and don't forget to track it to see how it performs!)

2.  Facebook Offers Show up in the Newsfeed

By showing up in the newsfeed, users are more likely to see your offer than in the right hand column where the regular ads sit.  This means more engagement as they are more “visible” and less likely to be missed by the people who want to see them.  This also means that…

3.  Facebook Offers are Mobile

Facebook Offers show up in the Newsfeed, which means they show up on Mobile Phones.

  • Unlike Facebook Ads which are only seen on Desktops, Facebook Offers allow you to reach more people. Remember that more than 600 million monthly users are on mobile. 600 million!  That's massive!
  • Offers now include barcodes – which means that Local Businesses can upload a barcode as part of the offer.  Users love it as they just have to hold up their email voucher or mobile with barcode for a simple scan.
  • Offers don't discriminate. They work for online and offline businesses or those with a mix of both.  If you are a location-based “local” business you can have the person redeem instore (with the barcode function or a simple view of the email on their mobile to redeem). You can also have them redeem by code online via your website.  Flexible. Effective. Fun.
4.  Facebook Offers help to build your list. 

Let's go back to Joyce from Facebook for a moment. Remember what she said?  Facebook will send an email to the main email address associated with your account. Email.  Repeat. Email.  This means that your Offer is in the email inbox (not some random social media feed) of the user. Having your business land in anyone's email inbox these days is a valued commodity!  Do you understand why Offers are exciting, yet?

Tweet This:  #5 Reason to Love Facebook Offers? An Email is Sent Directly to the User.  

  • When the user opens their email, they can be directed to a link on your website or another landing/sales/opt-in page from the Offer to have them claim it.
  • There is an option to have them enter name and email in order to redeem an offer of some sort – another opportunity to build your list!
  • Offers can be used to redeem goods or services – or set up to direct to an opt-in for a download, or registration to a webinar or event.   It could be a “buy now” scenario or the start of a video series leading up to an event or product launch.  An Offer can now be part of your sales funnel or sales “conversation”.   Be creative – you can use Offers for a whole range of purposes – all of which can build your list!
Facebook Offers Monique Parker
Savvy Marketing Coach, Monique Parker used Facebook Offers to build her list via an upcoming virtual workshop! How can you creatively use an opt-in offer?

The thing to remember from all this?   In October Facebook said that the majority of users who claim an Offer on the social network do so after hearing about it from their friends! That's huge. It means that the benefit does not stop with the initial “claim”.  That claim is seen by friends of the person who redeems an offer and the promotion can then become viral in nature being shared from one person to the next.  Think about it.

One person claims it.

His friend sees it.

His friend thinks “I want what he's having”

His friend claims the Offer too.

And so on it goes.

Tweet This : #6 Reason to Love Facebook Offers? Friends of Friends See It! Shareable & Viral. 

Do you think you like the sound of Offers yet?  I want to hear from the small businesses out there – be you online or offline. Have you tried Offers? Will you try them now? Have you used them to build your list, attract people to an event, come into your store, buy something online? Let's share!  

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