• Nikki @ Wonderfully Women

    Timely post, was just playing around in imgur.com, but have not yet mastered it!

  • Cindy

    Great article! Images are shared more than quotes. I often use my husbands scenery pictures and add quotes to them with my url. Works like a charm. 🙂

    • Oh awesome Cindy – it’s so great when you have access to great background shots. Lucky you!

  • Nicola

    Thanks Donna, I use a mixture of things on my FB page, including images. The images nearly always get the most views, although the occasional status update does really well (wish I knew why?!). I enjoy creating the content and need to expand my repertoire so will be looking around your blog for inspiration! Thanks!

    • Hi Nicola – that’s great that you are using images. The trick is definitely to mix it up. Facebook definitely favours text updates too as far as reach, but images tend to get more engagement, so it is good to have a mix of both. It depends on what you are posting – some posts lend themselves to a quick status update and others are better when you can add some visuals. Thanks for letting me know what is working for you – it’s always useful!

  • Penny McDaniel

    Thanks, Donna. Many people happen to be visual learners so it makes sense to reach out with images. Great article!

    • No problems Penny – glad you found it useful and yes, many people are visual learners (though we all tend to respond to images at first glance).

  • Thanks Nikki – I haven’t seen that site before, so I will check it out.

  • Lynne

    Thanks for the vote of confidence for creating your images. Would love to download your free report. Great read!

  • I’m surprised more social media experts do not recommend Photoshop. A one time purchase of about $100 for Photoshop Elements coupled with royalty-free images from any number of websites and you’re set. Photoshop Elements is actually great for beginners because it offers 3 different levels: Quick, Guided and Expert so as the user becomes more experienced the software will advance with them. Not to mention, having Photoshop software skills is actually very bankable and it looks great on your resume. Plus it’s fun! You work offline so no internet connection is required, and Photoshop has tools and effects PicMonkey and Canva don’t offer. You do not need to be a software expert or Graphic Designer, as anyone can run Photoshop Elements.

    • Great point – funnily enough I have been putting together a new post on tools for image creation from desktop or mobile and Adobe Elements is definitely a great option – I used mainly photoshop until a couple of years ago and admittedly I am not super skilled at it so Elements is a great in-between option. I do still love Canva and Picmonkey etc for giving people new tools they can access to design with but thanks for your input re Elements – I agree, it is great that adobe are making their tools more accessible and i LOVE the cloud options. I also love Adobe Voice for creating short animated videos on iPad – they are doing a lot currently that is very cool, for sure.

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