7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals

Do you want to drive more blog readers?  Want to attract more eyeballs on your blog post? 

In this post I share 7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers….with Visuals.  

Hint:  Some of these tips require others to do the hard work for you!  


7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals
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There's a secret to leveraging the power of visual content. It's this:  You don't have to do ALL the work.

If you create the right content that helps your ideal audience, the right readers will be attracted to it.  And as you would know (if you are a regular reader of my blog) visual content catches attention and encorages people to take action.

With a little effort early on to create your blog post, and a little effort early on to create some visuals for it… you'll be in the right place for the magic to happen.

That magic is your readers finding your post easily, getting value from it, and promoting your post for you.

Because when you have a great blog post and some great visuals to get the word out for you… it pretty much shares itself and will attract eyeballs and drive more blog readers to your content.

Let's take a look at 7 ways you can do this:

7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals

1  Pin a Tweet on Your Twitter Profile

After you have written that awesome blog post, don't just tweet it on Twitter.. tweet it AND pin it.

Most people forget to use the “real estate” at the top of the post where you can pin one tweet.  Here is an example of a pinned Tweet on my Twitter account.

I had published a new blog post with 50 Tools for Creating Visual Content Quickly and Easily.  Pinning the tweet on my profile gets more eyeballs on the tweet.. .and ultimately on the blog post:

Example of a Pinned Tweet on Twitter - 7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals
Pinning your tweet about a blog post gets more eyeballs on your blog!

To pin a tweet, simply choose the 3 dots on the bottom right of any tweet: click to drop down the menu and choose “Pin to Your Profile Page”.

If you want to change your pinned tweet simply choose another tweet and opt to pin that new tweet.  Twitter will ask you to confirm if you want to remove the old tweet and replace it with a new pinned tweet.   Easy!


2  Add a Pinnable Image that Begs to be Pinned

As you can see from my blog, my main image is a landscape title image. It has been that way for a long time.

Example of a landscape image on the Socially Sorted blog - 7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals
I use landscape images on my blog – but what about Pinterest?


I like it that way as it shares easily to Facebook and also to Twitter. It looks nice on the page and it suits my blog style.

But what about Pinterest?  A landscape image is not the most ideal size for Pinterest… and there are plenty of Pinterest users visiting my site.

The Solution?  Well, there's two solutions:

Option 1:

I add a Pinterest-optimized image to the end of my blog post. Portrait sized images work best for Pinterst.  I like adding the image to the bottom of my post as I find that when readers see the portrait sized image (which is perfect for Pinterest) they are reminded to pin it.

7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals - Example of a Pinterest Optimized Image
Adding a pinterest-optimized image can encourage pinning!

As a Pinterest User, I know myself that I sometimes forget to pin an article until I see a great image to remind me to pin it!

And the results speak for themselves… any post that includes a “pin-optimized” image gets good shares to Pinterest.  And I love it when that happens as it starts a cycle of sharing…

A Pinterest user sees the pin on Pinterest, they click through on the pin to my site and read the blog… and repin it… and so on!  

And the best part is that it doesn't impact my landscape-sized featured blog image. Both can play happily together.

How do I resize the images easily to get my Pinterest image?

I use the following tools to resize images – work out the best fit for you:

1  Canva – I use the Canva for Work level of Canva (approximately $10-12 per month) using their awesome Magic Resize button.  I take my landscape image design in Canva, and click on the Magic Resize Button which allows me to resize my image to portrait size image suitable for Pinterest

2  Relay – An alternative is to use a tool like Relay.  Relay allows you to automagically create multiple images of different sizes with an easy click of the button.  Relay does so much more than just social images but it is a cool function of it and worth checking out.

3  Designfeed – is a new tool that allows you to create multiple images at the same time for your blog.  It's very easy to get started with it and includes a lot of social images.

4.  Shutterstock Editor – If you are a Shutterstock user like I am, you can also use their cool new feature called Shutterstock Editor – it allows you to easily resize your images, add text and add some very very cool filters resulting in some pretty gorgeous images.

Option 2:

Although I like to sometimes add the actual image to the post, if you don't wish to clutter up your post with extra images, you can add a Pinterest image in the background if you use the Social Warfare Plugin.

It's great for not only increasing social shares (with very schmick-looking social share buttons) but behind the scenes you can upload a Pinterest-Specific image that will be shown as the only option to share if someone clicks on the Pinterest share button.

All you need to do is add your Pinterest description into the plug in below your post and then upload or choose your preferred image:

Social Warfare Screenshot - 7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals
Make sure the RIGHT image gets pinned every time!


When someone goes to pin your blog post, the image you have chosen will be the one that shows up if they click on the Pinterest share button. In this case, I have chosen the portrait sized image to be the one that is pulled in.

If I don't want to actually show that image on my blog post, I don't have to – it sits in the background ready to be pinned via the plugin… and ready to drive more blog readers when it does get pinned!

7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals - Pinterest Optimization with Social Warfare
The image is pre-selected using the plugin.


3  Pin Your Facebook Post to your Business Page

Just like with Twitter, you can pin a Facebook Post to the top of your feed. Simply click on the drop down menu on the upper right of your image and choose “Pin to Top”.

