The most practical, comprehensive,
step-by-step training for faster, easier Visual Content Creation.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could:

  • Create amazing visuals without any graphic design training and quite literally without a creative bone in your body?
  • Create visual content easily and rapidly, no longer wasting hours producing a single image or banner?
  • Confidently use tools and apps like a pro, producing the content you need, when you need it, without delay or cost? 
  • Know when to outsource and how to do it so you save time and money (and get more results for your business)?

  • Know what visual content to create and share on what platform in the most efficient way to save time and get the best results?

It would be nice, wouldn’t it? 

Yet the reality is sooo different.

You STRUGGLE TO CREATE VISUALS that look good, or maybe you just don’t even start – you don’t have a creative bone in your body, remember?  

And when you do actually create something, you’re instantly deflated when you realise that the freakin’ blog image took hours to finish.  WHERE DID THE TIME GO? 

Or you might be just DOWNRIGHT CONFUSED BY THE TECH. Photoshop requires a 4 year Degree to drive it.

YOU’RE TOTALLY OVERWHELMED by all the social platforms becoming visual, and needing to create more images and video for your marketing.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  

Where do you start? You start here.

Introducing my Create Traffic Driving Images System.

Finally, there’s a training that teaches you how to CREATE the VISUAL CONTENT that can drive traffic, shares and sales for your business … while saving time and avoiding overwhelm.

THIS program teaches you the tools, strategies and tricks to create attention-grabbing and shareworthy VISUAL CONTENT, even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body. 

Start out RIGHT by integrating visual social media into your marketing plan from the outset – on the RIGHT platforms with clear goals and strategies. 

Stand over my shoulder as I show you how to use templates, tools and strategies that I use in my business every day (and with clients) to create images that get shared and drive traffic.  

“This training is the most instantly applicable I have ever taken”

Caleela McEniery, Outstanding Image

Faster, Easier Visual Content Creation.

Create Traffic Driving Images is my step-by-step system for teaching YOU how to quickly, easily, create visual content that gets shared and drives traffic.  

There are plenty of awesome programs out there that teach you the strategy for Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook and more. The PROBLEM is that that you need CONTENT to share on those platforms.

That’s where Create Traffic Driving Images steps in.  This program was designed to be practical and step-by-step, while allowing you to dive into the training you need when you need it.  

10 Easy to Follow Modules

There are 10 modules covering 3 main areas of Visual Content Creation (you won’t be forced to watch dozens of videos).  We cover the key areas of:  


  • Setting the Foundations
  • Planning Images the Smart Way
  • Your Ultimate Visual Content Creation Strategy Guide


  • Creating Images the Smart Way
  • How to Get Your Audience to Take Action on your Visuals
  • How to Never Run out of Ideas + an entire module on Showpiece Visuals (ie Infographics and SlideShare).


  • What you need to know about Copyright
  • The Secret Sauce Formula for creating your visuals so they are optimized for driving more shares and traffic
  • Repurposing like a Boss


  • Real People, Businesses & Brands getting Real Results with Visual Content

Get started now by choosing the plan that is right for you: 

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“Donna is a visual marketing maverick. We’ve learned so many helpful tips from Donna that have helped refine and strengthen our visual media marketing strategy. Since applying her tips we’ve had over a 300% growth in traffic to our site via Facebook”

Caz Makepeace – Y Travel Blog

What if I could help you get your time back?

Hi, I’m Donna – founder of Socially Sorted and Create Traffic Driving Images.  

I want to help YOU create visuals that get shared and drive traffic shares and sales to your business.

Just a few years ago, I was jumping from platform to platform, creating content like a crazy person… no plan, no design skills, no strategy.  I was wasting HOURS of time. Then I discovered how to Plan, Create and Share Visual Content effectively.   

Everything changed.  

My content started attracting tens of thousands of shares (and for my clients too). My blog got noticed and my business grew.  

In fact my Blog won Best Business Blog in Australia 2014 and was a Top 10 Social Media Blog (Social Media Examiner) in 2015 AND 2016. 

Now I get to speak around the world, training businesses, brands and bloggers (like you) to use visual social media and content strategy effectively.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside

The program consists of in-depth video training and downloads (ie PDFs, slides, video).


Module #1 – Setting Your Foundations

Setting Your Foundations

The 5 Boom! Marketing Principles that underpin the success of your social media.  

Understand these Principles first and then add visual content to the mix ….. Boom!

