• Kathy Hadley

    This is very exciting! I’m so glad this is allowed now. I will have to implement this immediately!

  • Lori

    Great tip – I had no idea you could do that!

    • Great, then I am glad I shared it! Have fun with it!

  • Kerry McNally

    Wow that is a really great tip, I must go & play lol.

    • Have fun with it Kerry and be sure to send me a link so I can see what you have created!

  • Deb Dutilh

    This is a great tip! Thanks!

  • Fabulous point – and remember to OPTIMIZE the photo properties as well before you upload to B!

    On a PC, open your photos,
    Find the cover
    Right click
    choose properties
    Click Summary
    Fill in the fields.

    Follow your bliss!


    • Thanks Ronda – yes definitely a “must do” to fill in the description and alt-text fields – I posted about that just recently. Thanks for the reminder for everyone.

      • I made my cover for the Awakened Author Adventure page right after reading this post, so YES I’m ana action-taker! 😀 Feels good to have that cover done! Thanks so much!

        • That’s great to hear Ronda – good on you for taking action!

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  • Hi Kathy – this comment got “caught” (not sure why!) so sorry for the delay…great to know that you found it useful – let me know what you create!

  • Now,THAT was an awesome tip! I just went in and changed out my FB cover page, added a call to action and put the link into the description area. Thanks for sharing that one 🙂

    • AWESSOME Penney – what is the link to your page – I would love to take a look as I am collecting examples of what people do with this! Good on you for taking action!

    • I found it – and I LOVE it! Good one!

      • I was out all day yesterday and just now got a chance to respond. Glad you found my first attempt and think it’s a good start. I pulled together a couple of pins I made and just did a quick Picmonkey FB collage image. I’m working on a product launch in Sept and now I’m adding a new FB cover to my list of graphics to produce for the launch. Hopefully, that one can be added to your list of examples.

  • Janis N. Senungetuk

    Wow, great tip, thanks! I’ll let you know how I make use of it.

    • That’s great Janis – I will look forward to it!

  • Rohan

    Please let me know what you think of this page: http://www.facebook.com/bizlinkhillcrest

    • Hey Rohan – It’s great – well done. I couldn’t resist clicking to see what was behind the cover photo. I really like how you are driving traffic to your website – always the best place to take them! Great example! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Susie

    Great tip, thank you so much! I’ve changed my cover photo now after much faffing. Had to optimise for web & devices in Photoshop, as text was blurred uploading as a simple jpeg. Check out my Facebook page/cover photo. It’s hard doing a CTA & interesting kid friendly photo!

  • Dale Lotter

    Great post! I know I’m late to this discussion. I just found your wonderful website. I have a question, concerning clickable images. How do I make a photo in my timeline Clickable? Obviously want to drive traffic to my website. If the image is not clickable some folks get confused and don’t click on the link. Thanks!

    • Hi Dale – thanks for your feedback. Just as the cover photo is “clickable” in the sense that an action happens when someone clicks on it….the same goes for an image on your page timeline. If someone clicks on it they will see a link….but then again they should be able to see the link before clicking on it. For the most part people do understand that they can click on a link in the second stage. You may lose the odd confused person, but this is Facebook, it is free, and you will never get everyone take action. The other thing you can do is add a “Click on the link” phrase – sometimes making it obvious is all that people need to hear. Hope that helps!

      • Dale Lotter

        Thanks very much Donna! In my ignorance I was hoping there was a way. Images that are posted in a timeline, that are pulled from a website are clickable. What makes them clickable? Is there not a way to link the page you want your readers to visit on your website by “sharing” it on your timeline? Facebook however will not pull images from my site, hence this line of questioning. Is there a sort of Facebook optimization that needs to be done to allow this? Sorry if this is really confusing/mundane stuff. I’m just starting out and would love to improve my traffic from FB. Thanks!

