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  • Wow, I really need to start using my Pinterest account more!

    Thanks for the great info!

    • You are welcome – just start slowly with a few boards and go from there! And remember it’s also about what is on your website ready to be shared! Have fun with it!

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    My favourite Pinterest tool is PinPinterest com. It has given me about 55k followers for my Pinterest and floods my blog with unique visitors everyday 🙂
    It is free to use, runs on the cloud, optimised for use on mobile devices, easy to setup, has Pin Scheduling feature and Speed Control…
    The best thing I like about PinPinterest is that it has Intelligent Content Detection algorithms, which pin only images relevant to my business to my boards 🙂
    I can fully rely on PinPinterest for my Pinterest marketing 🙂

    • Hi Ryan – is this your company, as you sure do spend a lot of time posting about it on everyone’s blogs as per your Disqus history and it sounds more like a pitch than a genuine comment based on the post.. and this is an old post. Or are you doing influencer marketing for them as it’s not really cool to do it this way. If they want to catch my attention about their tool there are better ways of going about it.