JUST ADDED – Introduction to Visual Content

The Why, the What and the How of Visual Content. Get up to speed on why Visuals are so important in your marketing, how they work, and how to approach working with them to get the best results.  

Module #2 – Your Visual Content Strategy Guide

Your Visual Content Strategy Guide

The No Fuss Way to Plan and execute your Visual Content Marketing in less time, with less tools and bigger results.

Includes awesome “clickable” PDF Planners to get you started including the Week Ahead Planner (PDF), the Image Strategy Planner (PDF) and the Visual Content Creation Strategy Guide (PDF). These will help you to choose the right platforms, plan the right content and get productive creating visuals. No more time down that rabbit hole!


Module #3 – Creating Images the Smart Way

Creating Images the Smart Way

The Visuals that Win Every Time.

How to create the right type of images that get noticed.

How to save time and optimise images for maximum results

Module #4 – The Art of teasing your fans to take action.
Module #5 – Never Run out of Ideas
Module #6 – ShowPiece Visuals


Module #7 – The Copyright Elephant in the Room
Module #8 – The Secret Sauce
Module #9 – Repurpose like a BOSS
Module #10 – Case Studies

All of these modules are YOURS when you join Create Traffic Driving Images using the link below:

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3x Payment

Oh Yes, There’s Bonuses Baby!

BONUS 1 – Behind the Image Interviews

We go Behind the Image with 9 Visual Content Experts:

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert and Podcaster

Caz Makepeace

Co-Founder, Y Travel Blog with 4 million followers on Pinterest

Melanie Perkins

Co-Founder of Canva

Ben Wong

Founder of WordSwag

Dustin Stout


Ian Cleary

Social Media Tools Guy

Sue B Zimmerman

The Instagram Expert

Josua Parkinson

Chief Customer Painkiller at Post Planner

Rebekah Radice

Social Media Strategist

They spill ALL of their visual content secrets for you (some of them are friends of mine so I was able to pry a few nuggets of gold from them). You will LOVE these interviews.

BONUS 2 – Step-by-Step 101 Trainings

You get access to our Hold-You-By-The-Hand 101 Training Tutorials where I show you some essential tips and tricks for working in with the following tools: 

Picmonkey 101 – Getting started on Picmonkey with Photo Editing and Image Creation.

Canva 101 – your KickStart Guide to Amazingly Simple Graphic Design on Canva!

Smart Phone Visuals 101 – How to Use Tools like WordSwag and Over to Create Awesome Visual Content when you are Mobile and “On-the-Go”.

I literally show you step by step how to create visuals with these tools. You can jump in and use them immediately to create great visual content that drives traffic.

And there are more “look over my shoulder” 101 trainings coming in 2016 starting with this next bonus which is BRAND NEW:  

BONUS 3 – Exclusive RELAY Training

RELAY is one of the hottest tools for creating visual content right now, so I reached out to the founder Craig Carpenter and he agreed to do some exclusive video trainings for YOU!  How cool is that?

It’s not just one video but a suite of training videos to get you started on RELAY.

You are literally sitting over Craig’s shoulder as he takes you step-by-step through how to use RELAY. He takes a brand new business through the RELAY process, designing assets from scratch to show you how easy it is. 

Again, this whole program is about “sitting over our shoulder” as the experts show you how to create visuals easily and quickly… so get used to it!  

BONUS 4 – Ultimate Visual Content Tool Guide

This guide holds absolutely every tool that I love for creating visuals. My team and program members love them too.    

We go over some of the best of these tools in the training modules. A tool ONLY MAKES THE CUT to be included in this guide if they are EASY TO USE and SAVE YOU TIME!  

You’ll discover tools in the following categories:   

  • Image Creation Tools – Desktop
  • Image Creation Tools – Mobile
  • Collage Tools
  • Short Video Tools
  • iPhoneography Tools
  • Image Editing Tools
  • Infographics
  • Slide Tools
  • Social Platforms that Create Visual Content
  • Bonus Tools You Can’t Live Without

So, if there is something you are focusing on, like creating short videos… you can jump straight to the tools you need.  This guide is one to keep in your hip pocket (or on your desktop).

BONUS 5 – Facebook Group

EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP WITH A DIFFERENCE – As a member you get access to our Private ‘Members-Only” Facebook Group to get regular updates, Q&A’s and access to additional tips, training and support while you go through the Create Traffic Driving Images program.

