3 Social Ways to Attract More Quality Twitter Followers

Twitter is a great way of driving referral Traffic to your blog or website. But the key is attracting “Quality” Twitter Followers.  Followers who want to know about your niche, love your content and ultimately will buy your products and services.  

3 Ways to attract more quality Twitter Followers using social strategies
Are you being Social on Twitter? These Social Strategies will help you attract Followers that CARE!

Here are 3 “Social” Ways to attract more quality Twitter followers who will love your content and share it with others! 

#1 Make a List of the People Who Love Your Content (and Engage with them!).

I have talked about how to use Twitter Lists to engage with other users before.  I definitely recommend that you start some Twitter lists for your account. Lists work really well for being able to track groups of people. They also enable you to give compliments to others – place someone in a list that has a complimentary title (ie Social Media Innovators).  Be sure to check my previous article here if you want to find out more about using Lists on Twitter.

I recently set up a List that tracks those people who Retweet or mention my content. In particular, I add people to this list if they indicate that they want more content from me, for example, the following people will be added to my “Retweeters” list.

This Tweet asks for more articles about Twitter…I will definitely let @cookbookeditor know about this one!
I will be sure to Tweet @tvhotels when we release an Infographic or write blog posts about them!
And as for @NikiTorkative…. any future Visual Marketing posts in the series will be flagged for her! And also because she has a fun Twitter Name!
@mariadeconno also gets my vote as someone to connect with!

You can also add Tweets to Favourites, or “Retweet” Tweets.  I would keep track of those tweets that indicate that the person:

  • wants more engagement from you
  • likes your particular content
  • gives great feedback or engages with you.

By Retweeting the Content or adding the tweet to your Favourites, you will be able to find the person later.  These types of Followers will be great to connect with…..and be sure to shout out about them to other followers. When you have content that you know your “favourites” will like, why not give them a heads up. For example, I have just this minute responded to @cookbookeditor (Diane) as follows, to let her know about this post before publishing it:

Don't forget to reply to @mentions and RTs!
 #2 Track Your “Post” Retweets & Mentions – and Say Thankyou

If someone says hi on Twitter, say hi back. It's that simple. And if they thank you for something or share your content with a RT… absolutely thank them back!

There are a few ways to do this.  The most popular is by checking your @mentions or Retweets on your Twitter Account or Twitter Management Tool (ie Sprout Social, Hootsuite, TweetDeck etc).

Recently I found a new way to do this. It allows you to easily track any mention of an “article” link (rather than just tracking a mention of your @name on Twitter).  This is useful if the post is not on your own site (such as when you write a guest post).

So here it is:  Check out this video to find out more about how to use a simple function for finding “hidden” mentions of your posts – both on your own page or for your guest posts on the websites/blogs of other thought leaders in your niche:


Please Note: The 3rd tip in this video is relevant even if you do not “Guest Post” as yet.  As outlined in the video, you can use Tip #3 in the video to track your own article mentions as well. (However, just for the record, I suggest you do write Guest Posts….it has made a huge difference to my traffic referral, business and exposure!).

 #3  When someone “tweets” the extra mile for you, go “tweet” the extra mile for them!

This means if you have someone go out of their way to mention you in any way, then return the favour! This tip can be used in many situations – for example if someone Retweets your Content, then say thanks. Retweet their comment or posts as well.  For me, there is one “action” or gesture that does require a little extra effort on Twitter. If you are the recipient of it, then you should definitely take note and say thanks:

If you are added to a Twitter List – take the time to thank the person:

If you are added to a list, thank the person.  They are making the effort to follow your content!
Be sure to reply if you are added to a list – especially one with a cool name like this one!
Give thanks and engage – it builds relationships!

And of course, try to add the person back (to one of your  lists) – perhaps even the List mentioned in #1. If they are tweeting and following your content, take note of who they are and engage with them!

These 3 “Social” ways to engage on Twitter, will attract more quality Twitter Followers for your business. Try it out for yourself and let me know how you go!  

Let's do something with this post – if you like it please leave a comment below. And while you are there, go the extra mile:  Leave your Twitter @name in the comment, and I will follow you (and hopefully some of my readers will too!).  

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