Why this resource page?  I wanted a place for you to go to get our top recommended (and most popular posts) on each of our blog topics..and more.  We will add to this and update this page regularly as our favourites change and new posts are added.   Enjoy!

A Social Business 101

The information in these articles should underpin a lot of what you do if you are starting out (or even well entrenched) in using social media. They are principles that are set in good old fashioned customer service, relationship marketing and good business practice. I suggest you start here before you get into the “How To” of using different platforms. Enjoy!

Visual Marketing

Why does the use of visual marketing get top billing on my resource list? Because if you use it well, it can make a massive difference to the impact of your social media efforts. These articles have been some of our most popular yet. Check them out!





You Tube

Other Lists of Things we Love

“My criteria for adding a link, product, person, blog or business to this list is simple.

  • It must provide exceptional actionable content related to social media or relationship marketing. 
  • It must make me want to tell everyone, so much so that I included the link here to stop repeating myself daily!  
  • It must make me get excited when I see that the person/place/product/blog has produced something new. 
  • Their content and ideas must be so good that I can come back again and again and still get something out of it!   
  • That’s it!  In fact, I think I may hang out a lot on this page myself….”  Donna


  • Social Media Examiner  – Social Media Examiner, the world’s largest online social media magazine – more than 600,000 readers/month.
  • Amy Porterfield – Amy is your go-to-girl for Facebook Marketing Strategy. She provides actionable, innovative content every time.
  • Social Fresh  – The Business of Social Media – get the latest cutting edge case studies, opinions and news about social media.
  • Michael Hyatt – Michael blogs about Leadership, Productivity, Social Media and Publishing.  Always relevant, always useful. A must-read.
  • Social Triggers – without a doubt one of the most important sites for building a blog that converts and building a list that matters.  If you have to choose one or two websites about blogging and building a business to follow, then please include this one!  Derek Halpern is brilliant.  And his information is backed by research into the psychology of human behaviour (in a fun way!).


  • Unmarketing (Scott Stratten) – If you work in Social Media and Marketing you must read this book before proceeding.
  • Crush it (Gary Vaynerchuk) – Gary strips back all the bells and whistles to reveal how good old fashioned customer service really works.
  • Launch (Michael Stelzner) – Michael Founded Social Media Examiner. Want to find out how to build a platform? Read this book!
  • Start with Why (Simon Sinek) – Find out how great leaders inspire action, and why knowing your WHY can transform your business!