• Hi Donna!

    Thank you so much for sharing my infographic and for mentioning me and my blog. Also thank you for the compliments.

    This is a great post – very helpful! It’s nice that you included the infographic from Curalate. There are lots of amazing stats in that one.


    • You are very welcome – thanks for putting together the infographic! Yes, the guys at Curalate are awesome and really know the visual web. Their software literally can read images!

  • Lynne

    Nice to know tips for pinterest images. There is a lot I need to learn about images on my site and pinterest. Thanks for the the useful tips, they really helped a great deal.

  • Tes

    Wow! I just used your auditing trick on my sister’s site and apparently she has a LOT of Pinterest fans we didn’t even know about! Thanks for sharing!

    • You are very welcome Tes! Does she have a Pinterest account? I find it interesting when brands are not using Pinterest and they find out that content can be shared from their site – it’s quite eye opening and can shift the way you think about content on your website, especially visuals.

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  • Camille

    I’m on a mission to get my site all geared up with Pinterest-friendly images, and this post definitely helps. Thank you!

    • Awesome – glad you found it useful Camille!

  • thirstygirl

    PLEASE put a date on your posts. I never now how OLD a page’s story is and how relevant it is. . . Pinterest no longer shows the REALLY LONG images on the homepage – I need to know how long the limit is now, please. Thanks!

    • Hi – our dates have only been missing for a short period of time since the website changed over to a new format and will come up again soon – as for Pinterest there is no limit in length, but the preview is not showing the whole pin (viewers need to click on expand pin to see longer infographics and most pinterest users are used to that now as it has been that way for a while) – so if you are looking to do a long pin or infographic you should still do it, just that people will click through to it. As far as the length of the pin before it becomes an “expand pin” it is complicated and there are a lot of ratio issues which is why I have not dedicated a blog post to it yet as for the most part if you are going to do an infographic, then do one – don’t worry about the preview size, as people will click through – but if you are really interested in it Vincent Ng has written a great post about it here: http://www.mcngmarketing.com/how-long-should-pins-be-on-pinterest/#.U2FP_a2Sxhg

    • PS glad you like my posts enough to get frustrated about the dates :o) we are on to it.

  • Andrew Michelle

    Nice posts

  • Bethany

    HI! When you state, “Pinterest has had some important changes to their platform this year,” what year are you referring to please? Thanks.

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