SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative – 12 Reasons to Switch

Every week I get asked about the best Meet Edgar alternative for evergreen social media scheduling.  I like Meet Edgar, but it’s expensive for most small business owners.   

In this post I share my review of SmarterQueue and why I made the switch from Meet Edgar to this solid alternative for scheduling your content. 

SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative - 12 Reasons to Switch to SmarterQueue

I have been using Meet Edgar for a couple of years now to schedule content on an evergreen basis, mainly on Twitter, but you can also use it for LinkedIn and Facebook.

Recently, Meet Edgar raised their price from $49 to $79 USD,  which started the onslaught of questions from my community…asking me every week:  is there an affordable Meet Edgar Alternative?

I know that it may not sound like a huge price increase to some people, but when you factor in the exchange rate to other countries (and other factors), it is

And then there’s the issue of needing multiple tools because Meet Edgar doesn’t allow you to enage with content.. you can only post it.

I wasn’t convinced that I would switch. I was looking for replacement for my audience, many of which had ruled out Meet Edgar because of the price point.

Though I did switch. 

…to SmarterQueue.

It turns out SmarterQueue does all of the things that Edgar was doing and more.

Let’s take a look at why Smarter Queue is a great Meet Edgar Alternative:

Smarter Queue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

It was my team member who suggested I try SmarterQueue and I was hesitant at first.

Features aside, I had hundreds of posts set up in Edgar with no easy way of getting them out… at least not that Edgar was providing.

It was easier to stick with Edgar than to move.. until I looked at SmarterQueue.

When considering SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar alternative I looked at a number of features that were necessary for me to switch:

  • Re-Queue of Evergreen content – this is becoming more and more necessary as we try to post our content out on multiple platforms. I don’t mind automation like this as it frees me up to engage (which is what it is all about, right?).
  • Category Based Scheduling – this is where Meet Edgar shot to stardom when it was first released. Scheduling within categories gave us new superpowers to control what content “type” went out “when” and on what platform.
  • Pause Feature – for me this was a no-brainer.  I loved that Edgar allowed me to pause the entire queue when there was a national disaster or sensitive news.  I didn’t want to be tweeting insensitively.
  • Unlimited Posts – or near to it!  With Meet Edgar I could post many times throughout the day under different categories/schedules.
  • Multiple Platforms – although I used Edgar mainly for Twitter, I like that you can use it for Facebook and LInkedIn too.
  • Browser Extension – for quickly adding content that you stumble across and want to quickly add to your queue.
  • Short LInks – the ability to convert your links to short links like bitly’s.
  • Date-based content – whereby you can set your content to expire by a certain date or only post a certain number of times.
  • Great user interface – Edgar was easy on the eye, so I didn’t want to recommend a clunky complicated replacement.

So let’s discuss what SmarterQueue can do that Meet Edgar can do (hint: it can do all of the above and more):

Yep.  All of it.

That’s right. It pretty much replaces all of Meet Edgar’s functionality … but with cream on top.

It has a whole bunch of extra features that are functional, helpful and super handy.  Let’s take a look at it:

Quick OverView of SmarterQueue

I’ll outline all the awesome features of SmarterQueue below.  First, here’s a 4-minute overview from the SmarterQueue team about how to get started. It covers the basics:

SmarterQueue ticks all the boxes for being able to schedule evergreen posts, have unlimited posts, schedule to multiple accounts (Twitter, Facebook Pages/Profiles/Groups, LinkedIn and Instagram), and category-based scheduling to name a few things.

But if you are looking at SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative, you need to know all the other things it does.  Here are the features I love in SmarterQueue:

SmarterQueue Review – 12 Reasons it’s a Great Meet Edgar Alternative

#1  Setting Up Content Categories is Easy with SmarterQueue

With any evergreen queue tool, the set up of your categories and schedule can be daunting.

I remember the first time I did this in Meet Edgar, it took a while to get my head around all the moving parts! Once I got started, it became easier, but still took a lot of time.

