• Hi Donna
    Pictures speak louder than words. If someone has still any doubt in this proverb he just signup for a Pinterest account and share a few text posts and simultaneously a few image posts and see the different. Soon after sharing he will get a few response quickly at his image posts. I have gone through this experience that is why saying this with that much surely. Thanks for the share.

    • Thanks Muba – yes they do! Pinterest has definitely changed the game and in a good way!

  • I just love the idea. I agree on this visual content driving high traffic than textual contents. Pictures have many interesting sides which can attract more users even those who don’t like to read lengthy posts.

    • Thanks Emmy – yes I think the images are like a big red button saying “click me” in a way….and you are right – people who want snippets of info can take info from the image and then choose whether they want to go deeper….

  • This is informative and helpful. And these examples that you’ve shared Donna, are all great. Indeed, visual content is a doorway to the website. It is effective in driving web traffic and it makes your fans be your future customers. I am excited to apply the things that I have learned from here.

  • Stephen Mayall

    Another great post Donna and love the examples, excited to see where visual context goes next year!

    • Thanks Stephen – I am excited to see where it goes too!

  • As it is said that “first impression is the last impression” images are the most prominent part of any site. One should use images for a better gateway, butt images should be relevant.

    • I agree on all counts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and glad to hear you are embracing the importance of visual content.

  • Sue B. Zimmerman

    I love that you just introduced me to @finalcutking Instagram acct OMG! You are so great at ALWAYS giving value in every post xo

    • Haha awesome! So tell me – now many hours did you watch his short special effects videos for, the first time you discovered him? I think I was in a video vortex for about 2 hours haha… Couldn’t. Stop. Watching.

      • Sue B. Zimmerman

        Just watched about 4 vids bc I didn’t have time to be sucked down the vortex or amazing entertainment.

        • haha I was travelling when I first discovered it, so I got caught up watching them with the kids! You will be able to catch the latest on Instagram though – and they only take 15 seconds haha.

  • Donna, you have inspired me!! I really want to make a slideshare for my most recent blog post now… like I don’t have enough to do already!! lol Truly I am grateful!! I wonder if you would post about a simple system to get your team to repurpose content with ease? (Or maybe you have already?) I am cutting down my work time next year… AND I’d still like to create a lot more!

    • Thanks Lisa! I love SlideShare for driving traffic and I love the Constant Contact example. Great idea about the post – I am just building content side of my team for next year now, so stay tuned, as I will definitely write about the process – so far it’s me doing it and/or me and a designer but I have some cool people coming on board. I still will have my “hand” in it as I love the creative side, but as far as ongoing content, yes I should have a lot to share for readers over the coming months.

  • Rebekah Radice

    Hi Donna! Thank you so much for including me. I was so excited when I saw one of my posts in your Slideshare at Kim Garst’s event.

    I love your examples here. Zach King is one of my absolute favorites. He’s a perfect example of taking what you love and marrying it with a highly compatible social platform. Everything he does is pure genius!

    • I missed this with all the Christmas Shenanigans going on! You are very welcome and Zach is awesome! A little bit of a time-waster (I’ll just watch one more” haha – but we will forgive him!