How to Pin an Image to Facebook - 7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals

Sounds simple? It is!

Yet so many people don't know you can do it and those of us that do… often forget!  Again, it's a quick way to give your posts about your blog articles a little more attention!  And attention will drive more blog readers!


4  Do a Short Video or Facebook Live

Why not create a short video to introduce your blog post or video blog?  Facebook gives video great reach so it's worth the effort and can be a great way for people to see the face behind your blog or YouTube channel over on Facebook.

It doesn't have to be long and can be as simple as you, on a smartphone, with a simple raw, off the cuff video … straight to camera.

Or maybe jump on Facebook Live for 10 minutes to introduce the blog post and add some extra insight. The beauty of Facebook Live is that the video is saved to your Business Page or Personal Profile and others can watch it later.

I like what Steve Dotto from Dotto Tech does with this – he creates a short (and often humorous) video that introduces his longer YouTube video.   Check out his short intro video that he posted on Facebook about his new YouTube video about Sortd, an email tool:

You can do this for a Vlog or even to introduce a regular blog post.  Short video on Facebook catches attention, and if you can go live – even better!

5  Optimize Your Blog Image for Facebook

If you get your image set up right then people are more likely to share it to Facebook.

Facebook displays nice wide, engaging 1200 x 628 feature images when you share your blog posts.  If you have an image this size in your blog, then Facebook is likely to pull it in.

But to be sure that you will get the right image pulled in, you can use one of two tools:

Option 1:

Use the tool Yoast SEO to specify the Facebook Image you want pulled in.  It's super easy!

It's also the tool I use on this blog to specify which Facebook Image I want you to use when you share my content (hint hint, I'm always ever so grateful if you share my content!).

Use Yoast SEO to Share the Right Image to Facebook - 7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals
Yoast SEO is a great tool for getting your blog shared with visuals.

Option 2:

Again, you can use the awesome tool, Social Warfare to specify which image you wan to share over to Facebook.  A cool feature is that if you do already use Yoast SEO for some images or features, Social Warfare will allow for that and not interfere with what you already have set up!


7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals
The right Image on Facebook is easy Social Warfare!


6  Create an Instagram-Ready Image

Creating an extra image for Instagram is an extra step but one that is worth it.  I usually create an image for every blog post that is square and can be shared to Instagram… and I use the same tools that I mentioned in No 2 of this post:

All of these tools allow you to easily re-size images from the original.   Here's an instagram image that I just created from this blog post:

If you are looking for easy ways to get your latest blog post seen then look no further. I've compiled 7 things that I do that make my blog sharing pretty effortless. Check them the complete article on the LINK IN MY BIO or go to bitly.com/newontheblog. Here's a quick summary of them: 1 Pin your tweet to your twitter profile 2 Add a Pinnable Image 3 Pin your Facebook Post to your Page 4 Create a short video or go on Facebook Live to introduce the blog post 5 Optimize Your Blog Image for Facebook 6 Create an Instagram-Ready Image (like this one!) 7 Set up Twitter Cards. Here's the best bit – all of these tips are not that hard to set up or to do and the result is that you get more of your readers reading your post. And.. they often do the sharing for you. Think about it – the easiest way to encourage people to share your content is to make it super easy for them… right? ALL of these 7 tips make it super easy for people to find and then share your content. So be sure to check them out and just choose one tip to start with – implement that tip, make it part of your blog post routine or “to do” list after you publish your post.. and then add another one, and another and another until you are doing all 7! Now… go and get to it! And remember – you can check the full article on my blog via the LINK IN MY BIO or go to bitly.com/newontheblog . . . #blogging #bloggingtips #blogger #travelblogger #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamanagement #socialmediamarketing #socialmedialife

A photo posted by Donna Moritz – Visual Strategy (@sociallysorted) on


A hint about instagram though… make sure you ADD value to your post. Don't just throw up an image about your blog and say “come and check out my blog post.. click the link in the bio”. Instagram users like to hang out on Instagram.

So.. I recommend that you post the image and (of course) give the link to your post .. but add value.  Add something “more” about the topic you have covered in your blog post. Make it even more relevant to instagram users.

If you give them a little value in your Instagram Description, they are more likely to click through to read the big post!

7  Set up Twitter Cards

When it comes to ways to effortlessly drive more blog readers with visuals, look no further than Twitter Cards.

These take a little tech set up but basically mean that the right information (and image) is pulled into the tweet when someone shares your content.

Here's an example of how a Twitter card looks when Louis shares my content:

7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals - How to Use Twitter Cards
Twitter Cards Make Your Blog Content Look Great!

Again, it's about a little work now… for better sharing later!

Essentially it's as easy as a few clicks if you use SEO Yoas to set up your Twitter cardst, but WP Beginner have explained it all in their post so check it out here.  I have used a simple Photo Card in the example above.

And for more information about Twitter Cards and how to use images on Twitter, read this post I wrote about Images for Twitter.

7 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Traffic with Visuals
Like this Post – Pin it for Later!

Time to Get Busy!

Do your visuals need a little makeover so you can take advantage of these easy to implement strategies to drive more blog readers?  

Which one will you do that you are not doing already?   Leave me a comment below! 


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