        • Hi Dave, sorry I thought you were meaning images that you upload (ie not a direct link through to a post) in the first comment. Yes, if you put a link on the post, it will automatically upload a thumbnail image and short intro with a link through to the article. It shows up as a small image, and these types of posts do not tend to get a lot of reach on the timeline – Facebook tends to push images that you upload or text posts out more readily (ie they tend to get less engagement because less people tend to see them on their newsfeed). What is also good to do is to upload an image and then put the link to your site/article/post in the body of text – the image stands out (ie is bigger) on the timeline and the person can still click on the link. They are just two ways of doing it. The first way is great if you are pushed for time, the second is where you are looking to perhaps get noticed more, get more shares or get more engagement – as people tend to interact more with full size images. Hope that makes sense. If you are looking to just share a page on your website, for sure, go with the first option at least .

          • Dale Lotter

            Thanks very much for your time and help. You certainly practice what you preach!

          • No problem – and sorry if I confused you in the first message! Have a great day!

  • Jaelex

    Great idea! I’m going to use this one! Thanks again, Donna, for another fantastic tip! 🙂

    • You are very welcome – be sure to send me a heads up if you have any examples that work for you – I love showcasing examples from my readers!

  • MarissaBeautifullyOrganised

    Donna! This was awesome, just tried it and LOVE it. What do you think? https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyorganised

    • Love Love Love Love Love It! How perfectly timed – I am just putting slides together for my program, and I will be using this as an example of a great “clickable” timeline cover photo. Thanks for sharing!

      • MarissaBeautifullyOrganised

        Oh thank you! xx

  • MysteryGuest

    Too late to the party! I gave this tip a try, only to find that Facebook seems to have disabled it. (You might want to update your story and save the next reader time and disappointment.) I am however, glad to have discovered your site!

    • Hey there – thanks for your kind words about my blog – that is so strange though as it is still working for mine and a couple of others I just checked. ie you click on the cover photo and it opens up a light box/second image and you can then click on the hyperlink …where is it breaking down for you just so I check the problem? I have not heard anything about Facebook disabling links on image descriptions….so just want to check why you are not seeing it work at your end. Thanks!

      • MysteryGuest

        No, Donna, you’re right and I misread the original story. I thought this technique would give me a straight link through to another site. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

        I’ve already started figuring out how to use it. Thanks for getting back to me.

        • No problem – yes I wish they were really one click but you can still use psychology to get people to “click” using buttons etc and then they are somewhat committed so the link should be an easy second step. Have fun with it and let me know what you create!

          • MysteryGuest

            Thanks again!

  • Lara

    Can I create something like this in PicMonkey with just the free service?

    • Hi Lara -I believe you can via their collage feature! Hope that helps.

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  • Howie

    Is this feature still working, I went to your facebook page and the header link didn’t take me anywhere? I also didn’t see where I can edit the actual info about the new header? I uploaded my new facebook header, thoughts?

    • Hi Howard – yes it does still “work” but, just bear in mind that the word “clickable” is a play on words in that you click on the image and it opens up a light box/second image and you can then click on the hyperlink …ie the idea is to get the person to see the hyperlink after they click the image and then click on that – it’s a two step process. I wish that it was a true “clickable” image in that people click on the timeline cover photo and they are automatically taken to the website etc, but unfortunately it is a two step process. Still, you can be clever with the idea of “click here” buttons on your cover photo. I hope that helps…

      • Howie

        Thanks for the reply Donna!

        Have you heard of fb infiltrator?

        Does it work, is it a scam or a short term thing that will work until Facebook kills it?

  • Cassye

    I actually knew this, but had forgotten how to do it. So simple and effective. Thank you so much for the reminder!

    • Oh cool! Great to hear Cassye – it’s a good one for sure – simple to add….

  • nathan Graybill

    Thanks for putting this post together.

    • No problems Nathan – glad you found it useful!

  • Sarah Jensen

    So helpful thanks Donna. I’ve just updated my cover pic and made it clickable through to my opt-in – thank you for your help. 🙂

    • You are very welcome – it’s such a simple thing to do, hey! Hope it gets you some more traffic to your opt in!

