• Cathy

    Great ideas!!

    • Thanks Cathy – let me know if you try any of them out!

  • Peppylady (Dora)

    Social media is great but Image can
    speak volume…Lot depends on your internet hook up. If you live in a
    rural area one plays on different playground I came over from the
    ultimate blog challenge.

    Hope you fine to swing by my blog for a
    cup of coffee.


  • Caitlin Van Essen

    Thanks for this! So much great info packed in here now I just have to start implementing it.

    • Hey Caitlin! Glad you found it useful! Let me know when you try some of these – I love to see what people come up with!

  • K’Lee Banks

    Hi there! Stopping by from UBC and Facebook!

    Thanks for sharing some great ideas. I started awhile back with including at least one photo with each post.

    Things I click on lately are exercises and healthy eating type of posts and recipes.

    • Awesome K’Lee! I think exercise and healthy eating posts must be two of the most clicked on image types for sure – they are very popular on Facebook and in particular Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!

  • Donovan

    Hi Donna,
    I went for the carrot! This answers your question at the end of your post. The simple art spoke to me and it lent credibility for the post title. You are very good! Thank for sharing!

    • Ha ha that’s brilliant Donovan! I am glad that what was at the end of the carrot was useful for you though! Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate them!

  • Elizabeth Towns

    I am going to work on trying out all three ways to get more clicks on my images and see what works best for me. I have tried the carrot before, and it’s definitely worked! This is a great post!

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

    • That’s awesome Elizabeth! Great to hear – let me know what you create and how it works for you!

  • Thanks for dropping by – yes images can be very powerful! Best of luck with the blog challenge!

  • Thank you Donna. 🙂

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  • Lynne

    Thanks for sharing. Will try this out. Images can really help attract attention to posts.

    • Yes they do – images can be very powerful. Glad you found it useful Lynne – let me know how you go with it!

  • Thanks for the great tips! My blog is about business, leadership & gaining wealth so it can be really difficult trying to find or create images that captivate and still relate to my subject. I really love the idea of creating an image with steps or “How To” information.