With SmarterQueue it’s easy, because the tool gives you:

  • 6 pre-populated categories
  • the ability to edit and add to those categories easily
  • colour coding for categories (a feature I LOVE)

You’ll literally be guided through, step-by-step, in setting up your account and populating categories.  It’s one of the best on-boarding processes I have experienced.

Check how to add categories, set up your schedule and add content to those categories in the video above.

#2  SmarterQueue makes it easy to add time slots to your schedule

The problem with switching to a new tool as a Meet Edgar Alternative is that you really don’t want to go through the process of setting up your schedule again.

But with SmarterQueue it was set up pretty quickly. If you are starting out for the first time, you can set up your categories manually with new titles and time slots as in the video above.

It’s very drag-and-drop and super easy to populate your queue.

Or if you are transferring from another tool, SmarterQueue gives you a helping hand to import your queue from Edgar (or another tool) using wizadry.

Seriously. Wizadry.

SmarterQueue analysed my connected accounts and used that information to replicate my timeslots. Instantly, I had all my scheduled timeslots for my personal and business twitter accounts… in SmarterQueue. Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture:

Easily import your schedule into SmarterQueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative
It’s easy to import your schedule into SmarterQueue

Yes, you are seeing this right. It took less than a minute and Edgar’s schedule was copied and ready to go.

From there, it was sooooo easy to adjust and modify. I’d almost go as far as to say it was fun.

And quite frankly, my Edgar schedule needed some updating anyway, so it was perfect timing for me to do a refresh.

The next step of adding categories to your timeslots is also super easy, like this:

Assigning Categories in SmarterQueue SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative - 12 Reasons to Switch

It really is like “painting”. SmarterQueue allows you to colour-code your categories so it’s a quick click of the mouse and you can add a colour-coded category to any timeslot.

Once you start adding content to timeslots on ScheduleQueue, it’s super fast to fill out your schedule with the categories you set up.  Sample queue on Smarter Queue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

This is a feature I love on SmarterQueue vs Meet Edgar.. the colour coding. It makes it so much easier to find, move, schedule and edit content:

#3  It’s Easy To Find, Add, and Transfer Content to SmarterQueue

Migrating to SmarterQueue from another scheduler doesn’t just stop at setting up your schedule queue and adding categories to that queue.

You have to add content to your categories.  This was the part that I was not looking forward to, because I had soooo much content in Meet Edgar and no way of transferring it.

Or so I thought.

Again, Smarter Queue made that easy.  Here’s an overview of how it works:

So if you are put off by the sheer magnitude of switching from Meet Edgar. Fear not…it’s easy.

Here’s an example of the dashboard showing how easy it is to find existing content with SmarterQueue:

Finding Content is easy with Smarterqueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

In my case, I chose to bring over my tweets from Twitter to start setting up my content in the schedule. So I used my @SociallySorted Twitter account to find my tweets.

I could search for my tweets based on the latest, most liked or most retweeted.  Then it’s super easy to import them into a category.  You can also search find content using the “Find Content” feature which allows you to search a number of ways including:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter accounts
  • Instagram accounts and hashtags
  • RSS feeds
  • Your Feedly bookmarks
  • CSV spreadsheet.
  • URLs

I used the URL search feature to find my blog posts and add them to the category “Socially Sorted BlogPosts”:

Find blog content based on URL with SmarterQueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

SmarterQueue gives you content ideas for repurposing old content and where to find new content – everything from importing old blog posts to using hashtags and how to search for suggested content.

It’s a content generating machine!

#4  Adding Content to SmarterQueue is Slick (and Quick)

Adding a new post to SmarterQueue is fun.  You can easily add imges to your post, and can post across multiple accounts at once.

It’s as simple as adding your description, URL and then choosing what type of image or extra features you want.

For example, when adding a blog post to Twitter, SmarterQueue will load the link and description and show the image that will be shared via Twitter Cards.

You can also enter @… and SmarterQueue will bring up suggested accounts to tag.

