• Great article Donna! I’m a big fan of Eye Dropper too 🙂

    • Thanks Andy – we think alike (I already knew that) – but yes, I think I will keep using Eye Dropper even after it fills the gap for programs that don’t have one. It’s so handy!

  • These 3 are all new to me. Lots to explore!

    • Oh awesome – at least they are not just the “newest thing” so if you try them out you can rest assured I know a lot of people that use all 3! Enjoy!

  • Liz

    THANK YOU! I’ve been getting all sorts of cranky over the lines around my product photos making the images look blah. I’m going to be trying Clipping Magic tonight. And I can use the other 2 as well. Cheers!

    • HAHA Awesome – can’t have you being cranky – that’s no fun!

  • Natalie Atkinson

    Wow…Thanks so much for Share. These are awesome

  • Preethi

    These are all new to me. Thanks for sharing them!

    • You’re welcome! Glad you got a trio of new awesome tools to use!

  • Eric Blum

    I have been using Buffer for some time now. Recently they rolled out a new app called “Pablo”. This service lets you create good looking quote images that you can use in your social feed.

    • Thanks Eric, yes I like Pablo – it doesn’t have as much functionality as some of the other tools but that’s the point I think – It is designed to help you create images super quick that you can post straight away and for that I think they have matched it well with Buffer’s functionality. Thanks for sharing – nice image! (and who doesn’t love Buffer?)

      • Eric Blum

        Thanks Donna! By the way… thanks for introducing me to Compressor 🙂

        • You’re welcome – glad to hear you got a new one out of this post!

  • Isabel Garcia

    Wow… you’ve saved me with Clipping Magic. I use Photoshop, but the process is not fast. Thank you.

    • Awesome – it is definitely super easy to use and unless there is a lot of tricky shading, it works a treat!

  • Paul Waltkins

    Very informative article Donna. Another helpful online tool I’ve used when I don’t have access to my own computer but I need to do some photo editing is Pixlr editor, which is basically an online (and free) version of Photoshop (of course, not as powerful, but useful for the basic tasks)

    • Ah yes it is great for photo editing etc – have mentioned it in other posts, and a lot of people love it . Thanks for reminding me – I love hearing what people are loving and why – these 3 were definitely the side tools I use all the time but never write about much so figured they deserved a little airplay! And yes photoshop is great (not that I am very good at it haha) but not so portable! I love Adobe Cloud though so I can access it on my MacBook air. I think this year is definitely the year I need to do a Lynda course on Photoshop haha.

  • Hezig

    Thanks for sharing! Loved clipping magic, looks great!

  • m

    irfan view can do the last two (eyedropper and image resize/compress/change format) and it’ll work on whole directories of images too.

    Or if you have a real OS then ImageMagick is the nuts for all this stuff.

  • Hi Donna,
    Just met you on Sue Anne’s blog and came over to meet you.

    When it comes to images I love doing them myself, especially on Canva. What is new and so interesting here for me is Clipping Magic. I find that when I upload my own image sometimes I can’t use it because there is things in the background I need to get rid of. This one looks like a must have for me.

    Thanks so much for this, I know it will make my life a little easier!


    • Thanks Donna – yes Clipping Magic is definitely a huge step forward in making it easy for people to etch out backgrounds – it used to be so expensive and something only a designer could do… not anymore!

  • Stewart Hicks

    The Colour Picker is a handy extension, thanks for the tip

  • Hi Donna
    I have used EyeDropper while rest of the two are quite new to me. This is also because I do most of my designing work on PhotoShop through outsourcing but now am seriously thinking to do it myself and save a lot of money as the first one Clipping Magic seems to be the easiest to me.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Awesome – glad you liked it – yes it is super simple next to photoshop and I know a few designers that use it now!

  • JodieF

    Great article. It’s great knowing these 3 tools exist. I have been using canva for a while to do some basic creative – these will definitely help take it up a notch.

    • yes definitely – I use the eye dropper tool all the time with Canva – I am sure they will bring in their own eventually but this one rocks! It sits on my toolbar so no drama to use with Canva – works seamlessly.

  • Good call on the chrome tool. It’s very awesome software hands down. I saw it about a year ago thanks to my social media manager. I instantly thought that it’s quite helpful. With regards to the other two, I’m not sure if I’ve seen but I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks Donna!

    • No problems – I love the eye dropper tool – I use it all the time with Canva!

  • Love the compressor tool! Thanks Donna