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How to Get More Facebook Likes

Today we are featuring a quick tip for increasing your "likes" on content that you post on Facebook. It's simple, quick and easy to do.  Check out the "Socially Sorted in a Minute" video below for all the info you need. ...

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7 Ways to Benefit from Facebook Groups

  Ok, so fess up. Do you get excited when you are added to a "Group" on Facebook, or do you instead race to hit the "Leave Group" link as quickly as you can muster? Some people loathe it,  some are confused by it (and the sudden influx of notifications that they...

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5 Ways Qantas Shows Us That Twitter Matters

Two things.  I love flying...and I love social media.    So when I found myself talking about a major Australian airline (Qantas) last So here are 5 ways in which Qantas show us that Twitter Matters, and why all businesses should consider using it to promote their...

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Why I Am Raving About "Launch" by Michael Stelzner

Two fun things have happened recently (apart from me going somewhat offline for a much needed break for a few weeks) - I got to play with my new iPad2 and also to use it to read some downloaded books. One of those books I had long been anticipating: LAUNCH by Michael...

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Top 10 Retweetables from Blogopolis

So at the end of a great weekend at Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011...and all things is a quick post with my top "Retweetables" from a great day of content.  Great tips on blogging!  More to come soon, including my list of "takeaways"! RT1:...

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