  • ttt

    great idea but it does not work anymore

    • Hi – actually it does but if you read the article the word “clickable” is a play on words in that you click on the image and it opens up a light box/second image and you can then click on the hyperlink …ie the idea is to get the person to see the hyperlink after they click the image and then click on that – it’s a two step process. I wish that it was a true “clickable” image in that people click on the timeline cover photo and they are automatically taken to the website etc, but unfortunately it is a two step process. Still, you can be clever with the idea of “click here” buttons on your cover photo. I hope that helps…

      • Isso miso

        plz i need a help i dont know why my created page on facebook isnt clickale i think i need to do all the steps from beginning

  • Ventura County Resident

    Facebook has stopped allowing users to create clickable images with links to other sites! What you are showing us is simply another way to view the face book post and then get people to click the link in the post. NOT the same as a true clickable image with link!!! Just another example of facebook trying to control everything we do!

    • Thanks so much for your insightful comment – I guess you didn’t get to read the whole post. It’s a play on words. Of course there is no clickable link. As I stated here:

      Remember: it is a two step process. The main cover image is not “clickable” in terms of being an instant URL, but once you click ON it you arrive at the second description box with a clickable URL. As a result you can be very clever iwth your use of “click here” buttons on your cover photo.

      It’s about calls to action and getting people to click through. It’s been a very successful technique for many brands and marketers – super simple to set up and takes advantage of not just the image but the description that sits behind the image where you can enter a clickable link. I hope that clears things up for you.

      • Nathalie Richard

        Ok, but please choose your post titles more carefully. Calling this article “How to Drive Traffic with a CLICKABLE Facebook Timeline Cover Photo” is very misleading! You say it’s a “play on words” – which is not good or useful when it comes to practical instructions. 🙁

        • So sorry I inconvenienced you with my free content on this very old post. This post, like hundreds on this blog are written to HELP people. With no expectation of anything in return. It’s the closest to clickable you’ll get with Facebook, they haven’t changed it to make it easier in 4 years and a lot of people find this workaround very useful. I did not lead you to a “buy my stuff” post, did I? I didn’t lead you to a post about something entirely different… It is still useful if you are wanting to add a website URL to your Facebook cover photo as many people don’t see that they can add a description and link, so it’s the best workaround there is. Fortunately for me 99.9% of my readers like that I have tried to help them and fortunately for you, being cranky at me probably made you feel better.

  • Sh Owais Ahmed

    Yes its working really helpful for my SMM.

    • Awesome Sh – sorry I missed this, it’s an old post but great to hear it helped you!

  • I saw Mari Smith was doing this and when I googled to find out how, I delightfully landed on your page. What great info and I can’t wait to turn my cover image into a clickable call to action. Woohoo! So exciting

  • great and wonderful job

  • Ian Ramon

    Thank thank thank you !! great article ! i now understand how to make my cover link to landing page… i was not putting much value on the cover description… but that’s the key !! SUPER!!! THANKs much love

    • Cheers Ian – glad you can see how it works. It’s actually not techy, just a way of helping people to click through and find you based on your cover photo catching their eye first.. then giving them a link!

  • Stumbled across this post tonight as I was creating a new FB page. I read through your article a couple of times and then went to Canva and created a new cover with the “clickable” idea front and center. Followed your directions, uploaded the cover, filled out the description area as you spelled out, and voila! It worked! This is great and I’m going to update several other FB pages to take advantage of this. Thank you!

    • Glad it helped! It’s a bit of a workaround but definitely worth doing…

  • Deborah King

    I do use a description for my cover photo but I need to now update the photo with some click here detail. It’s so nice to stumble on your blog from Google and find it’s an Australian one.

    • Thanks Deborah – this is a very old post but it should all still work – the good thing is that now we can add videos to our timeline cover too. Thanks and glad it helped.