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I love a great presentation. I am a TED Talk addict and I can get lost in great slides.  So it’s no surprise that I love SlideShare. A great Slideshare Presentation is one that you simply can’t stop clicking through. One you can’t miss and see through to theContinue Reading

2 Social Media Marketing Videos You Must Watch Before 2014

There is a lot that I want to say about marketing and social media and how we should all be moving forward in 2014.  But these 2 videos say it all…and more.   If you only do one more thing before the end of the year to help you plan 2014 (before you head off and enjoy theContinue Reading

Instagram for Business – 4 Words You Need to Know

Instagram just announced that they have 150 million monthly active users. That’s a big jump from 100 million users in February.   As this juggernaut of a social platform goes from strength, it’s time to look at what Instagram is, what it can do for your business andContinue Reading

Top Tweets from Problogger Event 2013 Day 2 #PBEvent

Day 2 at Problogger Event 2013 was another great day of fabulous sessions, networking and entertainment.   I think I can speak for all attendees in saying that by Day 2, this conference was not just about our blogs, but about making a difference, about facing our fears inContinue Reading

Top Tweets from Problogger Event 2013 Day 1 #PBEvent

450 Bloggers converged on the Australian Gold Coast this week for Problogger Event (#PBEvent), the largest Blogging Conference in Australia and arguably one of the best blogging conferences in the world.  In its 4th year now, this conference keeps getting better and better. AsContinue Reading

Hot Tips for Creating the Perfect Social Media Post [Infographic]

Not sure where to start when creating Social Media Posts? Confused between Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter?   What to post, how to post it, and on which platform can be overwhelming for anyone, now matter how experienced they are with social media. Here is anContinue Reading

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Get Inside the Head of Your Ideal Client

Using Social Media comes with one caveat – you need to have a plan. And one way to have a plan is to target everything you do towards an Ideal Client or Ideal Client Avatar.   This post looks at 3 simple ways you can use Social Media to find out more about your idealContinue Reading