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Social Media Content Creation – 3 Easy Ways to Use Screen Shots

We talk a lot about creating visual social media content here at Socially Sorted.  
This post showcases 3 of my favourite strategies for finding quick, easy, content to share on your Blog, Facebook or other sites – using screenshots.Continue Reading

The Facebook Group Tools You Didn't Know Existed

I love Facebook Groups.  I participate in a few, and I have started a few of my own.  The benefits of using Facebook Groups for a whole bunch of reasons can be found here, as I have posted about my enthusiasm for groups before.  Today I want to share with you two tools thatContinue ReadingContinue Reading

5 Tools to Streamline Your Business, Go Paperless and Work Remotely

Are you drowning in paperwork?   Can’t find your notes?  Sick of lugging your laptop around? Overwhelmed by keeping up with social media?   If this is you, and you love the “idea” of being organised, going paperless,  travelling “light” and beingContinue ReadingContinue Reading

7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business – Part 2

With the rise and rise of Pinterest over the past few months, we have another round of Pinterest Tools to share with you. Continue Reading