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Have you ever considered “outsourcing” or “delegating” your Social Media?  If so, then read this post before acting.  In “The Social Quote” this week, we feature Laura Roeder,  Entrepeneur, online Social Media Marketer and Founder of LKR.

The Social Quote - Laura Roeder

The Quote:

“Remember that social media is not just marketing, but also customer service ”” people are interacting with and asking questions about your company, and the person answering them must be knowledgeable. And it’s especially important because a bad social media interaction can be spread virally in seconds. Choose someone who is able to answer any question and can speak in the voice of your brand.”  Laura Roeder

The Source:

Laura Roeder is an Entrepeneur, and founder of LKR.  This quote was sourced from an article on The Agency Post Blog featuring the advice and opinion of 11 Thought Leaders (including Laura) on the topic of Social Media Delegation.


The Takeaways:

This Quote is so important for anyone in business (mirco, small, national brands or corporate) who uses social media as part of their overall strategy. If you take nothing more away from this quote than a couple of memorable words, then please make those words customer service.

For that is what it is about.  At its most simplest and most effective.  Customer Service.

Social Media is not just a means of broadcasting your message…even if that message does consist of stellar content.  It is a means of listening, conversing and interacting with your target market. But it doesn’t stop there.  One of the biggest group of fans to engage with brands on social media are people who already “like what they like”. People who already buy your products, use your services or follow your brand.  For this reason, businesses and brands must be prepared to use social media platforms to keep these fans happy. That is where customer service comes in.

Customer service is an important part of every facet of your business, whether it be online, offline or a mix of both.  When considering whether to delegate or outsource your social media, consider this question:  Would you consider outsourcing your customer service?  Now… that has you thinking, doesn’t it!

If you think about it, would you really ask an external person or business to handle your customer service in your bricks-and-mortar business?  Would you hand that ever-important job of interacting with clients on a day to day basis with a person that was not an advocate for your brand, or not knowledgeable about your business operations?

I suspect not.

Or would you want your customer service handled in-house by someone you trust, that knows the ins and outs of your business and can answer questions and engage with people across every facet of what you do?

I suspect so. 

So, Laura has a very important point here, right?  If you even remotely consider outsourcing your social media, then you need to do some serious thinking first. Can you guarantee that the person handling your “customer service” online is a brand advocate, and even more importantly, are they a knowledgable brand advocate?   If not, then don’t do it.

In my experience, the only time that outsourcing social media brand management works effectively is if it is for a short, pre-determined period of time WHILE a reputable social media agency co-posts and trains an internal team to manage the social media – in a hands-on way.
Social media strategy meets in-house knowledge meets brand advocates.  Winning.

And then the transition occurs…a transition to handover, so that your business and your team manage their own social media…effectively…and strategically.

Want More?

Find out more about Laura Roeder at her site or connect with her and her team on Twitter.  You can also follow the LKR team on Facebook here.

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Do you handle your own Social Media?   Have you ever outsourced or delegated part or all of it?  How did that work for you? 

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is the founder of Socially Sorted, winner of Best Business Blog in Australia 2014 and a Top 10 Social Media Blog for Social Media Examiner, 2015-2017. She helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
  • Thanks, Donna, for spotlighting these quotes. Each one like this is a gem!

    In my opinion, the hazards of outsourcing my social media activity, are similar to the temptation to automate what and where I post. While some automation seems to be good, and some seems to be awful, the “business end” of all this social media is the engagement I generate. And where it can lead.

    Bottom line: Whoever engages with people responding to me better think, and speak, just like I do. So far, the only one around here who can do that is me.

    • Thanks Robbie – glad you are liking these posts – I am having a great time doing them. And you are so right – a little planning and scheduling is fine but it is the engagement that the planning and scheduling generates that is the important thing. And definitely, in your line of business, it is your personal brand, knowledge, creativity and talent that shines through…so instead of outsourcing the “customer service” then maybe find other things you can outsource that don’t need your “voice”
      so much. It does help if you like engaging, which you obviously do! Thanks for your feedback!

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