Adding a post to SmarterQueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

But you have the option to make some extra edits to the image. Keep scrolling down on your image options and you can opt to select a specific image vs pulling in the image via Twitter Cards.

Change the image settings in SmarterQueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

This way, if there is a problem, the image you choose will always load (remember, Tweets with images get tweeted twice as often).

You can also choose whether you will post the image once or re-queue it after posting. And you can control how long after the post you wish for it to expire. This is great for seasonal content or content you want to give a short burst of exposure and then taper off:

Add your content to the evergreen queue with smarterqueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

But if you choose Advanced Link Options you can add another pretty awesome function, UTM codes:

#5  You can Add Campaign Tracking with Google Analytics UTM

This is a feature that wasn’t available with Meet Edgar but opens up a world of opportunities with SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar alternative: detailed UTM options.

UTM parameters are tags that you can add to a URL so that when someone clicks on the URL those tags are sent back to Google Analytics for tracking.

You can add any link with UTM parameters in SmarterQueue but advanced features allow you to add Google Analytics UTM as well.

Add UTM Tracking for Google Analytics in SmarterQueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

Now you can track every social post and know where your traffic is coming from based on content in SmarterQueue.

#6  You can easily find Best Performing Content

SmarterQueue makes it easy for you to ensure you are posting the best possible content – or the best performing content:

  1. from your social platform or website/blog
  2. from your industry.

You can easily search and find the content that is performing best and add it to your library.  If you want to share content from your favourite pages and profiles, this allows you to do it easily!

It’s Ninja!  Here’s how it works:

Here’s an example of a search for the most engaged tweets from Social Media Examiner:

Most Engaged Content on SmarterQueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

Whether it’s an account name, username, keyword or a hashtag, you can use SmarterQueue to see what type of content is being engaged with the most – and then use that information to share it or to create your own content.

You can also filter your searches by content type.  You can even bookmark your favourite sources to use again.

This is something that was missing with Edgar – being able to find content to share from other sources.  I love this feature on SmarterQueue – the search function is awesome.

#7  You can schedule to Instagram

As well as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (Pinterest is apparently coming), SmarterQueue allows you to schedule your posts for Instagram.

You then receive a notification to post, which makes it super easy to do your Instagram marketing.

#8  You can Pause Your Queue (and more!)

With Meet Edgar, one of the features I loved was being able to hit a button and pause my queue.

This was handy if it was a national holiday or I wanted to avoid tweeting when an event or sensitive issue meant that it wasn’t appropriate to be tweeting a lot.

The good news is that SmarterQueue has this feature and more. You can actually pause your entire queue or just a certain category or account.

It’s this sort of granular control that really impresses me about SmarterQueue. If I want to pause some seasonal content I can… which is super helpful.

Pausing your Queue with Smarterqueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative
Pause your entire queue or just one category or account


Features like this mean that SmarterQueue is not so much a Meet Edgar alternative, but more like an upgrade!

#9  SmarterQueue Stops You from Over-Posting

SmarterQueue has a cool feature where it locks in the maximum number of posts on a platform (to avoid being flagged for spam). It will flag your account in SmarterQueue if you need to add more varied content or time slots or to add or change up your content.

In short, they don’t want you to repeatedly spam your followers with the same stuff because you didn’t bother to update your queue… or you are promoting too much.

Here’s how it might look if you are posting the same thing too much. SmarterQueue will give you a warning if your queue needs attention:

SmarterQueue gives you a warning if your queue needs attention - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative


It’s something I did not realise that I was missing with Edgar.

With evergreen queue tools it is very easy to fall into the trap of “setting and forgetting” our content.

SmarterQueue ensures that you have the right amount of content and don’t overschedule or repeat content too much.

#10  Awesome Analytics

SmarterQueue has very detailed analytics. If you are looking for an alternative to Edgar, then this is definitely a bonus. The analytics include:

  1. Detailed reports
  2. Weekly and Monthly Stats
  3. Detailed Twitter Analytics – including hashtag results, posting times and engagement based on type of content.