It’s a member-led group with a difference. The members are interactive and supportive and jump to answer your questions, but our team does too. We even have regular Q&A Posts so you can ask us your burning questions directly.  

It’s a great place to network with other members, bounce ideas off each other, and celebrate our wins (and a few surprises).

“Donna is the ultimate visual marketer. She understands social media strategy and relationship marketing at a level well beyond most. Her gift is turning creative ideas into profitable opportunities.”


All of these bonuses are YOURS when you join Create Traffic Driving Images using the link below:

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Let me ask you.
What has stopped you from DIY Design in the past?

My guess is that at some time or another you have been stuck on one of these 4 things: 

  • Not focused enough – You’re doing the platform cha cha, trying to be everywhere, doing everything with every type of visual on every platform … and getting nothing but overwhelm in return. 
  • Not creative enough – you are not a designer. You couldn’t possibly DIY your visual content creation because you don’t have a creative bone in your body. 
  • Not enough time – even if you do manage to produce that awesome image or video, you literally waste HOURS of precious time doing so!  Ugh!  
  • Not techy enough – you can’t wrap your head around the technology and tools. You’ve tried but it’s all too hard.  

You’re not alone. In fact, I experienced the same 4 challenges. The good news is that there is a solution for them all, inside of Create Traffic Driving Images.

Still teetering on the fence?
Listen to what past students have to say:

“I heard about Donna’s amazing course on Facebook and immediately registered for it. Truly, this course is unlike any I have done before.

She provides you with plenty of ammunition to plan, create and execute a well-laid out content strategy for your social media platforms, using visually stunning images”

Lisa Oberbichler –

“I decided to take Donna Moritz’s online course on Visual Content as I felt that our visual branding needed to be strong. We more than doubled our website traffic from Pinterest”

Jill Holtz – My Kids Time

“When we started our Instagram account it was only one week old when a big company found us and we sold thousand of dollars worth of shoes to them. Thanks Donna for helping “up-level” our visual strategy and introducing us to “can’t-live-without tools.”

Elena Verlee – Girl Two Doors Down

Get started now by choosing the plan that is right for you: 

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This program IS for you, if: 

  • You are a time-strapped, business owner trying to “do” social media but not getting the results or return you had hoped for.
  • You are a Social Media Manager or Content Creator looking to take your social media marketing to the next level and drive more traffic.
  • You are a Virtual Assistant looking to upskill in visual content strategies and image creation for your clients!
  • You have to post content daily and you just can’t keep up with it …and you feel like you are running out of ideas.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the different social media platforms and strategies and want a simple system that works!
  • You are just not getting the results you hoped with social media…or you need to get MORE results or bigger results!
  • You are launching a program and you need some Boom Factor to get it noticed!
  • You want to build an community of readers/followers and subscribers who engage with your content and buy your products and services.
  • You are a social media manager or business owner looking for a program that you can give to a team member or VA – so they can learn and do the hard work for you!  (note: you may not be able to resist doing this program yourself – it’s fun!).

This program IS NOT for you, if: 

  • You do not have a business yet or have not set up any social media presence.
  • You are not in a position to prioritise your business and spend a little extra time on marketing it effectively. 
  • You are a big business, making big money with a big budget and an in-house graphic design team (unless your design team and marketing department want to learn some cool strategies….in which case they will love this program!).
  • You are a Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator Wizz already rockin’ it with social media strategy online and you know how to use images to gain attention, increase engagement and drive traffic to products and services.
  • You are looking for a quick fix.  Visuals still take work even when they are created easily. 
  • You can not set aside 1 hour per week to do some training and take action on simple, easy to implement strategies.

Check out what the Experts have to say about working with me:

“Donna’s team were amazing to work with, very creative and they helped us to create our first two infographics. Both were a huge success getting thousands of shares in their first week. In face they continue months later to be responsible for a very significant amount of ongoing traffic to our website.”

Melonie Dodaro – Top Dog Social Media

“Donna knows more about the visual web than anyone I know globally. On the last project I did with Donna we got an infographic designed that was shared over 5,000 times and over 100 websites put the infographic on their site. We got at least 10 times the return on investment from this project.”

Ian Cleary – Razor Social

Will you join us as a member of
Create Traffic Driving Images?

Doors Close Wednesday 23rd March at midnight (Pacific US). Use the link below to join (with 3 payment plan option). 

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Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers:

How do I join?
Does membership include “lifetime access”?
How can I get a refund?
How do I get support?

