The Best Way to Engage with Other Pages on Facebook Timeline

Now that Timeline is here, many businesses are asking how they can engage potential likers and let other communities know about their existence.  The Best Way for “Engaging” on the new Facebook Timeline (on the pages of others) has not changed….

It is now just more important than ever to know what it is.

Comment on Blogs
Start commenting. Just sayin'.

The Best Way to Engage with Businesses on the New Facebook Timeline is this:

Stop Bothering with Posting Wall Posts on other Business Pages.
Start Engaging in conversation instead.

I have got to admit, after managing a few pages over the past couple of years, I had reached a point where I became quite pi..annoyed at those people that posted as their Facebook Pages on our pages. Often very self-promotional (including links) these posts were made without any contribution to the community they were posting on.   It was pretty much a “dump and run” in some cases, with not so much as a hello!  We eventually had a policy to send an educational but kind message to the person advising them of a better way to “engage” and if it persisted to eventually delete posts that were merely self promotional.

But on the contrary, if a post was from a worthy cause or a business that we had a connection with AND the content was useful or engaging for our community – not only would we leave it there, but we would repost it from our page so it would reach a wider audience. And yes, there were those that genuinely added value for our fans in their posts on our wall, but it was for little gain – as most fans don't visit the wall of a fan page after liking it, and the majority get their news from the news feed.  So, without being reposted, it would just get lost.

So what happens now?

Stop posting about yourself on the walls of others.

Timeline has changed things again.  For starters, any posts that you make as a “Page” pretty much get lost on the new Timeline format, and even if they are visible, there are only a small percentage of fans that will visit the wall of the page.  Most people get their updates via the Newsfeed. I repeat.  Most people get their updates via the Newsfeed.  Timeline has changed the game re visibility of wall posts by others.  Given that posting on the wall is not very strategic anymore, what I do recommend you do is this:

Start to engage and comment on Threads.

Go to the other pages, posting “as” your page.  Contribute to conversations, respond to questions, interact with other fans “as” your page.  This is much more beneficial and much more social. And it will show up on the newsfeed of fans when they look at posts from that page.  Voila. No longer are your comments or contributions buried on the wall (or deleted!).

Other fans and the page owners will soon recognise you as a contributor, and I am very confident that if you do this on the pages of your influencers, your peers (and where your ideal fans or customers hang out) you will get noticed.  As long as you contribute.  And no, don't go promoting  yourself in the middle of a conversation unless it is very relevant or you are asked about how you can contribute more.

Remember to click “like” on comments that you love.  Be interesting. Be fun. Have personality.  Talk about topics you are passionate about or knowledgable about.  And the “likers” will come. They will not be able to resist coming back to your page and checking it out!

Personally, I like it this way.  The previous strategy whereby businesses would come over and post on pages without really saying hello…well it kind of sounded like the cyber equivalent of walking into a competitor's business, handing out a business card, not saying a thing and then walking out again.  Yes. This is much better.

Do you post as your page on other pages? How do you do it?  Do you have any tips for building your own page up through engagement on other pages?

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
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