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Are you more focused on building your “List” than how you actually engage with the “People” on that List?  In “The Social Quote” this week, we feature Scott Stratten,  President of  Unmarketing.  

The Social Quote 2 - Scott StrattenThe Quote:

“You don’t want a huge list.  You want an engaged list….the gold isn’t in the list anymore, it’s in the engagement.”  Scott Stratten.

Author’s Note:  The above “quote” is a merge of two quotes from Unmarketing.  I couldn’t resist.  They just looked so good together and I am sure that Scott will be cool with it. After all… he did think this point was worthing driving home enough to repeat it in his book.  I agree. Totally.  Enough for me to now repeat it yet again in this post.
The Source:

Scott Stratten’s awesome book and a marketing-game-changer Unmarketing:  Stop Marketing. Start Engaging 

The Takeaways:

This Quote really hits home with me. In fact I had posted about this very thing a little over a year ago just a month before I read Scott’s amazing book, Unmarketing.  So it it was one of hundreds of statements in Unmarketing that resonated with me.

What can we takeaway from Scott’s wise words?  Yes, by all means build a list.  Yes, by all means grow your following.  But don’t leave them sitting there, like some sort of numbers on a spreadsheet that you never engage with! You are better off having 100 engaged, enthusiastic brand advocates that tweet out your blog posts, share your new products and rave about your services than 1000 people that you never reach out to after you receive their email address….and just as importantly who never reach out to you after they give you their email address (because they only really wanted to win that iPad, right?).

Let’s use the analogy in the post listed above.

You need to invite your list to the social media cocktail party.  Don’t leave them sitting in the corner without a drink in their hand.  By “party” I mean this:  Your list can be one of two things:

  1. static (ie stuck in the corner without a drink in hand, watching the action from afar) or
  2. dynamic (ie handed a cosmo, invited to join the conversation, engage, provide input and feel like they belong in your community).

Don’t fall into the same trap as many marketers and treat your list as a group of people to market TO instead of as a dynamic “community” of people that you can engage WITH.  There are many ways to engage with the people on your list (making them feel valued, involved and wanting to tell everyone they know about you….like word of mouth on steriods!).

Start asking yourself how you can engage with all of those names in your database.  How can you find out more about the people behind the names?  How can you provide them with awesome content, ideas, resources and information?  How can you encourage them to comment, like, ask questions and participate? How can you really listen to them and what they have to say?

Treat them like you are on a first date…don’t just talk “at them” but really encourage them to participate in the conversation….let them lead!  How can you give them a choice of ways to interact with you?  Are they Twitter users, Facebook Fans, YouTube watchers or Blog readers?  How can you make it easy for them to engage with you?

Find the answers to these questions and the size of your list won’t cross your mind any more – you will be too busy keeping up with tweets, blog comments, likes, shares, emails…and sales!

Author’s Note (again!):  Scott’s new book is called “The Book Of Business Awesome: How Engaging Your Customers and Employees Can Make Your Business Thrive”.  It is, as Scott calls it, a “Flip Book”.  What is a Flip Book?  Let’s let Scott tell the story:  “I’ve written a new book that’s actually two books in one:  The Book of Business Awesome:  How Engaging Your Customers and Employees Can Make Your Business Thrive -AND- The Book of Business UnAwesome:  The Cost of Not Listening or Being Great at What You Do.  It’s a flip-book. Seriously.  One side is tales of Awesome, flip it over, and it reads the other way with train-wrecks of UnAwesome. Two beginnings, two ends and even two author photo’s :) The book is about engagement everywhere. Your logo isn’t your brand, you are. From hiring, to marketing, PR to management, all your bases are important in the game.             Like.
Want More?

Find out more about Scott Stratten at his site and check out his new book here.   Scott is an avid Twitter user, so be sure to follow him, and yes, he engages!  You can also follow his blog posts via Google Reader by adding this RSS feed.

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Have you read “Unmarketing”.  Did you love it as much as I do?  Let’s help build our “dynamic lists”.  Leave the contact details for your favourite social media link below and I will come over and say hi!  

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  • Rodney Bukuya

    I love the sound of this guy, I think I’ve just found my next book purchase. Thanks for bringing us even more valuable content Donna.

    • Definitely get the book Rodney – you won’t be sorry. I think every page had a great tip on it…he really “gets” how to build relationships in business and also how “not” to act. Let me know what you think of it when you do get it!

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  • Sounds much more relaxed than trying to build a huge list. We have more opportunity to be ourselves when we engage with others in this way.

    • Yes, I love it too. I have listened to and read some interesting content lately about “launching” products without a massive list too – it can be done successfully if you engage well, and use a little bit of creativity. I love that if you treat your list like a community you attract the type of people that love your content and will be brand advocates. It makes sense and you are right, it is more “relaxed”.