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5 Ways to Visually Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile using Professional Portfolio

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.  With 225 million+ members it is the perfect platform for managing your professional identity, building your professional network and engaging with connections.  But it’s time to give your profile a Makeover.  AContinue Reading

Is Your Gmail Social? How to Use Gmail Daily to Build an Engaged Community

If you use Gmail then here is a strategy I use daily to quickly and easily build an engaged community of people who want to read and share my content.   Intrigued? It involves a simple program called Rapportive. It’s easy to integrate with Gmail and it is a major part ofContinue Reading

The Ultimate Social Media Image Guide [Infographic of the Week]

This week we feature the Ultimate in Social Media Image Guide – the “Social Media Design Blueprint” from the folks over at Tent Social.   It’s not just a guide for Facebook. Or Twitter.  It’s about ALL the social media platforms.  YouTube.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Why Endorsements are the New "Like" On LinkedIn

There is a new “one-click kid” on the block.  It’s called Endorsements, and it is the Facebook “Like” of LinkedIn.  One click and you can give a very powerful nod to the skills and professional experience of another person in business. One clickContinue ReadingContinue Reading