Switching from Edgar to SmarterQueue is almost worth it for the stats!

#11  User Experience

Maybe it is the way my mind works, but I find SmarterQueue to be a joy to use.

I think it is because of the colour coding.  My mind thinks in categories and the colour coded categories and features make it so much easier to make sense of.

And it’s a slick dashboard and user interface, so it’s nice to look at.

SmarterQueue is also very “drag-and-drop” so you can easily move content around dashboards and timeslots.

#12  The Price

Last but not least, the price.  Perhaps the biggest reason to consider SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar alternative (though now that you can see the features, you know it’s about more than price).

Here are just some of the inclusions:

Pricing Inclusionns for SmarterQueue - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

Unfortunately when you compare features and benefits, both tools are good but SmarterQeue blows Meet Edgar out of the water when it comes to price and additional features.

Edgar is $79 per month, yet SmarterQueue is only 19.99 per month (for 4 social media accounts) – which is enough for most small businesses.

SmarterQueue Pricing - SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative

If you want to go up to 10 social media accounts then SmarterQueue is still affordable at $39.99 (half the price of Edgar).

I rest my case!

Grab Your Free 30 Day Trial (On Me!)

Ready to give SmarterQueue a spin?

I’ve partnered with the team at SmarterQueue to offer you a 30 day free trial (and you don’t need to enter your credit card details to do so).

Grab Your Free Trial Here.

HOT TIP: If you are not sure about using SmarterQueue as your Meet Edgar Alternative yet, then don’t stress about bringing over your content. Start with a different platform, schedule some new content and see how it works on a small scale with a smaller number of timeslots and posts.

Then when you love it like I do (C’mon, you have to admit it looks pretty good, right?) then you can think about migrating your content over to SmarterQueue.

When you are set up and ready to roll in SmarterQueue it’s quite likely you’ll feel a little like this:


Over to You

Will you consider SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative?  

What do you look for in an evergreen auto-queue scheduling tool?

This post is not sponsored. I wrote it because I am so excited to have an alternative to Meet Edgar that is affordable for you guys. However it does contain affiliate links.  I only recommend tools and products that I use and love, so that I know you are in good hands. 

SmarterQueue as a Meet Edgar Alternative - 12 Reasons to Make the Switch
Have you Met SmarterQueue yet?
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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is the founder of Socially Sorted, winner of Best Business Blog in Australia 2014 and a Top 10 Social Media Blog for Social Media Examiner, 2015-2017. She helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
  • jaspertyler

    Interesting. This is the first I’ve heard of this service and will keep it in mind. I am currently using Social Oomph. I didn’t know that there was a limit on how much one thing could be posted, so I just put a few things on pause haha

    • Hey there – yes Social Oomph is definitely another great option and affordable. I think there are guidelines for how often you can post per day and you will see that when Twitter blocks a tweet that is similar to a recent tweet saying “you’ve already posted that”. Definitely change out your description if you are sharing a link more than once. I’m not sure of the exact numbers but I like that SmarterQueue make it a point to keep on top of it and prevent us from tweeting the same thing too often. It also helps when you are planning content for a particular category as you know how many posts you need to get in there based on how many times per day you want it to go out. But if your tweets are going out ok I wouldn’t stress too much as it’s likely that they would be blocked by twitter if you are saying the same thing over and over. Happy Posting!

  • thanks – I have an annual subscription with Meet Edgar, locked in before the price rise. It expires on 7 Sept, so I’ll have a play with SmarterQueue before then. I do love Edgar, but it’s $$$

    • Hi Mel – yeah I had a pretty decent subscription before from an Annual Black Friday Deal for Edgar so I was essentially paying less than 49 per month, but I was inundated with people asking me for another option especially when the price rose. I wonder if they would have been better off having two pricing levels and adding more features. Anyway, I switched some of my content over hesitantly, saw how well it worked, then was amazed at how easy the transition was to move it all. Now I can’t imagine not using all the extra content-finding features, multi-pause, UTM, colour coding, the stats, the list goes on. But the best thing is to definitely test it with one or two categories of content before your Edgar subscription renews and see if you are comfortable with it and it’s a good fit. If you’ve got an account locked in like I had, you’d want to research it well for sure.

