3 Awesome Apps that will Lighten Your Load

I love Apps for fun…and especially for business.They help me keep productivity high when I have a lot on, and they fit in my pocket on my smartphone! I wanted to share with you 3 of my favorite Apps for “lightening the load”.

These 3 Apps for your Smartphone or iPad will lighten your load (from Socially Sorted) Social Media, Sunshine Coast
Apps. Love.

Think of it in terms of “Carry less, Do More”. Read on for my top 3…I am sure you will wonder where you ever were without them!


I am a big lover of Evernote”¦it is an awesome program that allows you to clip, save and post your ideas, notes, photos, webpages, clips, audio and documents into one big filing system in the “cloud” that is accessible and synchronizable from any of your devices (PC, laptop, smartphone)”¦ and of course it comes as an app for smartphones and iPad. Better still, an offline version of your data is backed up to every device so you always have access to a copy to edit and play with before syncing it back into the system. Evernote has also integrated with the Google Chrome search. This means that when you search Google Chrome, it also searches your Evernote files….looking for words within your documents (including PDF and web pages) as well as tags you designate. It’s a bit like searching your brain! Everything is stored in the cloud and all you have to do is sync your devices to update them. SImple. Evernote. Everhelpful.


I have been using the Keyring App for a year or more now. I love it and it has made my wallet sooooo much lighter. Are you familiar with all of those barcoded membership and loyalty cards you receive from favorite coffee shops, superstores, kids entertainment venues, video stores (the list goes on)..? Well no longer do you have to carry them! Just scan the barcode into your Keyring App and voila…instant barcode, stored on your phone. Believe it or not your local favorite store can scan your barcode (I have had the entire staff at a chemist crowd around to watch it work!). If the barcode reader does not pick it up well, then the staff member can easily key in the numbers from your barcode to access your details. Just yesterday I used it at the Cinemas as well as my local Video store. Give it a try. The seams of your wallet will thank you!

3. CAMCARD Just like Keyring, Camcard has lightened my load. It allows me to take a photo of all the business cards I pick up, and the program then enters all the relevant info from the card into contact fields on my phone…complete with fields like email, website and phone. It is remarkably accurate, however I always recommend that you check the final entries against the original card before discarding it – especially where the font or graphics on the card are not easy to read. Better still, you end up having two versions saved…the visual card or photo of it as well as the details going into your contacts!

So there they are. My three favorite Apps at the moment. Bear in mind that all of them have “free” and “paid” verions. The cost to purchase the pro version or extended version for each is minimal but I recommend trying the free version first and then consider upgrading!

Have you tried any of these Apps? If you do, tell me what you think and whether your wallet is any lighter as a result!

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is the founder of Socially Sorted, winner of Best Business Blog in Australia 2014 and a Top 10 Social Media Blog for Social Media Examiner, 2015-2017. She helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
  • Liz See

    Was it Key Ring Rewards Cards App Donna? The one just called keying didn’t seem to have the features you mentioned 🙂

    • Yes, that’s the one Liz – and thanks for the heads up, as I had downloaded the app to my phone a while back and forgot that this is the “extended” name. You obviously found the right one after your tweet about spending the night scanning in cards lol!

  • I use evernote. Love how it works on multiple devises. Used one similar to cam card however it did not like cards with lots of images. I will try this one. Thanks for the info. Fran

    • Hi Fran, yes it can be difficult with most of these scanning programs if the card has lots of images. I always check what was entered and then go from there. At the very least it encourages me to actually enter them ha ha. And as for Evernote. Love.

  • 1st love the bright colors of your site. Grabbed me right away. 2nd I am just entering the “app” world with my 1st tablet. I still have my old cell phone & entered the texting world not to long ago. But I’m catching up to the 21 century and like learning from sites like yours.

    • Thanks for your feedback Shawn – that’s awesome! Much appreciated. I bet you are having fun discovering Apps. They can be great for entertainment as well as tools for business. I think the Keyring App is based in the US so it has added advantages for you guys (us Aussies can still load in barcodes, but they are not often matched to an existing brand on the app)… it means that you can search for a lot of your local stores and businesses and hook into their loyalty programs. Have a great day!

  • I tried evernote and opted to go a different route. It’s an awesome app, I just didn’t think I would use the functionality that it offered.

    I’m going to have to try keyring and camcard. Those would make my life so much easier! Right now I can’t use some of my reward cards because someone else in the house has them when I want to use them (or something similar) this would fix that problem!

    Thanks for the review

    • Exactly Tonja! I have wasted so many reward points at our local natural foodstore/organic supermarket because I keep forgetting to take the keyring barcode that my husband has…and now I can hand them the iphone. I love that if it doesn’t scan, there is a button you can press which brings up a screen saying “cashier, please key in the code” – it’s an app with a back up plan! And as for Evernote, I think it is useful even on a basic level. I think if i was only going to use it for one thing, I would use it to clip web pages that I wanted to come back to later. It’s great for that.

  • Thank you from myself and my wallet for sharing your favourite apps… Particularly the loyalty card one-brilliant!

    • I am so glad you and our wallet are content Mama K! Have fun watching the faces of the store attendants when you hand over your iphone. It can attract quite a crowd!

  • I LOVE Evernote too, I use CardMunch (LinkedIn connected) for my business cards, and I just uploaded KEYRING to my iphone. THANK YOU for this awesome information. Now, to get my DH Keyring. His cards always get destroyed. LOL

    • Awesome Dyrene! I will have to check out CardMunch. Have fun with Keyring!

  • Thanks for the advice. Just got my new smartphone and it looks like I need to go app shopping now!

  • ShopStore App

    Shopping Organizer

    ShopStore app just released earlier this week and allows users to Save, Share and Use all their Loyalty Cards, Rewards Cards, Club Cards along with Gift Cards, Receipts and Coupons from their phones. Seems very convenient and handy so we no longer have to carry all that clutter, lose it, misplace it. Now it’s in one app.

    Sharing this information with friends and family in ShopStore makes it alittle more fun!

    Anyways, hope this helps as an additional app. It’s too new for the list.

  • ShopStore.

    We incorporated the 4 main essentials shoppers deemed important for a shopping digital wallet.

    Loyalty Cards/Rewards Cards/Store Cards
    Gift Cards

    Store them in ShopStore and scan your phones screen at the register. The fastest checkout possible.

  • cool

  • Iatsham Jamadar

    I would like to add Bric app Business card reader and organizer to the above list to manage my contacts. With Bric, you can scan cards accurately through a combination of OCR backed by human validation and sync the data to Google Contacts, phone book, MS Outlook and even Salesforce.