• Loretta Smith

    Great suggestions! I’ve done most of them on a regular basis 🙂

    • That’s great Loretta – you are doing better than most big companies if you can keep up with all of that!

  • Wowee! You must be exhausted after all those tweet imbeds. Epic job!! Great wrap up Donna. It was great to meet and chat with you in real life.

    • ha ha I think I might give the tweet embeds a miss at Problogger – they were very naughty today when finishing it off…lol… I just love that the Twitter feed is such a great wrap of the best bits though, so it is worth the effort. It’s always a surprise to see what resonated with people. It was great to meet you in person too – will look forward to hearing more about your trip plans at Problogger over a drink!

  • Well done Donna, an excellent overview of the #SoMeT13AU conference and I love your use of tweets. It was great to meet you at the conference and thanks again for posting this comprehensive overview. I agree travel + social media combined = winning!

    • Thanks Matt! I should be thanking you for giving me the awesome tweets – you guys all wrote it for me as the Twitter Feed Rocked! It was a fabulous two days and fabulous content. Glad you had a great time too!

  • Hello Ms. Donna,

    Didn’t we have a good time?! Love how you’ve shared the tweets here. I’ve live blogged events in the past which was grueling but live tweeting is much easier and gives people a great overview. Thanks for sharing so much here and your talk was ace too 🙂

    • It was a blast Annabel! Wow, live blogging – I always envy anyone that does that. I do love the tweets though – it is the quickest way to see what resonated with the audience. I must say it was so much fun to get off stage and read all the tweets – like an instant summary of the best bits. And thanks for the feedback – means a lot coming from you! x

  • Great post Donna, thanks for your participation and for taking the time to create this wrap-up. See you next year!

    • Thanks so much William – and thanks for making it easy – your session was exceptional! It was a great summary of the event and gave everyone a lot to think about! Have loved reading some of your blog posts since. If only every social media agency or expert was as insightful and innovative as the Think Team. I think next year will be a hard-fought competition for hosting, and will need to be a bigger venue as the word is out about what those that were not there missed out on!

      • Ditto!
        So pleased that we’re getting more and more from Think! Social Media in our world too.
        We started off with doing a simple Social Media Audit and then a Competitor Analysis – now we’re working on Social Strategy and more of the not so serious brand heavy, dull, navel gazing @JanineHutton keeps talking about.
        Social Media should be the more fun space – that’s what we’re working towards in South African Tourism

  • Donna,

    Great job. You’ve pulled all the really important points together in a easy to apply, and contextualise kind of way.

    It’s so good to see the post event coverage and this wrap-up has been a terrific reminder of all the important stuff I need to also pay attention to now… and getting ready for next year!

    • Wow William, thanks – that means a lot coming from you. I knew I was in for a great conference just 2 minutes into your opening presentation. I for one, am very curious to see what your team at Tourism South Africa comes up with over the next year if the past year has been anything to go on! We Aussies, South Africans and Canadians are a clever bunch!

      • We do have a special something that we share with Canadians and Australians… trying to figure that one out too – but yes, we’re working hard at applying to good stuff we learn and also from the stuff we mess up on – those learning are really valuable too… and we often don’t like to learn from the mistakes do we – being able to share those is also a challenge I find.
        We’ve learnt a lot along the way and taking risks have been the biggest, and best teacher on our journey.
        Looking forward to seeing how our #MeetSouthAfrica campaign work leads us into new spaces and places.

        • I agree, learning from mistakes often makes the best case studies and you are right, it is a challenge to share but I think that some of the best successes (including at this conference) came from learning from failures. With you guys all taking a leap of faith and trying new things there are bound to be hiccups along the way, but the results are really exciting!

  • Jan Hutton

    World class Donna (!) so appreciate you compiling all the high-notes into one place for us. Wonderful wrap-up, made me reminisce about the conference. Had such a fabulous time in Aus! Have to echo your sentiments … the Aussies, South Africans & Canadians are rather a clever bunch…lets keep learning from each other. Look forward to catching up with you next year!

    • Thanks so much Jan! I am glad to hear you had a great trip. I have only been to the top part of Africa in all my travels but I have a lot of SA friends around the world so I hope to get to the tip sometime ha ha. The conference was fabulous and we were lucky it wasn’t so massive that we got to meet and chat (even by twitter) – though I think that next year they will have to get a big venue, as the word is OUT! I will look forward to seeing you then!

  • Well done Donna, some great info above and congrats on your speaking gig. Looks like a great event!

    • Thanks Ian! Much appreciated. It was certainly one of the best conferences I have been to, mainly because the speakers were presenting on so many real life (and freakin’ awesome, innovative) case studies. There was no hiding behind theory – some of the campaigns were just so insightful. You would have loved it. Looking forward to next year!

  • Rebecca White

    Thanks for a great conference wrap up Donna, that is a fantastic summary for those not at the event! I was following the conference via Twitter and I and will definitely be there next year!

    • Thanks a lot Rebecca – that’s great to hear and that’s so cool that you were following via Twitter – the feed was great. I think a lot of people will be there next year – they will have to double the venue size!

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  • Lyne

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Looks like a great learning experience. Hope I can get to attend next year.

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