  • Anna Wilen Clark

    Hi Donna, thank you for your content – it is super helpful. I have a picky question: when you view the calendar can you see which content is being posted? Can you view the queue? 🙂 Thanks, Anna.

    • Hey Anna – it’s like Edgar in that you can see the categories that go out at certain times on a calendar view (but better, as you can see them colour coded) and you can also filter a vertical/linear view of any version of your queue – ie you can filter your queue via category + content type (ie image, link etc) + account type so you can get pretty granular with how you look at your queue that way – ie you can look at all the posts going out to one twitter account under a specific category and the times they will go out or you can look at all the posts fro 2 twitter accounts at once under a specific category. Hope that helps.

      • Anna Wilen Clark

        Thanks Donna – kind of. I have never used Edgar. Have used Coschedule in the past tho. I will check it out. Once again, thank you for your content. 🙂

        • Yes, re-queue queues are different to one off posts on other schedulers. Of all the ones I have seen it is one of the best layouts. You need to think a little differently to a regular scheduling tool though. You are less likely to want to check the calendar specific times too, as the idea is that it is rotating evergreen content within buckets vs a post going to a certain time on a certain day. The best thing is to do a trial and test it out …

          • Anna Wilen Clark

            Awesome – thanks Donna – the buckets comment helped with thinking about it differently. 🙂

          • ps Anna I just checked back into an email I had from their CEO and they are working on calendar view so that will be great!

          • Anna Wilen Clark

            Thank you so much!!! Anna. 🙂

  • Deborah Freeman Mitchell

    Hi Donna–
    As always thanks for the GREAT info…you’ve lead me to some great places! I’ve got my queue filled and things are working great. Wondering what your content sharing curation method is. I use feedly boards—having some issues with that and SMQ. I can see individual RSS feeds in SMQ but not the stuff that I had put into the feedly boards.

    Also I agree with Anna—I miss seeing my content as a calendar….wish there was a way to switch the queue into a calendar view.


    • Hey Deborah – glad you like it and glad I could help! I am certainly pleased with it so far, great team, they are always improving and I actually like how strict they are with making sure your posts are changed up and not too many etc (so not to mess with Twitter’s guidelines). I would recommend if you are having trouble with Feedly boards to reach out to their team as I have found them really helpful and will be able to let you know if you are missing anything. And definitely tell them about the calendar as I believe they are working on it for release very soon!!! along with a few other features that will be cool. I agree it would be a great way to view it. I don’t actually use Feedly in as detail as you, moreso pulling off the RSS fees, so it’s worth letting them know about the boards issue…. I tend to pull from blogs and companies and influencers I support each week to update it – sometimes i use feedly, and sometimes I just go straight to their blog. I also have some adhoc posts I discover around the web that I collate using one-note or a Pinterest board to add later in one go. Probably not the most elegant of systems but it works well for me.

  • Meet Edgar to randomly pick an item from a category in your library, and post it to all the top social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Meet Edgar then just deals a card randomly from that deck on that day. This is different from other social media management tools that have you create a post and schedule it to appear on a specified day.

  • Meet Edgar to randomly pick an item from a category in your library, and post it to all the top social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Meet Edgar then just deals a card randomly from that deck on that day.

  • Kim Edwards

    Hi Donna is it okay if I share your affiliate link with others?

    • Of course Kim – you’re very welcome to but if you do refer someone let me know so I can thank you! Also bear in mind that if you join up for smarterqueue you can also become an affiliate yourself and reduce the cost down on your own monthly/annual fee so if you are thinking of getting a paid account, I’d sign up and refer them through your own link ;o)