Canva on iPad – Beautiful Visual Design at Your Fingertips

Canva for iPad App is (literally) design for your fingertips. 

In this post, I share with you the awesome features of Canva for iPad and how you can use it.

It's cool.  Very cool.

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Canva for iPad has been out for a while now and is a great asset in your visualc content creation toolkit. You can check it out here. 

And now we also have Canva for iPhone so be sure to check that out too.

But I have had to keep it quiet until now (….very hard to do, just sayin') – now that it has been officially launched by Canva.

I can definitely say this.  it's been designed very much with finger navigation, and iPad technology – in mind.

The possibilities for using Canva “on the go” are now endless. But let me show you the video, so you can see it in action:

Ready to get Canva on iPad?  Watch this video!

I am relieved that I can finally spill the beans.

Here are some photos of Zach (Chief Storyteller at Canva) showing me Canva on the iPad at their new offices in Sydney.  I apologise for the teasing. I had to let out some of the excitement.


Secret @canva business. I can't show you what's coming on Zach's computer but let's just say that it's bloody awesome… and I want Song the chef to cook for me every day! #movinghomeofficetocanva

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and now for some of the details….

What's great about Canva on iPad?

The app brings together all the drag-and-drop functionality that we love on a cool ipad interface. You still get all the fun things you know and love:

  • a library with more than 1 million photographs
  • all the usual suspects when it comes to graphics and fonts
  • the familiarity of the Canva dashboard we know and love.
  • many of your favourite layouts, tools, filters etc are in the new app.

But with the Canva team designing this with the iPad in mind, there is new functionality, just perfect for iPad users:

  • the app is very intuitive, with your fingers becoming part of the design process.
  • buttons are bigger to allow you to use your fingers to do the designing!
  • the iPad-friendly keyboard appears seamlessly when you need it so you can enter in text by tapping on the keyboard
  • you can take photos on the go, and incorporate them into your designs on location (very, very cool).
  • the iPad app connects to your photo library giving you instant access to your own images
  • you can now collaborate with your designer or clients on the go, making projects fun and easy to complete.

Melanie Perkins, the CEO of Canva loves it too:

Our new app brings everything people love about Canva to the iPad – Melanie Perkins=

What does Canva's Chief Storyteller think?

I also asked Zach Kitschke (chief storyteller at Canva) what he thought of the new iPad release and this is what he said:

“We've had lots of Canva users ask for a tablet version, and we're very excited to see how people now use the iPad app. It makes it much easier to create designs on the go.
If you're at an event, you can take a photo and create a quick design for social media. You can finish a presentation on the way to a meeting, or make quick edits to a document on the couch. – Zach Kitschke
Teachers are also excited to be able to use it as an educational tool in the classroom.  The iPad app offers a great experience because it is so intuitive. You can literally drag shapes, images and icons around on the page, then pinch or twist to resize.  
It's fun also being able to create designs with photos you take there on the spot. You don't need to be bound to a desktop computer to create beautiful graphics”

I would have to say that it was the “Pinching and Twisting” that had me at hello!

This new instalment in a long line of ever-evolving Canva design treats is one of my favourites.  Grab it in the iTunes Store here.

Are you as excited as me about the new iPad release of Canva?  Leave a comment below and tell me what you think! 

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