How to Follow the Most Important People on Twitter for your Business


Who are the most influential and important people for you to follow on Twitter?  Which Twitter Followers will have the biggest impact on you?  

How to Follow the Most Important People on Twitter for your Business
Light Bulb Moment. The Most Powerful People on Twitter may not be the ones that you actually need to follow. The Engaged People are!

The answer might surprise you. And no, it's not @BarackObama, @justinbeiber or @ladygaga.

In this post, you'll learn how to quickly identify the people on Twitter who will have the biggest influence on your business, products and services.  And they are much easier to find than you think!

The most important people to follow on Twitter for you and your business, are not necessarily the ones with the biggest following or the most “global” influence.  They are the ones that engage with you, like your content, respond to your Tweets and genuinely show some interest.

The people that engage with you may not be famous (or maybe they are!). They may not have 1,000,000's of followers.  They may not even be experts in your field. But they are the most important people to follow up with on Twitter.  They are quite possibly your “ideal client” because they are already warmed up to your content.

Here is how you find them:

  1. Set up a Twitter List for your VIPs.  To find LISTS on your Twitter account, look below your Profile picture and click on “Lists”. Then click on “Create List” to set up a new List.

    How to Set Up Lists on Twitter
    Under your profile, click on LISTS and CREATE LISTS to start a new list.
  2. Give your list a great name to describe the people on the list. Remember that the List Name should pay them some sort of compliment. Include something about them being engaging, interesting, or generous with their retweeting of content.  There are many reasons why you will follow them.  And remember, that you can change your List Title later, should you choose to. My list for this purpose at Socially Sorted is as follows:
  1. Add people to the list!  The best people to add to the list are those who:   
    • Indicate that they want more content from you
    • Retweet your content
    • Give great feedback or engage with you
    • Show interest in your products or services
    • Ask for more info or content from you
    • Comment on your blog posts
    • Share on any social media platforms (engaging with you) including Facebook
    • Answer your questions
    • Add your Tweets to their Favourites
    • Add you to a Follow Friday Tweet (and engage with you)
    • Add you to one of their Lists

All of these scenarios involve the other person making extra effort on Twitter – following you is not really enough to make it to this special list.  Yes, by all means, keep separate lists for people that are great bloggers, clients, local businesses, experts in your field, or people you want to connect with. But this List is for your VIPs.  People who have already made a connection.  They have to show some extra interest or engagement to make it to your VIP list.  Because you are going to refer to this list often!

Twitter Followers - Brian Murray example
I love the Simplicity of this List. If you Talk to Brian Murray @BTMurr (@likeablemedia) you get added to his VIP/Engagers List.

Please Note:  You will find that many of the people that you add to this list, will most likely have similar interests or businesses to yours.  It just seems to work out that way, because like-minded people tend to find each other on Twitter.  And if they are retweeting your content, chances are they already like what you like…and what you post about.

How to use your List of VIP Engagers. 

  • Thank them publicly for their support, and Tweet out about them to other followers.
  • When you have content that these people will like, let them know. They could become your raving, referring brand advocates, so engage in conversation with them.
  • Ask their opinion. If you are developing a product or service, ask for their input.
  • Retweet their blog posts or content.
  • Add them to other relevant Lists.
  • Ask them questions about their lives and businesses – if they have engaged with you, engage back.
  • Find them on other social media sites.  Maybe they are more prolific on Facebook – go where they are to make connections in other ways.

HOT TIP:  Occasionally go to your LISTS and check Lists that You have been added to.  To do this, go to LISTS and you will see two options:

  • Subscribed to (including your own Lists and those of others that you subscribe)
  • Member of (lists that you have been added to).

Click on MEMBER OF and check the lists you have been added to. Sometimes we don't see the notification that we have been added to a list.  Respond to people that add you to lists – follow them, engage with them, thank them….and add them to your VIP list!

 So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Twitter and set up a list.  Be sure to leave a comment below telling us all about your list, what you have called it, and also tell us your @username so that we can connect on Twitter!  

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