Simply email our support email – support [at] and one of our team will help you!  We are a small, fun-loving team and we are very serious about customer service. I am not happy if you are unhappy which is why we will do our very best to answer any question, address any issue and (hopefully) respond to your happy feedback too via our support team. 

Why are the prices in USD?
Will I Get Guaranteed Results? …The Important Disclaimer Stuff
What Happens After I Confirm Payment?

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A little about Donna

The Bio Stuff

Donna Moritz is the founder of Socially Sorted based in Queensland, Australia. As a visual social media strategist, she helps businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs use visual social media and content strategy to drive more shares, traffic and sales.

She is a contributor to Entrepreneur Online, Social Media Examiner and Social Fresh, and has been featured in Forbes, NBC, Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post and Yahoo!

Donna’s blog, Socially Sorted, was the business category winner of the 2014 Best Australian Blogs Competition and a Top 10 Social Media Blog for Social Media Examiner in 2015 and again in 2016.  She was also listed by Smart Company as a Top Business Blog in 2015.

The Fun Facts

I am an Aussie, mother of two little people I adore and wife of one adult-sized husband (who all love travelling as much as I do). I can be cheeky, and I am happiest on the beach (or with chocolate or wine). And…  I love love love helping people learn how to use visual social media and content strategy to kick-butt in their business.  

And there’s that little blog of mine:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase Create Traffic Driving Images you receive a 30-day Money Back Guarantee (if you decide that the program is not for you). If you want a refund or wish to cancel your membership, simply email our support team stating that you wish to cancel your membership.

We will refund your money, no questions asked. If you use the program and don’t get results, then I am happy to return your money immediately. Obviously I can’t guarantee results, but I really do want you to do well!

Other “stuff” you need to know?

This is not just an automated course

Sure, you can do the video training in your own time as it’s accessible 27/7, but our team is here to provide support and guidance. Think of it as a virtual classroom with real live people engaging with you!  It’s the live support that makes it fun and easily actionable.

Our Facebook Support Group

Our team checks the group for comments and questions, adding content, updating you and replying to your questions.  You can also email us if necessary for content and questions not suited for the Facebook Group.  But.. the group is an integral part of the course, so be sure to join it when you get your membership.  The members are  supportive and full of great ideas – I recommend you join us there! 

The Program Delivery

The program is a virtual classroom – a mix of digital content, live training and support (as outlined above via our Facebook Group, webinars/trainings and email) plus downloadable resources (ie PDFs).  You will receive immediate access to the entire course from shortly after the moment you receive your username and password from our team. No drip-feeding or waiting for the next step.  I want you to get started today.

You’ll also receive 24/7 access as long as the program remains online (barring the internet exploding or some other unlikely event).  

You will get access to any new updates, additions, and bonuses etc as they go live – and notification of any new webinars/Q&A trainings for members.

In short, this program will grow.  If you join up early, you get the benefit of all updates and support as it grows.

You will receive all trainings by video.  PDFs and slides are also available for download.  Bear in mind that some sections are quite “visual” (it’s the nature of the beast with a visual social media program)….such that audio may not be appropriate. We love Audio and we will include it where we can so that you can download and take the program with you.

“Donna is my to go to person when it comes to marketing and visual creations. Her online program offers tons of value and was a real game changer for someone who was not so confident with using visuals as part of her media

Kirti Daryanani –

“Donna’s course is fun, engaging and purposeful. My clients are achieving real results in brand awareness with outstanding organic reach and engagement thanks to Donna’s guidance. I am delighted with the inspirational, practical and do-able learning that this course provides.”

Fiona Lucas, Founder, iRespect Online

“The teaching you do around visual media and communication has made such a difference to me and how i preceive I can convey a message… I feel I am now able to do the things that previously seemed virtually insurmountable. I am now really enjoying putting together my blogs and including the images and this has been really satisfying.”

Macushla Bolton – Founder,

Enough about that. How’s that fence sitting going?

If you want to join us then now is the time to take that leap off the fence. This offer for Create Traffic Driving Images is closing soon, in just a few days. We would love you to join the 180+ other members in the program.

If you have any questions whatsoever, email us at support [at] and we will get right back to you. If it is not a good fit for you we will let you know for sure! And if it is a good fit for you, then we would love to have you join us.

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I can’t wait for you to join us and start creating traffic-driving visual content in 2016!

 – Donna