• Linda

    Thank you. I have Yeost and haven’t used it. This showed me what to do. I also appreciated the tips on the share buttons and alt text.

    • Awesome – yes Yoast is pretty easy to get started with. It does a lot more than I have shown in this article but it will definitely get you started!

  • Some good tips use some myself and learned a few more thinkgs

    • Great to hear Robert – I always like to have people to go away with one takeaway at least that they can jump in and use!

  • Ricardo Ramos

    Hi Donna.

    Great tips to increase number of views!

    However, I would love to read your oppinion about a question regarding websites, if you do not mind.

    In my opinion, websites are fundamental for a company. It’s always a place controlled
    by the owner and a point of contact to the client. However, with users being able to encounter your brand and services through a variety of channels, makes me think if a website is a vital part of a digital strategy.

    Users have been changing their behaviour towards mobile apps and social media, in prejudice of websites. This behaviour is certainly decreasing the number of clicks/visits on the web page, making them less necessary.

    To illustrate my point of view, imagine this scenario:
    On my Facebook news feed I find an article review about a restaurant, and after
    reading the review, I feel compelled to visit the place. To get to know others opinion, I decide to make a search on Tripadvisor or Foursquare platforms. After reading positive reviews from others, I decide to ask my wife through WhatsApp if she wants to join me.

    To know where the restaurant is, I search for it on Google. The search result provides
    important information on the right side like the review from others and also includes a button to directly call the place, which I use to make the reservation. Google Maps provides the information of the exact location and I can use Uber to go to the restaurant and Waze to check the traffic conditions.

    This scenario illustrates the possibility of making everything by only using Mobile
    Applications and Social Media platforms, without the need of visiting the restaurant’s website.

    Websites are only providing content to Social Media platforms, and users only visit the
    mobile web page of a company if they don’t have the app.

    From an entrepreneur point of view, is it worth to invest in a website? Should he
    include a website in its business strategy? Does a website continue to be a powerful tool of marketing?

    Can you imagine a different future for websites? Will they only exist to provide content to Social Media and mobile apps or will they evolve due to the development of 3D, augmented reality or virtual reality?

    Thank you very much!

    Ricardo Ramos

    • Agree with what you are saying to an extent Ricardo in that it is changing… we do need to focus more (and meet people) on the platforms our communities are on… but I don’t think owning your own real estate on the web will ever go away as a wise thing to do. At such a low cost to set up these days and the fact that blogs still hold a lot of power especially for local business, I definitely wouldn’t discount it yet if at all, but yes, we need to be planning content with mobile, apps and social in mind. Remember though that social media platforms are not immune from going away nor are we safe from increasing ad spend to be seen on them so organic traffic to a website can still be a great thing.

      • Ricardo Ramos

        I agree that websites will still be fundamental for a company but I have the feeling that 3D, virtual reality or augmented reality might take websites to a different level.. Do you think it is possible to make websites the center of the Internet experience again?

        And why do you think users are changing their behaviour?
        Understand user behaviour change is fundamental to offer different experiences to users when they visit a website.