3 Hot Links You can Add in Seconds for More Social Engagement

Are you giving your audience the opportunity to read and share your content in ways that suit them best?  Are you letting them hang out with your content where they like to hang out?

In this post, I share 3 simple links you can add to your website or social media platforms that allow your community to find and share your content on their terms.

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Now we before we start, let's get one thing straight…

I will always recommend that you keep your blog or your website as your priority – as your home base (this can also apply to your webshow or podcast).  All of these platforms are where you produce your primary content.

So… these tips are not to replace that priority, but rather to complement it.

These 3 simple links are for you to add to your blog posts or social media posts to encourage your friends and followers to find your content in other places, and to see your content in other formats…. in places where they like to hang out.

Because the way we consume content has changed – your reader, follower, fan, subscriber calls the shots.

They choose where they like to hang out and in what format they like to receive content and from whom. These links will simply help your content to find them where they are, while still keeping your eyes firmly on your content homebase.

Link 1:  Pin Your Content Straight From Facebook

This one I really like.  It's a simple concept of adding a  link and call to action in your Facebook post description: for your fans to pin the image to Pinterest.

Here is one produced by Canva on their Facebook Page:


Note the simple call to action to “Pin it here” and link?  This simple call to action alerts your Facebook Fans to the fact that they can easily pin this image to their Pinterest board.  In. One. Click.

Back to my original point. it is important, very important that your readers and community come to your website, join your email list and hang out at your home base.  But.

And this is a big but.

Things have changed. Now it is not always about what you post from your website. It's about what your community takes from your website and shares with their friends. On Pinterest.

So by giving them an easy way to pin from Facebook, you are not only exposing them to more of your content on a different platform but you are helping them to share your content easily and in a way that does not violate Facebook or Pinterest terms or copyright.  You are sharing “in-platform” which is how it should be.

How to do it:

The next time you write a blog post, do the following:

  1. Create the blog post.
  2. Add an image to the blog post that is shareable to Pinterest.
  3. Pin the image to Pinterest and link it back to the blog post.
  4. Share the blog post to Facebook and add the link to the Pin in your Facebook Description. Include a call to action saying “Pin it for later” or “Pin this image”.
  5. Boom!  You have a 3-way share! Blog-Pinterest-Facebook.

Remember this:  a good “pinner” is worth their weight in gold. If a Pinterest user want to share your pin from Facebook over to Pinterest, then break out the champagne baby, because the origin of that pin is, guess? Yep. Your website.  When your little Facebook/Pinterest buddy skips your website to pin your content, they are still pinning content that originates on your website.  Then their followers will repin it… and so on.

Oh and here is this post, with a pin link to Pinterest from Facebook.

What it is though, is creating more ways for people to find your content and your business. Winning.



Link 2:  Like, Comment & Share Facebook Posts from your Blog

This one I have actually already featured in this post – see the image above from Canva? It is an embedded post from Facebook, sitting right here on this blog post.   Embedding a post from Facebook into your blog serves to:

  • Expose readers to your Facebook page – maybe they love your blog but are not following you on Facebook yet.
  • Allows you to share visual content with your blog readers. For example, maybe you created a quote or tip image that was purely designed to increase engagement on your Facebook page. Why not embed it in your blog on a relevant post, to give it an extra boost. It's a great way to repurpose your images and get more engagement.
  • Provide a quick way for people to “like” your Facebook page. Embedded posts from Facebook include a “like this page” button.

After spending time on your blog don't you think that people will be a little bit more “warm” to your social content… and ready to share?

Here is an embedded Facebook Post of an image I posted recently. If you haven't seen it before you can easily like my page or like or comment on the post from right here on this blog….or you can click through and share it (go on, you know you want to!).


How do you embed the post?  You simply go to the Facebook post, click on the drop down arrow on the top/right of the post, and then click on Embed Post.  Then grab the embed code and put it into the text/html section of your blog post. The embedded Facebook post will appear in your post.  Here is an image showing you where you find it:

How to Embed a Facebook Post
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From the Drop Down, click on Embed Post to get the code.

It's all about making it easier for your community to find, engage with and share your content and your message.

In a nutshell, sharing and engagement of your content should be able to happen in any direction from any platform in any way that your community likes!

Link 3:  Embed Instagram Posts on Your Blog

Embed a Instagram image on your blog – it links directly to Instagram.

Here's one from my Instagram account.  If I place it here, my readers (that's you!) can click through easily to check out the Instagram post.. and my entire Instagram account.


Instagram images embed very nicely into blog posts…

Consider featuring some of your instagram images in a blog post – maybe a series of images.

Get creative with it!


I'll finish with this.  Don't tell people how to suck eggs. By adding these simple links you can give your readers and fans more options for reading, engaging with and sharing your content.  Everybody wins.

Which one of these “hot links” will you add to your social media posting arsenal?  Tell me in the comments below!  

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