• You’re awesome! Love this post. So many great take aways. I love seeing what other people are doing as I always get so many great new ideas. Thanks so much for featuring us Donna and teaching us so much in your course. I’m LOVING visual social media- it is THE way

    • SO glad you got some ideas out of it – I have been mulling over this one for a while as to which blogs would be a good fit and I think I managed to find the perfect mix of travel, food, drink and lifestyle… with a good dose of inspiration! ha ha. Keep up the great work – your visual social media is awesome!

  • Thanks so much for including me Donna! I’m a visual person so I guess that’s why I’m attracted to engaging this way!

    • No problems, and yes you are! If anyone ever says it’s too hard to create their own images I often send them to your blog to see what’s possible. Loving the instagram videos – so fun!

  • Incredible list, and there are definitely some ideas to take away. I need to figure out how I can include both funny and serious visual pieces in my own content to make it more appealing to the masses.

    Great post, Donna.

    • So glad you found it useful Alex – yes I think a mix of helpful and inspiring or funny visual content is a real winner – good luck with it!

  • Thank you for a great post. So many great tips in there!

    • Thanks so much Kirsten – glad you liked it and have fun getting creative!

  • The merrymaker sisters

    Thanks for a super informative post Donna. We have got some great ideas! We have noticed a huge difference in our traffic numbers since incorporating effective visual content to our blog posts + social media. Looking forward to see what happens next! Emma + Carla

    • No problems girls! Glad you liked it – they definitely are 5 great blogs to follow!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Donna, thanks for including me! Totally honored! Can’t wait to see you at SMMW14!

    • You are very welcome! It was an easy choice to include you Kim – I have been impressed by your visual content for a long time (among many other things!), so have been waiting for the right post to showcase it! #SMMW14 is going to be great! Can’t wait to catch up again. Hope our sessions don’t clash or I will have to sneak out of my own presentation he he.

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Donna, thanks for including me! Totally honored! Can’t wait to see you at SMMW14!

  • This post is a goldmine. Great post which showcases people that are doing it right. Thank you Donna.

    • Thanks Praverb! Glad you found it useful! I love seeing examples of people doing it right, so have been wanting to share these guys for a while!

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  • Alison

    Thanks for this post, Donna. I’ve just found you – via facebook/groups/qldbloggers. I appreciate your short and to the point paragraphs and, of course, the visuals. I’m new to all this, but have some actionables to work on. Oh, and I haven’t finished reading yet …

    • Awesome Allison! I try to keep my paragraphs short but I need to constantly remind myself… ha ha. Glad you are finding the blog useful. Don’t forget to sign up to my weekly newsletter if you haven’t already as some of the best stuff is in there… including the posts for the week. Have a great week ahead and thanks so much for stopping by!

  • I hope someday I will have the honor of being your “shining example!” Sometimes I really need some good examples to show how it is truly done in real life. Thanks so much