60+ February Social Media Ideas – Video Ideas, GIFs and more!

If you're looking for creative February social media ideas then you've found it. This post is packed with Social Media Holidays for February, with plenty of social video ideas, GIFs and more! 

60+ February Social Media Ideas - Video Ideas, GIFs and more!
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You'll find popular and international holidays as well as crazy and unusual days of celebration. And there's literally dozens of ideas.

There's social media holidays for each day of the week. And we also have a list of tools and ideas you can return to at any time for later reference!

What Comes With The February Social Media Ideas?

I’ve included the following in this post full of February Social Media Ideas:

  • a quick reference guide to social media holidays for each month. We've added them to a handy infographic!
  • an overview of February social media ideas. This includes what you can create and how to share them. We focus on ideas for social video but you can use them for any type of static images too!
  • a list of tools and resources to help you create visuals for Social Media Holidays. Use our Social Media Content Calendar to help you!

Tips for Creating February Content Ahead of Time (in a Snap!)

Creating content can be hard and takes time, but if you schedule ahead and do a few simple things, it makes it much much easier for you.

In fact, with just a few key strategies you can have a month's worth of content created and scheduled out in very little time at all. Here's my tips for doing that, especially when it comes to creating video:

  1. Use a template. There are plenty of templates available on the tools I've recommended below. Use one of them and use it to guide you. Why spend ages creating a cool design, when you are not a designer? Instead, use a design that a designer has already signed off on, and edit the template. Edit just the text or photo or colors. Don't go too crazy as then you run the risk fo ruining the design (sorry, but it's true and that goes for me too!). 
  2. Create in batches. If you are going to get into a creative space that results in you creating one social video (this applies to images too), why not create two videos? or three videos? or 10-20 images? It's much easier to create a bunch of videos in one sitting than to do them all at separate times. You have the tools open and ready to go. Keep going and do another one!
  3. Create short video for social media – it doesn't have to be an hour long. 15-30 seconds is enough. For more advice about how to create effective 15 second videos, check out this post.
  4. Create some easily consumed content. For example, quotes, tips or observational humour are great for engagement, especially on Facebook where people are just scrolling through content at a rapid pace.
  5. Use GIFs to add some personality. Whether you create your own GIFs (I've added tips below) or you use one of the millions of GIFs in the Giphy library, adding a GIF to a social media post, email or blog post can add humour and personality to the mix.

Quick Guide Infographic to February Social Ideas & Holidays

Here's a quick reference guide to some of the most important February Social Media Holidays so you can share it or save it to Pinterest for later reference:

Want the full 2019 Social Media Holiday Infographic? Click here.

Tips for using this post filled with February Social Media Ideas

  1. Create a social video based around the holiday in question – do a Top 5 list, a how-to video, behind the scenes of your business (related to that holiday), a tutorial, or a quote video. Get creative! Is it Pizza Day? Do a video about Pizza Fun Facts! Use a video tool like Wave to help you.
  2. Create a fun GIF that reflects the holiday in question.  Or share a GIF direct from Giphy
  3. Create an image based around the holiday – a quote, meme, saying, tip, photo that reflects the celebration day or image with text overlay.

This post focuses on social video, GIFs and animations but you can use all of this information to create still images too. You are only limited by your imagination!

I've included more tools and tips below for creating February content. Let's dive in!

February Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Days

I've included at least one holiday “day” for every day in February list of social media ideas and holidays. I've also included hashtags, tools, tips and resources for creating visual content in 2019. This post will be updated annually to check dates. We'll also add content as we create or discover it. So keep it bookmarked to refer back to! 

1. Wear Red Day (US) – for heart disease awareness.  #WearRedDay.

2. Groundhog Day – #GroundhogDay. Today is a good day to share a movie clip from the movie Groundhog Day, a quote or maybe a Fun Fact about what Groundhog day actually is! 

3. Superbowl LIII – #SBLIII – #Superbowl – #SuperbowlSunday

4. World Cancer Day #WorldCancerDay

5. Chinese New Year #YearofthePig

6. National Frozen Yoghurt Day – #FrozenYoghurtDay

7. National Send a Card to a Friend Day – #SendACardToAFriendDay. Send a physical card to a friend. Or if you want to send something immediate, try a GIF:

#Awesome #Thanks #Thankyou #Youareawesome #Sociallysorted #Yourock GIF by Socially Sorted - Find & Share on GIPHY

GIF by Socially Sorted (check out more on my Giphy Brand Channel here, and feel free to share!).

