A Hot Tip for Increasing Your Engagement on Pinterest

Pinterest is growing in popularity and reputation as not only a fun social media platform but also one that drives traffic and brand awareness. But what about engagement on Pinterest? How can we best engage other users to get the most out of this “hot” Social Media Site?

A Hot Tip for engaging on Pinterest
HOT TIP: Don't Just Pin - Engage a little!


The answer is simple.  Do as you would on Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Use the 3 Engagement methods of: (a) Comment (b) Share (c) saying Thank You.

The Comment – This is a no-brainer.  Try to take some time to comment on the pins of other users on Pinterest. Engagement breeds engagement.  A “quick” version of this is to “like” a pin, but making a comment takes it one step further. Doing both is even better!

The Share – as with RTs (Retweets) on Twitter, and Shares on Facebook, this is a quick way to nod your head and say that you appreciate something that someone has pinned and you want to tell others about it.  On Pinterest this is known as the Re-pin and this is really what you want – for other people to “re-pin” your Pins (especially if it is your content and all links lead back to your website via the URL that you pin).  The same goes for you – if you like something and you appreciate it – share it by Repinning it on one of your boards.

The Thank You – This is the one that is (mostly) so far overlooked on Pinterest, and by doing it, you could bring yourself some great engagement with other Pinners.  On Twitter, it is courteous to “thank” others for their Retweets (or RTs) of your information by Tweeting the person and mentioning them in your tweet.  On Facebook, it is a good idea to comment on a post when someone shares it and tag the person to say thankyou. On Pinterest it is no different. If you see someone has repinned your Pin, then make the effort to go to their Board, and make a comment saying “thanks” for repinning.

Oh and if you want an easy way to check who is repinning your ‘original” pins (if they are pinned from a URL such your website), type in the following:

www.pinterest.com/source/xyzwebsite.com –  for example www.pinterest.com/source/sociallysorted.com.au

This will give you a page showing all the pins from your website url (including your own) but also those that are repins.  This makes it easy to visit the boards that you want to engage with to say thanks for repinning.  It also shows you the pinners that are sharing your original content, and therefore possibly worth following back.

Commenting, Liking and saying Thankyou may well attract some sort of Edgrank or Statistics that contribute towards your status on Pinterest in the future, and tools such as Pinerly are definitely showing a move towards that…..but it is the good old fashioned respect and engagement that comes out of a thank you or a hat tip comment that makes these actions worthwhile.

Try it out.  You may find that your presence on Pinterest is more fun and engaging if you get out there and “chat” with other Pinners.

Are you using Pinterest?  Have you had anyone thank you for a Re-pin?  Do you comment on other boards and say thank you for Re-pins? If not, will you try to do it a little from now on?

Photo source:  http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-15040874-hot-chili-pepper.php

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