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3 Mobile Apps that Put Visual Content Creation in Your Pocket

3 Mobile Apps that Put Visual Content Creation in Your Pocket

Content Creation has changed. Everyone is a potential content creator – with a smartphone in their pocket. Especially Visual Content.  These 3 Mobile Apps give you the ability to create killer visual content – by producing awesome images, in real-time, on-the-go.Continue Reading

Instagram for Business – 4 Words You Need to Know

Instagram just announced that they have 150 million monthly active users. That’s a big jump from 100 million users in February.   As this juggernaut of a social platform goes from strength, it’s time to look at what Instagram is, what it can do for your business andContinue Reading

Hot Tips for Creating the Perfect Social Media Post [Infographic]

Not sure where to start when creating Social Media Posts? Confused between Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter?   What to post, how to post it, and on which platform can be overwhelming for anyone, now matter how experienced they are with social media. Here is anContinue Reading

The Ultimate Social Media Image Guide [Infographic of the Week]

This week we feature the Ultimate in Social Media Image Guide – the “Social Media Design Blueprint” from the folks over at Tent Social.   It’s not just a guide for Facebook. Or Twitter.  It’s about ALL the social media platforms.  YouTube.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Social Media Marketing World 2013 – Top Tweets Day 2 #smmw13

Day 2 of Social Media Marketing World and the Twitterfeed was yet again filled with tweetables from dozens of thought leaders in Social Media! This Post (Part 2 – you can check out Part 1 here) features another 27 amazing sessions on topics ranging from everything fromContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Instagram to Twitter Shortcut: Easily Tweet Instagram Photos with IFTTT

Twitter and Instagram broke up in December. No longer could we easily post photos to Twitter via the Instagram app.  But now there is an easy way to bring back the love between Instagram and Twitter – this post shows you how to have your Instagram images show up instantlyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Beyond Instagram: How To Use Multiple Apps To Get The Photo Effect You Want

GUEST POST by ANGELA HEMMING I shoot photos for my blog with a “real camera,” but sometimes all I have with me is my iPhone. And, to be honest, sometimes people can’t even tell the difference. Heck, even professional photographers are starting to shoot weddings usingContinue ReadingContinue Reading