8. National Boy Scouts Day – #BoyScoutsDay

9. National Pizza Day  – #NationalPizzaDay

Pizza GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

10. National Cream Cheese Brownie Day – #CreamCheeseBrownies

11. Get Our Your Guitar Day and Inventors Day #InventorsDay

12. International Darwin Day (Charles Darwin) #InternationalDarwinDay #DarwinDay

13. National Tortellini Day #TortelliniDay

14. Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay

What list of February Social Media Ideas would be complete without Valentine's Day, right? Create a video like this one!

To make this video I searched on video templates in Wave.video to find a Valentine's Day themed template to create the video. Share it on Facebook or create one yourself in Wave.

15. Singles Awareness Day #SinglesAwarenessDay


16. World Whale Day #WorldWhaleDay and Tim Tam Day #TimTamDay

Not sure what a Tim Tam is? Check out this video that my friends at J29 Creative made after I sent them a gift of some Aussie treats!

17. Random Acts of Kindness Day #KindnessDay. Find out more at this website.

18. National Drink Wine Day #DrinkWineDay. Search for a fun #wine GIF in Giphy:

Red Wine Drinking GIF by Lorraine Nam - Find & Share on GIPHY

Wine drinking by Lorraine Nam

19. National Chocolate Mint Day #ChocolateMintDay

20. Love your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay

21. International Mother Language Day #IMLD

Whatever your language skills, take the time to highlight other languages and mother languages today. It's a day to ask your audience to share what their 1st language is or maybe thank them in another language!

Thanks Gratitude GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

GIF by Socially Sorted (check out more on my Giphy Brand Channel here, and feel free to share!).

22. National Margarita Day #NationalMargaritaDay

Margarita GIF by Hallmark eCards - Find & Share on GIPHY

It looks like Hallmark Cards has branched out and now makes GIFs for us to share!

23. National Toast Day (the humble toasted bread!) #NationalToastDay

24. Academy Awards #AcademyAwards and World Bartender Day #WorldBartenderDay

25. National Chocolate-Covered Nuts Day #ChocolateCoveredNuts

26. National Pistachio Day #PistachioDay

27. National Retro Day #RetroDay

Get Nostalgic!

If you want to get more engagement, use Nostalgia! We love to talk about old stuff, back in the day, "Throwback Thursday" and retro technology. "Take us back" to get us talking!

Posted by Socially Sorted on Monday, January 14, 2019


Want to use this template? Find out more about this template and Retro Day here on Wave's Monthly Content Calendar.

28. National Chili Day – find out more here. Note: Chilli is spelled as “Chilli” in British English. 

February Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Months

Here's a quick list of February month-long holidays to dive into to find week-long social media ideas:

  • National Hearth Month
  • National Time Management Month
  • Creative Romance Month
  • National Black History Month
  • Cherry Month
  • National Library Lover's Month
  • Snack Food Month
  • National Grapefruit Month
  • Library Lover's Month
  • National Weddings Month

February Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Weeks

Here's a quick list of February weeks to dive into to find week-long social media ideas:

Video and Animation Tools for Creating Video Content

Here's a quick and easy tools list for you to find Video content ideas to create videos or GIFs quickly and easily for your social media channels.

1. Wave.Video

Wave is is my go-to video tool for creating easy-to-share social video. The thing I love about Wave is their template library, huge library of image and video assets (included in your monthly membership), moveable text and the ability to add stickers to your content.

And they have a massive audio library with easy editing tools too. I could go on and on. Check out the review I wrote here. Here's a video walkthrough of Wave.

2. Giphy

Giphy is the best source online for finding GIFs to share from their GIF library. Simply go to their website and search on the hashtags that you want to find GIFs for. Get creative with your hashtag combinations and you'll find all sorts of gems!  I also have a branded Giphy Channel and will be sharing my GIFs in these monthly posts so you'll find some fun ones in there to share too.

Hot Tip:  You can also access any of the Giphy creations from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram Stories! Simply use the Giphy/GIF search and enter in the hashtag you want to use. Because I have a Giphy Channel if you enter in #SociallySorted on Instagram Stories you can find all of my GIF Stickers too!

3. GifMaker

This is one my favourite GIF editing tools. It's super easy to edit, crop, create GIFs from images. I love that they also let you host GIFs on their platform – which is great for quick GIFs that you want to create and share on your website or in an email (when maybe you don't want to host them publicly on Giphy).

Want more Calendar Ideas?

You can see my full list of Social Media Holidays in this post:

Over to You

Do you schedule your content ahead? What are your Favourite February Social Media holidays and have we missed any? 

60+ February Social Media Ideas - Video Ideas, GIFs and more!
Two Pigs Kissing by Ju_Terno via Shutterstock
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