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7 Reasons for Saying "Yes" to Guest Blogging

I got an invitation last week that I couldn't refuse. Well, two actually. I got asked to Guest Blog for a Social Media Site in the States -  I love their site, their content and the calibre of their writers, so I was very humbled!  I also talked with an Australian...

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My 10 Commandments for Learning

I must admit that this post came out of left field while I was writing a totally different post - that's the best way isn't it?  It came to me in the middle of an, admittedly, crazy week of learning. I have had so many "AHA Moments" this week, I think my head is...

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The book I can’t stop raving about…Unmarketing

I wanted to see if the hype, tweets, posts, shares, comments and pings held up...and they did. This book is Gold. Why? I could tell you in my own words, but I just couldn't explain it like the author, Scott Stratten.  So, let me use a montage of his powerful words to...

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Does your website have a social media cat flap?

As offline businesses try to wade their way through the social media sea of likes, comments, diggs, tumbles, vimeos, tweets & pings, it can be overwhelming. To simplify things, businesses should think about the reason for using social media in the first...

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Don’t Leave Your Social at the Social Media Door!

Something has been bothering me lately, and it is just a little thing, but I wanted to share, as although it has been mentioned time and time again by some great names in social media, I am wondering why nobody is listening.....! People, please send a personal message...

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